A prayer for a speedy recovery


  • 1 The importance of supplication
  • 2 supplication and how to recover
    • 2.1 General prayers for the patient's recovery
    • 2.2 Supplications specific to the place of pain and complaint
  • 3 The rule of patient life and etiquette
  • 4 legal advice for the patient
  • 5 References

The importance of supplication

The supplication is for the worship that the servant draws close to God Almighty, and supplication is a means to seek needs, to show the lack of God Almighty, and to acknowledge negligence in his hands, and supplication by which the servant demonstrates his belief that benefit and harm is in the hand of God alone, and that he is able to answer the prayers of those who ask, and reveal The distress of the distressed, and the relief of the anxious, with the necessity of taking the reasons with the dependence of the heart that the cause of the causes is God Almighty, and one in his life is not safe from affliction, and the afflictions would bring the servant closer to the Lord of God Almighty, and the patient is one of the most needy people to pray, because he is in Pain and sorrow , then what is the most benign What is the healing benefit?

Praying and how to recover

The patient either knows the cause of his illness, or he does not know the cause, and in both cases, Islam has opened the door to praying for the patient in the hope of achieving a cure, and explaining that in the following: [1]

Supplications for the patient's recovery

If the patient does not know the exact location of the pain, he claims general prayers, including: [1]
  • Supplication is prescribed to the patient by saying: (O God, heal your servant, an enemy will recline to you, or walk to a prayer for you) . [2]
  • Praying at the patient’s head by saying: (I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne, to heal you) , [3] and repeat the supplication seven times.
  • Supplication is enacted for the patient by saying: (There is nothing wrong, purification, God willing) . [4]
  • Praying to the sick by saying: (In the name of God, I will relieve you of everything that hurts you, from the evil of every envious soul and eye, in the name of God, may you be better, and may God heal you) . [5]

Prayers for the subject of pain and complaint

If the patient knows the location of the pain, then it is prescribed for him to make du'aa 'with some of the healing supplications mentioned in the Sunnah of the Prophet, including: [1]
  • The supplicant or the patient with his right hand wipes the subject of the pain and the place of the complaint, and the survey accompanies the supplication by saying: (Go the dress of the Lord of the people, heal you as the healer, no healing except for your healing, a healing that does not leave a throat) , [6] and it is also Sunnah to place the hand on the place of pain : (In the name of God, I seek refuge in the power and power of God from the evil of what I find best from this pain) , [7] Then the supplication is repeated in the same way.
  • Put the hand on the patient's forehead, then wipe it on the face and abdomen with the supplication, saying: (Oh God, heal your servant so and so) . [8]
  • Pray for the blessing of the Holy Qur'an, and stated that specific wall, and that combines calling or upscale both hands, and recite Surah Sincerity and Almaoztin with two Jetting, then wipe them place the complaint.
  • Supplication is prescribed for the patient with blessing, with wiping over his head.
  • It is proven from the aura of the patient’s supplications that the person who calls the patient places some thinness on the finger of the index finger, then puts his index finger on the soil as much as something attached to it, and wipes the object of the complaint, and calls him by saying: (In the name of God, the soil of our earth, the luster of each other, our heal is cured, Our Lord) . [9]
  • It is mustahabb to read Al - Fatihah , it has proved that Abu Sa'eed al - may Allah be pleased with him promoted by Mldoga man; when he told the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him, he said: (What do you know it is paper) . [10]

Ruling on the patient’s life and etiquette

Islamic law wanted the patient’s clinic , but rather it is considered the right of a sick Muslim over his Muslim brother, and the news came with a statement of its merit with God Almighty, since the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - said: (Whoever returns is sick, or visits a brother to him in God called to him a caller : That you have repented and repented, and you have come home from Heaven) , [11] and the scholars have alerted to the specificity of the patient’s visit . The roughness of the people of the house and respects their privacy, and it is better for him not to prolong the stay. Perhaps the Unemployment attached to the patient 's discomfort and embarrassment, and preferably reduce inappropriate questions, and worthwhile to make his visit time to show interest in the patient, where busy with the word which sends the bulk of optimismThe hope is for a speedy recovery , and he preaches the reward of those who are afflicted with affliction, and that the affliction and sickness has raised his ranks, and atonement for his sins, and it is Sunnah to call for the patient with a pure heart that God Almighty heal quickly, and a healing that does not leave a disease. [12]

Legal advice to the patient

The patient is in a state of weakness and soreness, needing to make his heart human, and his thoughts are compelled, so it is good for those around him from his household or visitors to remind him of important things, including: [13]
  • The disease is a refinement of the same patient, raising his degrees and atoning for his sins, and eliminating them from the evils. The hadith stated that the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - said: (What befalls a believer from a thorn and above, otherwise God raised him by a degree, or he abandons a sin) , [14] And what the patient believer gets from the reward for sickness and calamity is overwhelmed by the people of wellness and safety, the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, said: (The people of the wellness would like on the Day of Resurrection that their skins were loaned with lentils, which they see from the rewards of the people of God ) . [15]
  • The disease makes the patient closer to God, and has known tolerance of the slave and patience, and patience Maqhob all the best, Vijnbar God Almighty 's patience Abdo and his faith in him, God extracted supplication infested, and thanks giving, and what plagues God Almighty Abdo Ayoub peace -alih - He did not transmit his complaint except to God Almighty, so his reward was that God revealed the disease and calamity and praised his command, and he said: (We found him patiently, yes, the servant, that he is wawab) . [16]
  • The disease contradicts the wonder and arrogance of creation, and by this it helps to get rid of the diseases of the hearts, and man realizes the disease the truth of himself and his weakness and his need for the mercy of God Almighty, and he also cuts the patient's hope from everyone except from God Almighty.
  • That sickness and soreness is a sign of God’s love - to the Almighty - for the servant, because if God loves a servant who has afflicted him, he will raise his rank when meeting him, and in talking about the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: ( Whoever desires goodness from God will hurt him) . [17]
  • Illness is a reason the patient realizes the value of health, wellness and safety. The longevity of wellness forgets its value, and if it were not for the darkness of the night, no day would have been known as well, and without suffering affliction one would not realize the value of health and wellness.