A prayer for sustenance

1 - It was said that a man repeatedly complained about unemployment and was the breadwinner for his family, so he called this supplication, and he worked on it according to what was stated in it, so his work increased and he made a lot of money:
((O or de la cause material, or tomorrow animate reason, or the cause of all causes Mr. reason, because Lee Subba, Lin stty material students, faced Ali Mohammad Wall Mohammad vaghnny bhlalk forbidden sexual sin, vbtatk al msytk, vbfzlk mn talkie or حَيُّ يَا قَيُّومُ, صَّلَّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَالِ مُحَمَّدٍ, Fever, Ali Karim, Vaghfr Lee or meekness, Vtqbl semen, Vasm Dua, Vela Shop, ie, mortal Bdk Ibn Bdk, Vbn Mtk poor among Scanning, Saylk Bbabk aware of Bfnayk, Arjo Mank Vatlb we Ndk, Vastfth I Khzaynk, Great Annette Sbhank Halim al-Jawad Karim, Jed A. I Fzlk, Vtkrm I Rhmtk, fever Sidi Ali Tvbh Nsvha, click Vatvb Stghfrk mortal, and La Vela faculty around except Billah Al-Ali Azim, start-stop Saiyedna Ali Mohammad Nabi S Altahryn "HP Ksyra, Brhmtk or the Most Merciful")).

2- ((Oh God, I obeyed you in the most beloved of things to you, which is monotheism, and I did not disobey you in the most hateful things to you, which is disbelief, so forgive me what is between them, O to him who is free), believe in what I feared of you to you, O God, forgive me many of your transgressions, O my count without the number and O My hope and the approved and oh my cave and the bond, O one, O one, O say, God is one of God, the endurance did not give birth nor was born and no one has sufficed, I ask you truly from those who chose them from your creation and did not make in your creation like them anyone to pray on Muhammad and his family and do to me what you are his family Oh God, I ask you for the greatest oneness, the white Muhammadiyah and the Supreme Aliya, and for all that you protested about Aba Your father, and with the name that I withheld from your creation, and he did not come out of you except to you, pray to Muhammad and his family, and make for me a matter of relief and embarrassment, and grant me from where I do not reckon that you will provide for whatever you want without an account))
3- On the authority of Ibn Masoud, may God be pleased with him, who said: (Abd al-Qat has not made these invitations except God Almighty extended to him in his living):
Oh God, whoever is righteous and who is not righteous to him, you who are honorable and honored, oh those tall and cattle, there is no god but you, the refugees appeared and the neighbor of the tenants, and the fearful one, if you wrote me a misfortune, erase the name of the misery, and prove me with you happy, and if you write me forbidden is limited to My sustenance erased my deprivation and facilitated my sustenance, and I have proven to you a happy success for the good things, for you say in your book that you revealed that God will erase whatever He wants and prove to him the mother of the book.