A prayer to decipher magic


  • 1 The reality of eye and magic
  • 2 The seriousness of magic
  • 3 Sharia paper to decipher magic
  • 4 Extracting magic
  • 5 Other things that help to decipher magic
  • 6 Definition and rule of magic
    • 6.1 Definition of magic
    • 6.2 The rule of magic
  • 7 self-immunization
  • 8 References

The reality of eye injury and magic

Eye infection and magic can only be to serve God as the Almighty, there is no eye can precede fate, where he said the Prophet peace be upon him: (if anything were much eye) for its predecessors , [1] must also be slave insured charity think in God and good trust On him, the servant will not be affected except by what God has prescribed for him. If all people agree to strike him with something, they can only afflict him with what God has determined for him. As for the symptoms that appear on the servant, they are not attributable in any way to the eye and magic , so the person who appeared He has symptoms suffering from some diseases that can only be cured by consulting doctors and uh Jurisdiction. [2]

Magic is dangerous

Magic is one of the seven major sins and sins . This is because of the harm and harm it afflicts on people, and it is one of the greatest things that disobeys God Almighty. The warning came from him and the intense threat to his perpetrator, and the sorcerer deserves a curse, because he is one of the spoilers in the earth. The Almighty said: (When they cast Moses did not bring to you magic, because God will invalidate it, because God does not reform the work of spoilers) , [3] and despite this, some weak people of faith still resort to the work of magic; to the harm of God’s worshipers, and Islam has approved the fact of magic, and the influence of magic and the influence of the soul From this danger, and was knocked Get rid of magic and its evil.

Sharia paper to decipher magic

The work of magic in the enchanted is a type of affliction . The best thing that the enchanted does for himself to get out of this affliction is to resort to God Almighty, and to be certain that God - Glory be to Him - is able to decipher magic and nullify its effect, and it is not correct for a Muslim to resort to nullifying magic with magic similar to it. And this is called publishing, because of the explicit prohibition of that, where the Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - was asked about the leaflet, and he said: (It is the work of Satan) , [4] and it is not acceptable for a Muslim whether he is sophisticated or uplifted to use from the class. There is no polytheism, for he said, peace and blessings be upon him: (There is no harm in finishing unless it is polytheism ) . [5] [6]

The most beneficial of which the enchanted are elevated is the following: [7] [8]
  • ( In the name of God the Merciful * Praise be to Allah , the Merciful * * owner of the Day of Judgment * Beware of worship and you we use * Show us the straight path * Path who bestowed on them is wrath not gone astray) . [9]
  • (Pain * This book is absolutely guidance for the pious * who believe in the unseen , and prayer , and provided them spend * and who believe in what was revealed to you and what was revealed before you and the Hereafter are certain of those * on guidance from their Lord , and those who will prosper) . [10]
  • (Almost snatched lightning lit up their eyes whenever they walked in it , and if they have even more unjust , God willing , he went to Basmahm and eyes God over all things) . [11]
  • (And follow what reciting demons on King Solomon and Kafr Soliman but the devils disbelieved , teaching people magic and what was revealed to the two angels in Babylon Harut and Marut and knew from one even Icola but we sedition not atone they learn them what differentiate it between man and wife and what they Bdharyn him from one of only With the permission of God, and they learn what harms them and does not benefit them, and they knew who You see what he has in the hereafter from creativity and the misery of what they bought themselves if they knew) . [12]
  • (And your God is one God and there is no god but He , the Merciful * In the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day and astronomy that take place in the sea for the benefit of the people and what God sent down from heaven water from life to the earth after its death and broadcast them from each animal and the discharge of the wind and the clouds subjugated between the sky And the land is the revelations of people who understand . ) [13]
  • (No god but God is living and subsisting do not take one year and not sleep him what is in the heavens and on earth : Who will intercede with Him except with his permission knows what is between them and behind them and surround some of his knowledge only as he wishes extended his chair of the heavens and the earth and Aiodh saved it is the Most High Al-Azim) . [14]
  • (Secure Prophet in what was revealed to him from his Lord and the believers all believe in Allah and His angels, books and messengers do not differentiate between one of the apostles , and they said we have heard and we obey the forgiveness of our Lord and you determination * God does cost breath only can her what earned , and it gained not our Taakhzna if we have forgotten or sinned against our Lord and You bear the insistence on us, as you have carried on those before us, our Lord, and do not bear us with no power. Of us do and feel disgusted about us and forgive us and have mercy on you Maulana Vanasrna unbelievers) . [15]
  • (Say: He is God. * God is the One who has withstood * He did not give birth nor was He born * and He did not have enough of one) , [16] with repetition three times.
  • (Say : I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak * from the Evil * from the evil of darkness when Kab * It is the evil of malignant in the contract * and from the evil envy) , [17] with repetitions three times.
  • (Say : I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind * King of people * * God of the people from the evil * obsessive whisperer who whispers in the hearts of the people * of paradise and people) , [18] with repetitions three times.
  • (And we were inspired by Moses to throw your stick, so if she was to stumble what they would eat, then the truth would be nullified and what they would do would be null and void) and they would be overpowered and turned against them . [19]
  • (Pharaoh said : Bring me every sorcerer * Knowing when the magicians came , Moses said unto them : Throw what you are lying when they threw * Moses said , what ye do magic God Sabtalh God does not fit the work of God * spoilers are entitled right in his own words , even hate criminals) . [20]
  • (They said : O Moses , either to receive or be the first to cast * said , but threw if their ropes and their rods seems to him from their magic as they seek * Voojs in the same wary of Moses * We said do not be afraid You are top * and Take what the right hand , grabbed what they made but made Kid Magician, and the magician does not succeed where he comes) . [21]
  • (I seek refuge in Allah, the Hearing, the Knower, from the accursed Satan, from his prodding, blowing and puffing) . [22]
  • (I seek refuge in the full words of God, who are not overlooked by righteousness and immorality, from the evil of what He has created, and he has committed, and exonerated, and from the evil of what descends from the heavens, and from the evil of what is crooked in it, and from the evil of what has been ceded in the Earth, And during the day, and from the evil of all tariqs, he will knock, except for a knock on a well, O Rahman . [23]
  • (In the name of God, whose name does not harm anything on earth nor in heaven, and He is the Hearer, the Knower) . [24]
  • (In the name of God, I will bestow you, from everything that harms you, from the evil of every soul, or by the eyes of envy, may God heal you in the name of God . [25]
  • (Oh God, I ask you for wellness in this world and the hereafter, Oh God, I ask you for forgiveness and wellness in my religion, my world, my family and my money, O God, hide my nakedness and the security of my beauty, Oh God save me from my hands and from my back and from my right and from the north and above me, and I seek refuge in your majesty that you be assassinated) . [26]
  • (Oh God, I seek refuge in your gracious face, and your utter words, from the evil of what you are taking from His will, O God, you reveal the fine and the sinner, God does not defeat your host, and the redeemer does not leave . [27]
  • (Oh God, I am your servant, and the son of your servant, and the son of your nation, my forelock is in your hand, a past in your judgment, justice in your judgment, I ask you in every name that is yours, you have called it your soul, or have you revealed it in your book, or have you influenced it in your book, whoever has learned in you To make the Qur’an the heart of my heart, the light of my chest, the sorrow of my sorrow, and my fear gone away . [28]
  • (O Allah , I seek refuge in You from helplessness, laziness, cheese, avarice, pyramid, and the torment, the grave God to come myself piety and Zkha you better than Zkaha, you are her guardian and Mollagha, O Allah , I seek refuge in you from the knowledge of no benefit, and the heart does not Ikhca, and the same Do not be satisfied, and from an invitation that is not answered) . [29]

Magic extraction

One of the important and beneficial matters in healing and reversing magic is that the enchanted can track and reach the magic in place and extract it from the place in which it was placed, and it does not reach that except by the magic’s confession or through trusted legal custodians , with great care not to resort to means other than It is permissible, and it has been proven that the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - when he knew the place of magic, extracted it from its place. [30]

Other things help to decipher magic

What helps to decipher magic is the following:
  • Hijama helps to get rid of the effect of magic, because magic has an effect on the debility of the body of the inferred, and is the result of the mixing of the body with malignant spells, so cupping is one of the most beneficial things that reduce the effect of magic. [31]
  • Eat seven dates Ajwa on an empty stomach in the morning, is useful in preventing the influence of magic and poison, this has been explicitly stated in the hadeeth of the Prophet peace be upon him: (from becoming seven dates in , did not hurt him that day magic cm) . [32] [33]
  • The water soaked in seven leaves from the Sidr tree after its knocking is read by the legal paper, and the verses of magic contained in Surat Al-Aaraf, Yunus and Taha, then washed with the enchanted; [34]

Definition and magic of magic

Definition of magic

Magic is defined as words or work that a magician does with the help of the devil , with the aim of affecting the enchanted, whether in his body, mind, or heart, and he has an influential fact in which the enchanted may be killed, or he suffers from a disease that weakens his body or mind; And the way of the magician in all of this is polytheism and taboo. [35]

Magic rule

Islam categorically prohibits learning or working with magic. Clear evidence of the sanctity of magic and working with it has been found in the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah . Likewise, books that teach its art must be destroyed, and the narrated saying: (Learn magic and do not work with it); To him, and also the question of magicians and fortune tellers is not correct, nor believe them in what they claim. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Whoever comes to a fortune-teller or a priest, then believes what he says, has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad) . [36] [37]


It improves Bamuslim always remain wary of falling into the harm and evil to him, so as to fortify himself; and this is starting to realize the meaning of monotheism to God Almighty, and the rejection of Walshrkiat of his life, and devotion to God Almighty to go and turn, and to keep the prayer in congregation; it is a fortress He is firm and divine protection, and he must strive to repent from all sins, and strive to rid himself of sins; for doing so brings him closer to wellness and safety from harm, and the Muslim should be careful to adhere to reciting the morning and evening dhikr , to help him protect himself from magic. And its effect. [38]