Abdominal slimming methods


  • 1 belly fat
  • 2 ways to lose belly
    • 2.1 Reducing sugar and sweetened drinks
    • 2.2 Monitor the quantity and quality of food
    • 2.3 Follow a high-protein diet
    • 2.4 Doing exercise
    • 2.5 Replace the oils with coconut oil
  • 3 abdominal muscles
  • 4 References

Belly fat

Excess weight does not necessarily mean that there is a health problem, as there are many people who enjoy excellent health despite their apparent weight gain, because the real problem does not lie in the visible or accumulated fat under the skin as this is considered an aesthetic problem no more, but the health risks lie Visceral fat, which is located in the abdominal cavity around the internal organs, and its accumulation around the waist poses a risk to health even if the body weight is not large, and its increase is linked to the occurrence of metabolic syndrome, and chronic diseases such as diabetes Type A Second, heart disease, because visceral fat is active hormonally, as they secrete compounds affect several vital processes associated with the occurrence of diseases in the human body, [1] can be measured fat by measuring waist circumferenceBy a meter or adhesive, and if the circumference is greater than 102 cm in men, or greater than 88 cm in women, this is called Abdominal obesity, and although there are some difficulties in getting rid of these fats, there are some Proven strategies and methods that you can use to get rid of them. [2]

Abdominal slimming methods

Reducing sugar and sweetened drinks

Excessive intake of sugars increases the burden on the liver so that it is forced to convert into fat, and eventually accumulates around the waist and abdomen, and it may accumulate on the liver, which leads to increased insulin resistance and the occurrence of several metabolic problems, because sugar consists of glucoseFructose, and fructose can only be metabolized in the liver. On the other hand, sugar-sweetened drinks have a worse effect on health, as one study indicated that consuming a portion of sweetened and fizzy drinks from them in particular increased the risk of obesity in children by 60%, so therefore It is advised to stop consuming sweetened drinks, and reduce sugar consumption, by reading the labels on the food packages to know the amount contained in them, and it is also advised to eat fruits in their complete form instead of juice because they contain fibers that protect from the negative impact of Rkioz. [2]

Monitor the quantity and quality of food

There are many ways to lose weight and loss of abdominal fat, but the consumption of calories less than the body 's need is the key to it, by monitoring and controlling the type and amount of food that is eaten, it can also be used phone applications, and websites in which they can calculate the calories that are Eating them during the day, and this does not necessarily mean doing calories every day for the rest of life, rather it is intended to monitor what is taken in the period in which the person decides that he wants to lose belly fat, because the use of these tools in the beginning gives one the experience necessary to estimate what is Eat and see if he eats more than it needs or not. [2] [3]

Follow a high protein diet

Protein is an important nutrient for weight control, as increased protein intake in turn helps to increase the secretion of the hormone of fullness (English: PYY), which reduces appetite and promotes the feeling of satiety, and protein also helps to increase metabolism rates and maintain muscle mass during weight loss, Many studies have indicated that people who consumed more protein had less abdominal fat compared to those who consumed a low-protein diet, so it must be ensured that protein sources such as meat, nuts, and Chewing gum, and others to every meal. [3]

Doing exercise

Characterized by aerobic exercise ( in English: Aerobic exercise) known Eardio (English: Cardio) influence effective in health promotion, working to burn calories and contribute significantly to relieve abdominal fat, but studies differed as to whether the practice of sport is moderate more effective From exercising intensively or vice versa, and perhaps the most important thing is the intensity or intensity of the exercises is the way these exercises are performed and the number of times they are repeated, as one of the studies conducted on menopausal women found that those who practiced aerobic exercise for 300 minutes each week lost a quantitative amount Greater than fat from all areas of the body compared to women who had engaged in the same exercise for 150 minutes per week. [3]

Replace the oils with coconut oil

Coconut fat is one of the best healthy fats that can be obtained, as studies have shown that medium-length fat chains in coconut oil may help to boost metabolism and reduce the amount of stored fat, as some studies have found that it may help lose belly fat, as A study conducted on obese men found that consuming coconut oil daily for 12 weeks resulted in a loss of 2.86 cm from the waist circumference, without making a clear change in their diet or exercise routine, and it is advised to consume two tablespoons of food or the equivalent of 30 ml of Coconut oil daily, as it s This amount has been used in most studies that have reached positive results, and on the other level, must be taken into account that coconut oil contains high prices . Instead of increase to the diet, it can be used as an alternative to other oils. [3]

Abdominal muscles

The body contains four major abdominal muscles, and it is important to maintain its strength, as it helps the body to maintain internal stability by helping to breathe, facilitate movement, protect internal organs, and support balance, and strong muscles work to reduce back pain , and increase From the elasticity of the body. The main abdominal muscles are: [1]
  • Rectus abdominis.
  • Transverse abdominis.
  • External oblique muscle.
  • The internal oblique muscle.