Benefits of trowel


  • 1 Definition of trowel
  • 2 benefits of trowel for the body
  • 3 How to use trowel
  • 4 benefits of trowel for hair
  • 5 How to use trowel to smooth hair

Definition of trowel

He is in Persian hoping: a black fruit, similar to the eyes of a cow, has a sharp round nucleus on both sides. If its shell is removed, the nuclei are split into three pieces, and the user uses its fruit on its nucleus. A nutmeg seed, sold at herbal centers and perfumers.

Benefits of trowel for the body

The trowel is one of the unknown herbs , or as they say it is deserted in our Arab and Islamic world, although this herb is extremely important.
  • It is considered a very important appetizer, especially in children.
  • It helps in digesting food.
  • A strong fighter for anemia and the so-called anemia because it contains zinc and iron.
  • It is of great benefit in the treatment of vitiligo if used with honey and ammonia.
  • Treats psoriasis if used with municipal vinegar to treat vitiligo and also psoriasis.
  • It also works well for preserving the things we want, for example, like any herb, such as a pond.
  • It helps prevent some white vaginal discharge and this is also very important for women.
  • Helps give activity and sleep inhibitor that comes after eating.

* It also keeps the kidneys and  bitterness and treats liver fat .

How to use trowel

Taken orally, a spoonful of trowel and pour boiling water over it and cover it to become cold and drink from it, which is the best. Also, this plant resembles a nutmeg in its shape and is found in perfumery and herbal centers, and is used to open children's appetite.

We grind it well with mortar because it is difficult for us to grind it in an electric mixer. After that we take it twice a day before breakfast and an hour after dinner, then it is taken twice a day before breakfast and dinner an hour and it is important that we do it in the way of tea . We put a little sugar with about half a spoon to a tablespoon of trowel in a cup, then pour boiling water over it and cover it quickly to avoid the vapors that carry some important oils and volatility, then after a while we turn this cup in a good way. For information, the trowel has a sweet taste that is very similar to its hibiscus taste and aroma, and it can be taken on an empty stomach by swelling the equivalent of half a spoon.

Benefits of trowel for hair

As reported in the prophetic medicine, the benefit from this plant or the so-called (trowel plant) is used to make the hair more smooth (boiling 3 grams of this plant with water and then we massage the scalp and then wash it after a short period). This is a recipe for frizzy hair and it is natural, it makes hair straight as it increases softness and softness which is 100% natural, and it does not cause any damage to the hair.

How to use trowel to smooth hair

We take the equivalent of 25 grams of trowel grind and knead with (50 cm) of sesame oil and then we apply the hair in a good way as it is left for about two hours and then wash with natural shampoo that suits your hair, so we notice that the result is more than wonderful, when your hair becomes soft and straight, styled Like silk.