Computer benefits

the computer

The importance of a computer or computer lies in its simplification of many difficult or long-term tasks such as industrial and commercial works, government departments, universities and institutes, and the computer is a means with a high ability to solve digital issues, in addition to its accuracy in preserving and retrieving information, and designing documents Pictures will be shown. The computer is defined in language as a programmed device for performing fast operations or for storing and retrieving information at any time [1] . As for the term, a computer definition is that it is a machine programmed to perform specific functions and tasks, and it consists of a group of electronic parts that work together forming the computer. [2] .

Computer positives

The computer changed the form of life in the current era, and it also greatly affected the customs and traditions of society. The computer entered various fields and uses, making life easier and more enjoyable and better than before. Computer benefits can be summarized in several points:

Solve numerical problems

The most difficult thing that computers do is solving long math equations that contain numbers . Computers can accomplish these problems in a very short period, and in many cases the computer explains the solution of these equations and how to update them. [3] [4]

Store and retrieve information

People use computers to store an incredibly large and incredible amount of information, called a database. This base contains huge data and information such as the population of a country, the computer searches for a specific information very quickly, and the information can be changed and modified in less than one second. [3] [4]

Create and view documents and images

Meteorology uses the computer to predict the weather and climate change, and some programs are used to process writings and texts, books, letters and various documents, and through the computer it is possible to correct spelling errors, and modify the sentences and words; where the computer has become used in most areas, such as: people who work In the field of secretarial work, law, as well as scientists and journalists. [3] [4]

The robot

The computer can be used to control the robot (robot) that performs recurring tasks, such as assembly line systems in industry, which relieve human labor from the natural and psychological stress associated with such tasks, and is also used to control automatic devices and tools, such as: the telephone system, Automated withdrawals in banks, and automated aviation devices in planes, where computers respond to these problems more quickly and accurately than humans. [3] [4]


The computer is used in the scientific and educational field in schools and universities, and the field of education is considered one of the most used fields of the computer, because the computer provides an enjoyable, easy and very flexible learning environment, and the computer also contributed to solving the problem of student crowding in educational classes through distance education, and added a lot of Fun and creativity in teaching methods. [3] [4]


The computer is used in all fields of medicine without exception, it is used to store medical reports for patients, and the computer contributed to describing disease cases and diagnosing various diseases, and computer programs have caused the conservation of many animal lives, by providing programs that simulate the reality of medical anatomy that was draining Many spirits of different living beings for education. [5]

Computer negatives

The use of a computer is not free of the negatives that affect the personality of its user such as: the injury of its users to depression, in addition to the possibility of many of them feel the pain that affects the back and the tension of muscles, especially the muscles of the neck, and the computer may make the individual feel cases of isolation from his community, and remain focused on himself, and who Computer negatives state the following: [6]
  • Health damages: such as damage to the eyes due to prolonged sitting in front of the computer, which leads to fatigue and stress, and prolonged sitting in front of the computer exposes the neck muscles to muscle problems, in addition to the headache that affects the head continuously.
  • Unemployment: The concept of unemployment emerged as one of the computer negatives, because it has become a common practice of increasing dependence on computers, computer programs, and computer-programmed machines, so the need for workers to be present in companies or factories has decreased, so the unemployment rate has increased.
  • Wasting time and energy: the computer became accessible to everyone, and this in turn led to the emergence of wrong uses of the computer , such as using it for unhelpful purposes, especially if the person overrated this, such as: video games, and continuous chatting with other people across the Internet, which causes wasted time, effort and lack of achievement .
  • Computers and confidentiality: Individuals fear the threat to the security and confidentiality of their personal data and information through misuse or unauthorized penetration of computer databases, and databases contain medical, banking, social, commercial, and financial information, and the rules contain information for the state such as: security, Military information, and this information is dangerous and very confidential.
  • Computers and security: Some computer crimes occur from inside or outside the institution, and entry to computers without permission is prohibited, but despite this, computer breakthroughs may occur, and there are industry spies, and telephone line thieves who enter the computer, steal and modify information, and individuals can steal Money using computers to transfer and transfer money electronically from one account to another, also stealing bank account details, stealing other people's money, or blackmailing people by stealing their photos or posting them on social media , and other thefts that target all kinds of Data and information available on the Internet is a great challenge for professionals in the world of security and protection to reduce these dangers and actions, which harm users greatly.
  • Other problems: Information can be lost if a natural disaster occurs, such as an earthquake, a fire, or a flood. This causes transaction delays and delays, stops work, and creates problems for clients, and computer damage can lead to several accidents and collisions in aircraft movement.