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Definition of management

Management is defined as the process of planning and organizing commercial projects with a view to achieving specific goals, and Peter Drucker, one of the administrative personalities, points out that the primary goal of management is innovation and marketing together, and management consists of a number of jobs that seek to build company policy, planning, organizing, monitoring and directing resources The financial and human institution, which is represented by the manager who has the responsibility and authority to supervise the institution and take decisions. [1]

Types of management

Strategic management

Strategic management consists in managing the resources of the organization in order to achieve its goals and objectives, and this type of management includes setting goals, evaluating strategies, ensuring that management prepares these strategies, studying the market, knowing the competitors of the institution in the field in which it operates, and providing analysis and interpretation about that, in addition to To study and analyze the internal situation of the institution or organization, and to know the opportunities that help the organization to succeed, and to know the threats it faces either from competitors or from within the organization. [2]

Sales Administration

Sales management means the person in charge of the administration department related to how to sell the company's products, and this department includes planning, implementing and monitoring sales programs, in addition to training, recruiting, evaluating and motivating individuals working in the sales department, and for small businesses or small companies these many jobs are implemented Through the owner or through the sales manager, where the task of the sales manager is to develop and manage a sale program that contributes effectively to achieving the goals of the organization, determining the number of sales representatives to be employed, and determining the best methods for their selection and training, and the type of incentives and compensation Which will be used to motivate employees, and what kind of offer they should make. [3]

Marketing management

Marketing management is the administration responsible for the process of managing, organizing, controlling and directing all marketing activities. The field of product marketing and pricing management depends on the size of the industry and the businesses in which the company operates, and effective management includes its ability to promote products through advertising campaigns, and the distribution of these products On all clients, gaining more clients and customers who request the company's services and products, and contributing to raising the level and appreciation of the company to the public and customers. [4]