Definition of the media


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Definition of the media

Media is a word whose word has expanded to a degree that has become difficult to define. The media has several concepts and definitions, of which we mention and Hussam Refky (1980) states that the media is considered a communication between the sender (media) and the future (the public) by means of a media through which the media message is transmitted from one party to another and he knows it: Zidan Abdel Baqi knows that providing the masses with the largest amount of correct information or facts hard and clear , a "dissemination of information after collection and picked a persuasion through information and facts and figures which expression Objective of the mentality of the masses and Orhaa and tendencies and Atjahtha Vynevs time Hall is not self - expression by the media" media definition and Mohammed Sayed agrees and Abdul Latif Ham E with the German "Aotogrot" that the media is defined as: the expression of the mentality of the masses Objective and spirit and tendencies at the same time. [1]

Media is a language

Speak to the media in the language is a source of the most knowledgeable and told to tell any tell a specific news, so people circulate daily news and events among themselves fall under this linguistic concept of the word flags, then their transmission of the news is called flags in the idioms of the Arabic language , and in the hadith: "Report me even a verse", that is, Deliver it to others and teach others, and also: "Let the absent witness attain," meaning let the absent witness know, and say: God's command has reached any adult. [2]

Media goals

The media aims to convey the news of a specific event and employ it to serve a specific party by analyzing it in proportion to the directions of that authority or adding unrealistic events and personalities to the news or showing it at a certain time or showing it with a news or a news group to impose an analytical and subconscious result on the recipient and this image is present in the means Modern media is strikingly transmitting news without a goal behind it except for the desire to transmit it and in response to the listener’s desire and this image is common in regular dealings and is rare in modern media and convey a view to the recipient and try to persuade him through it through several methods the most important of which is choosing the appropriate mechanism To ask the appropriate timing and selection effects are also appropriate to accept the point of Alnzer_kma in the visual media-and try to rally support albeit Alkazb_lugeh view. [3]

The transfer of a false image of reality in order to change it or obtain certain gains or pressure on a specific party through analyzes, reports, movies and series and deny a valid viewpoint and promote it and amplify some news, views and personalities in order to achieve several goals behind this amplification, especially from the amplification of characters where it may The intention is to prepare for striking and eliminating those personalities, and trying to escape from reality through the entertainment and entertainment provided by the media, and this matter does not fall within the core of the media’s function, but it may be useful as a means of mitigating the recipient, but it often takes G of the media and take pictures of abnormal often such as songs, movies and soap operas pornography. And transferring a realistic picture of what is happening in reality, accurate news transfer, transfer of objective analyzes of news and perspectives, giving a realistic picture of the personalities and objective perceptions about the future and trying to change reality towards the best image and employing the flags to serve the community and this image does not exist in the media reality or exist but in a very small and special way If the aforementioned serves the interests of the party adopting the media and depicting the future in a manner that serves the orientations of the body adopting the media where the future is depicted based on unrealistic matters, the party ignores what is happening in reality and ignores some events Recommendations in order to cancel the effects of the news and discredit properly and assemble the evidence against him because it is not commensurate with the orientations of the sponsors of a means to try and change the mark of reality exists and impose a new reality through media intense pressure in favor of the existence of the artificial reality.[3]

Audiovisual media

The media has varied from one method to another and has varied its types and types. The media have been classified into the following: [4]
  • Printed and written: It is a media and is the first thing that humans have started with for the media. Among the print and written media is "newspapers and magazines in addition to publications, brochures, brochures, posters and banners."
  • Audio: It is a media that is considered modern but was invented in the last century. One of the audio media is "radio, audio and variety recordings."
  • Audio and video: It is a modern media, and one of the audio-visual media is "cinema, television and theater."
  • Multimedia: It is considered one of the latest media and the most widespread, sophisticated and influential, and it generally includes the Internet and technology. This category of media combines written, audio and visual media.