Definition of reading


  • 1 Definition of reading
  • 2 types of reading
    • 2.1 Reading skills
    • 2.2 Silent reading skills
  • 3 reasons that alienate reading
  • 4 How do I choose books to read?
  • 5 videos on the importance of reading

Definition of reading

• A visual or silent visual ability in which the individual understands, expresses and influences those around him.
Reading means extracting meaning from the written material and analyzing its symbols.
Reading involves attention, perception, remembering, understanding, taste and excitement.
Reading is the ability to empower senses, memory and mind to gain a lot of knowledge. Reading is a logical or mental retrieval of information in the brain , and the information is in the form of symbols, letters, or pictures.
• benefits of reading :
• The acquisition of knowledge.
• Contacting human knowledge in its present and past.
Human contact with other people's minds and thoughts.

• Reading is fun for the soul and nourishment for the mind
• It removes the differences of time and space, so we live in the ages of all people and live with them wherever they are and wherever they go
Reading consists of:
• Observation
• Exploration
Self-knowledge search

Factors that increase our love of reading:
The presence of intention
Organize a reading plan
• Specify a specific time to read and take advantage of the interfaces

Types of reading

Reading is divided into two basic types, which are reading aloud and silent reading. Each of these types has its own methods and skills.

Strong reading skills

Take out the letters from their exits. Adherence to the correct stops, the correct reading, error-free, the phonetic expression of the readable meanings

Silent reading skills

Understanding the meanings of words and structures Determining the goals and subject of the writer Defining the main and subsidiary ideas and distinguishing between them Choosing a suitable title for the readable subject
Taking the right position for reading should not confuse reading with listening to other voices, the heart is one and it is difficult for a person to combine two things using the pen while reading and also coloring pens so that it is easy for you to return to the part to be understood by choosing the appropriate place for reading that the reader be in a quiet, well-ventilated place Away from noise and soundsDisturbing, choosing the appropriate times to read so that it is not a rest time, or when listening to news or watching TV, the distraction of hearing or looking loses focus and takes some rest whenever he feels tired or changes the place if he is bored or the lighting or temperature is not appropriate Correct typing errors if any Adopt the appropriate speed in reading so that the lesson is understanding and understanding, not by the large number of pages that you read with your lack of understanding of it as a result of excessive speed summarizing the subject or what the book contained and write the marginal comments and page number, all of this leads to absorbing the subject and reaching the goal quickly when The review reveals the main idea of ​​the syllable or paragraph

The reasons that alienate from reading

Not knowing the value of reading
Getting started with advanced books and references before taking the basics from the small brochures
Lack of colleagues and peers who like to read, as well as lack of encouragement from others
Speed ​​of boredom, lack of patience
The length of the book or topic
Engaging in some publications of non-useful magazines and newspapers

How do I choose books to read?

Consult the first person about the topic you want to search for
I am looking for the latest edition in the markets where it is always verified and examined and written in a beautiful handwriting. Read the book index before you buy it or start reading it.
Do not pay a price or borrow a book unless you are right that you will read it or read part of it
Look for books with a strong, firm binding and free from dirt and printing defects