Does green tea lose weight?


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Green tea

Green and black tea are prepared from the leaves of the Chinese camellia shrub (English: Camellia sinensis); it is an evergreen shrub that grows in mountainous regions of China, India, and other countries, but these two types of tea are prepared in different ways. Green tea is made by exposing tea leaves. To steam quickly or heat it to stop the oxidation process that causes brown in tea, while black tea is made from crushing, tearing, curling, or wrapping the leaves before they dry out the leaves, as this additional step in treatment reduces some of the flavonoids (English: F lavonoids), and make black tea less content with these compounds than green tea. [1]
It is worth noting that tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water , 78% of consumption is due to black tea around the world, and about 20% of consumption is due to green tea, since green tea is made from non-oxidizing leaves, and is subject to less treatment It contains most antioxidants and polyphenols, and it should be noted that green tea is consumed as a drink, or it may be sold in the form of liquid extracts, capsules, and tablets, and is sometimes used in topical skin products. [2] [3]

Green tea and underweight

The processes that convert food and drink into usable energy by the body are known as metabolism, and green tea may be beneficial for losing weight by helping to increase the efficiency of the body's metabolism , because it contains caffeine and a type of flavonoid called catechin (English: Catechin); Both of these compounds speed up the metabolism, and increase the amount of energy the body uses, according to studies. [4]
Several studies also showed that green tea leads to a decrease in the percentage of body fat, especially in the abdominal area. In a study randomly conducted on 240 men and women for a period of 12 weeks, it was observed that the group that drank green tea decreased the percentage of fat and body weight, waist circumference, and fat The abdomen clearly has, and it is worth noting that the benefits of green tea in losing weight may be simple, so its effect is not beneficial as healthy weight loss methods , which include exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet while eating a lot of vegetables, and in fact tea is used Green to Ja Exploring these methods to increase their positive results. [5] [4]

Benefits of green tea

The potential health benefits of green tea may vary depending on the method of preparation, and the tea manufacturer, and here are some of these benefits: [6] [7]
  • Helps treat skin problems: which include eczema and genital warts. A study of mice exposed to polyphenols in green tea in their drinking water showed that their skin cells had improved after being damaged by ultraviolet radiation, but it is not yet clear whether This same effect would have been observed in humans or not.
  • It helps reduce blood sugar levels: People with type 2 diabetes suffer from high blood sugar due to a condition called insulin resistance; cells, muscles, and the liver cannot absorb glucose effectively to provide the body with the necessary energy, and it can lead to weakness sugar level control blood when patients with diabetes to an increased risk of complications; Kalasabh heart disease, neuropathy (English: neuropathy), amputation, and problems in the eye according to the American diabetes Society, it is worth mentioning that green tea may help to reduce the resistance Alanso Yen And that, according to a study that showed that people who consumed 150 milliliters of green or sour tea three times a day for four weeks, their results related to insulin resistance were positive.
  • It improves brain health and increases alertness: which is one of the most popular features of green tea, as this short-term effect is related to the presence of caffeine green tea , which is a stimulant of the central nervous system, but if drunk in large quantities it may cause some problems, and it is worth noting That the low caffeine content in green tea is enough to wake the person without causing anxiety and stress associated with eating high-caffeine products, such as coffee.
  • It can protect against some types of cancer: as studies on this subject are still mixed, but green tea helps healthy cells in all stages of growth, and there is some evidence that green tea may help destroy cancer cells, but more research is needed. Therefore, green tea should not be relied upon to prevent the risk of cancer . In fact, the National Cancer Institute does not recommend green tea to reduce the risk of any type of cancer.
  • Helps relax the body: Drinking green tea helps to relax and relax, and the reason may be that it contains a natural chemical called theanine (which has a calming effect).
  • It protects against some types of viruses: the effectiveness of green tea in the treatment of various types of diarrhea and typhoid has been known in Asia since ancient times; this is due to the content of green tea from the catechin; Against the influenza virus in its early stages, and the herpes simplex virus. [8]

The nutritional value of green tea

The following table shows the nutrients in 100 milliliters of fermented green tea: [9]
The nutritional component Quantity
Calories 1 calorie
water 99.93 milliliters
Protein 0.22 g
Potassium 8 grams
Sodium 1 mg
Caffeine 12 mg