Hair for Christmas

We mention in this article some beautiful verses of poetry, which talk about the birth of loved ones and friends:
Happy new year and happy birthday
Happy birthday to you, my dearest days
Every year, your love in my heart, oh, after my life
Every year you are my companion and my friend and the most precious people

Why do you ask me and you know that the answer is certain for me?
It means reasonable, I forget the day of the moon's birth
Keep history, God is far away from you
It is impossible to forget him if the bees forget the wind flower
What do I offer you as a gift?
You are more precious than the gifts of the universe, my sweetest pot

Friendly if I give you my soul and my heart and vein
All that you ask for your law if you ask for consideration
The gift is only a symbol and the symbol is not useful
Do not think that I agree to buy a perfume
O perfume, my life and my life, old and new
Here, take my life as a gift and may God redeem you for life
The important thing is to be satisfied, and this is not what I want
I only want to see you as a star
My father will not see you see me alone in your heart
Do not think anyone else loves you, you are more
Celebrate with you, sing, poetry and poetry books
God, the days, walk, but at the moment
Twenty candles went out, after more
I can't believe this is too soon
God bless you for your family, hopefully your long life
Lord, Lord, remains a model, admiration and treasure
I live near you forever and kept you happy
And you remain in my life the most beautiful days of life
Happy new year and happy birthday
Every year you are my companion and my friend and the most precious human being
Today is your birthday, my dear ones, and I confused you
Abeer roses and candles light up your nights
My dear eyes authorize you and redeem you
Take my eyes, redeem you and the heart, make you sober
My whole life redeem you if it satisfies you
And all my grits for my eyes
Know the treasures of Hildenia all that tempt you
May your life be long, may God keep you
For the eyes of Habib Dome Maglik
Celebrate my dear with you
And light the candles of love for you from your glory
and I tell you
Happy new year, my dear
Oh, may I stay with you
Today I congratulate you
Because you are born
And Agnilk at your birth
May she have a happy year
I spotted the wax with my hands
I held my breath
I wish you came
The joy lives with my feeling
Your name is engraved on my soul
I organized a contract with my dreams
A gift for you I give
On the night of my days joy
My love, my life and my life
I live my dreams your life
May God repeat today
Once, I am near you
Happy new year
Happy New Year, Ghali
Every year you celebrate you
O you long life O Mina
O the most precious of walking on the world and walking
Oh look my eyes and smile smile
Candle for your festivals, may the light shine
Like I enlightened you with my sky
Eh I love you so much my life
It's hard to describe my feelings, Huai
Happy new year
Every year you are my heart with me
Sing to my love and congratulate him
On his birthday, perhaps 100 years
Rejoice my beloved and seek the most precious wishes
Tonight, O my old dream calls you
My birthday, oh my heart ... my birthday
Umrah is for you .. joy and explanation
I feel alive .. and bring all your holidays
I dedicate to you and the roses above the candle
You got older ... right! .. but you increased
In my beater you will get one thousand pages
On the sweetest day of the month
I liked the first humans
And I insure the sweetest of the moon
And more precious than looking
I bless her on the birthday
And I ask my Lord to keep her forever
And I say it every year, and you are fine and wish a billion lives.

Today is your birthday and I have a promise
O Agla Droubi, O Gallay and Daddy
The universe and its stars for your love are witnesses
All galaxy knows that Moradi
Today is your birthday and today I am born
As long as your love is love and the pulse is calm
She called you a year ago
And I brought you a new year
Oh my life you are satisfied
God, may your happy year
I wished to be with you
On the sea we make candles
And we wait for the time to pass
Celebrate your birthday, moon
And bless you with my past
And who is your age?
I miss you every year and you are fine
O sweetest human
Alms, he got confused about the gift
Roses, not fragrance
No, you are more than your destiny
For this, you will have a word
It reminds me of her longevity
I love you, the most precious human
I wished to be the first to congratulate you
And I will be close to you today
Fate wished, and each of us is a way
I don't know why I am not
But what I know
Each of us is far from the other
My dear I have not forgotten that with the wax day I was seen
And when the time came, your spectrum ended
Each year and you are fine
You see, I swear to you
May God protect you, more precious than I loved
Each year, you are my life, my life
I celebrate your birthday even if my distances are long between us
I am from me, but you deserve all my sacrifices
My soul, my life, and my heart are my strength, my dear
With you, my watch came loose, and with your love I fulfilled my wishes
God bless you, my songs