Hair for Mother's Day


  • 1 notice on Mother's Day
    • 1.1 My mom cries at night
    • 1.2 To you, my mother, kisses the number of creatures
    • 1.3 If they asked me about my mother I would have said
    • 1.4 Mama, the sweetest rose

Notice on the occasion of Mother's Day

My mom cries at night

My mom cries at night
And tears descended
I cry and I breath
Why don't you love me at all?
Why do you hate me hate?
Why do you make me shit?
But I made sure that I misunderstood
She loves me so much
Mom, I love you .. Yes, I love you
I see you at night in the moonlight
And day between sunlight
I see you star shining in the sky of my life
Dora in the arms of oysters
Mom ... You are the principle of my life
You are total ... You are my age
I love you, yes, I love you
Wherever you are and wherever you go
You are always in my imagination and thought
I will not forget you whatever you do
You raised me and invited me
My mother, excuse me to sin against you
Or a bother to you
I am still very young

Please excuse me then excuse me

To you, mom, kisses the number of creatures

To you, mom, kisses the number of creatures
Greatest regards and wishes
Oh, the first love of my life
Your love is flowing in my blood and will not end in death
No matter what I talked about you, but the words fail
About describing a mother or not like mothers
Anything can be an illusion, and perhaps everything is a fantasy
Maybe life is a lie, but you are really, mom
The sun rises and sets, and the light of your face does not set
The seasons are volatile and the beauty of your soul is constant
The fragrance of roses ends and the smell of your smile does not go away
Everything has an end and the warmth of your heart is endless

If they asked me about my mother I would have said

If they asked me about my mother I would have said
It is serenity, tenderness and sensation
Kindness and warmth
And motherhood
She is hyperbolic in life
Your patience continues despite the crises
Your chest is open to problem solving
She tells me many stories
But they are sermons
By God, if I could, I would give you my life and best wishes
May God protect you for me in every prayer
Because if it were not for you, I wouldn't have found it
Your invitations facilitate my steps
Oh the most wonderful flower created to be dedicated to sacrifice
Thank God, who made heaven under the feet of mothers

Mama, my sweetest rose

Mama, the sweetest rose
I will put you in my chest
I will enrich you rich
You will be rich from my turn
Hey Mama Rose Gauri
By darkening you are Nuri
Mama doing a great thing
Until you prepare my breakfast
Mama Mama Mama
My mother, my mother, my mother
Hold me the sweetest bite
When he was late, kindergarten
Hey, don't bother
Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama
Mama sun and mama two thousand
A ball for the night
Mama remains the best
The sweetest bird
By tearing in Hakoura
I will draw it forever
With my sweetest picture
Mama and Papa are the sweetest two
Where do you see them?
The sweetest moon and the sweetest sun
The most beautiful light in Al Ain