Hair praise men

He felt about the men praising the

choice of clean paths
Who washed the wind of the weigher with a machine gun

Our souls honorable souls
Those who conscience are as pure as gauze

Their homes are like fortified forts
What is a bird album other than nests

And their visit to the guest, Diem Mreefa
If their man was released, he would walk

And the man of them does not clear his stock
What is similar to him died and if he lived for him he lived

And if a man dies of them, he is a successor
It stabs the people and turns back the massages

He knows the goal of his soul and knows and is loyal
What is known as betrayal is not a cheater

At the Crown, God bless him with a virgin
Enclose it between Nounh and eyelashes

What is on the cavalier draws his sword
And if they see the real Jahnh

Sweet desserts allowed the natured guest
And he becomes a servant and mattress

And if he extends his right, a shell will be extended
His right stretched dazzle dazzle and flash

As a ruler, he received his funny knowledge
What are the errors of flashes discussed?

And if the fire caught up is what it is
In an hour of aggravation except for a sprinkler

Its plug is far away and nobody knows its grave
Nor is it for the honorable offer the snapper display

And thorns in his side Swat Al-Qutaifa
If what has a safe house and bedding

What is left above weak idle
Whose movement is worthless

If the day of each Crimean day, it defeats it
What is Leah raised on the people eyelashes

Lying is known as a falsehood by horse
Honesty is like a sword, a saty and a poppy

His newspaper, kindly, from a newspaper
She has a writer and a discussion

Boilers and boilers acquired as a collage
Except for those who are all shaken by fragility

And if it is clear to him from the side, the people are afraid
Attacked by the feared attackers and bats

Honesty, well-known and good how
And blurring her with the break of dawn has been blurred

To carry what received south of silly
Around him lightning blinded the eye and flash

He perseveres in his wound and wipes his bleeding
Medicine is almost better than medicine Ethiopians

Nor is it as weak as seven years
Always lick it and the bone throne

And if he saw him in the absence of people, see him
What is the confusion of Lakhdar Oud Qurash?

The world will not become a humiliating humiliation
All diseased and bleeding fell upon her

And if it stands, it has little sense
Nor is it behind the hurricane hoppers straw

The starvation of what happened as a bird of cadaver
The nakedness of what wears small and nuts


Another verse that talks about praising men

God is Mani to praise the stingy Rajael
Especially La Jet praise men in the spirit of men

The problem is their praise, the burden is not heavy
Of its weight is what it can be valued by senior beauty

Even if she gets pregnant to get pregnant she must be leaning
Camel trick to carry weightlifting

Yes, what do you think of a pen with poems?
In its meanings, the sincerity of the imagination

A poem is what spinning so the dark side
Nor is blame and complaint prevented

Praise poem in that authentic gentleman
Abu Abdullah, who is attested by Foud Al-Dalal

Peace, Abu Abdullah, go away with the realgels
Peace, not sand

Peace, do not count the rain and asked the liquor
Peace, no longer the sun rose and the crescent appeared

Peace be upon him in my heart headquarters and dismissed
Then life if the age of art and disappear

They said about Hatem his money in generosity an instance
Proverbs are from that era

And I say Abu Abdullah Hatem Haljil
Say these two generosities are generous to us

So I gave each letter of his name with noble tufts
And come alive to the letters that have it, the heart is descended

Alsad (your honesty), because the words are not interpreted
And the neighborhood of men, whose verifications are proven by deeds

Alif (groans) Give me, oh, if you wore me woe
I am not interested in your smile, good perfume

Llama (Lumak), life is for every servile person
He lived in Haldonia and printed the scoundrel

H (your love) for the needy and the way
And your glory in Haldonia is the glory of mountains

Show my current happiness money in my life guide
In your absence, I have no patience money

The day is black, so there is no difference with the night
I watch my eyes and tear them on the cheek

Go to the kiss and ask God the Great
God, God respond from his absence to us, Tal

It suffices to see me as an outsider of God, then you must be an outsider
Money ensuring patience I have any possibility

Give us the rest of your life and little time
I have invited you and I feel that there are shades

Why not, I saw you kill my joy of leaving
What do I tell you, how you are

Your students revolve for an alternative lifestyle
I could not return to this world, I had previously traveled

My eyes did not return to her to watch the tricks
You don't know the south or the north