How do I forget who I love


  • 1 Get rid of everything that is mentioned
  • 2 exercise
  • 3 Writing feelings
  • 4 self-esteem
  • 5 References

Get rid of everything that reminds him of it

The person who wants to forget one of them, must get rid of all the possessions he owned from him, and delete his number from the phone, as well as the messages, pictures, and memorabilia that were collected between them, [1] in addition to the need to remove them from all the social media sites, so find out what They do it in their daily lives preventing the healing of emotional wounds, so be sure to delete them immediately to cut off the relationship with them, and even if a person feels some sadness at first, he will feel strong later. [2]

Doing exercise

Doing exercise has many benefits that help to forget old love, such as: boosting morale, improving general mood, fighting depression, increasing self-confidence, facilitating the recovery of heart wounds after separation, increasing good feelings, and improving the outward appearance. [3]

Writing feelings

Writing is one of the best ways to get rid of bad feelings, and has supernatural healing powers, especially if a person writes negative things about the past relationship, which helps him to form a different point of view, so writing feelings on a sheet of paper, and then reading them again encourages the mind to form points of view Another and new about the old relationship, then beginning to look at it from another angle helps to overcome the setbacks that he might suffer while trying to forget someone. [2]


Self-esteem is one of the reasons for happiness, so a person must look with compassion for those who left him, he is a person of high value and they are the losers, and remember that he is an important person, and he must be confident of himself, and he accepts the self with its advantages and disadvantages, all of this will help to forget the beloved , And focuses all of the work on self-improvement, or turning it into a better person. [3]