How do you know someone who loves you


  • 1 Prolong the lover
  • 2 spend time with your beloved
  • 3 other love tips
  • 4 References

Prolong the lover

A person can find out who he loves, by observing how often he looks at, as a psychologist at Harvard University, Zik Rubin, found a relationship between love and eye contact, where he found that husbands look at each other with glances that bear all the meanings of love by up to 75% of the time during Speaking. As for the people involved in the conversation, they may only look at each other for 30-60% of the time during the conversation. [1]
According to clinical psychologist Dr. Susanna Flores that, when loving someone, the lover will continue to look into the eyes of the loved one directly, and for long periods of time because he wants to stay with all his senses with the beloved, as lovers need emotional contact, through eye contact. [1]

Spend time with your beloved

It is possible to know the person who loves through his passion to spend time with the one he loves in spite of the concerns of life, family, work, and other obligations, as the craving to use time to see the loved one is one of the main indicators of the relationship's long-term success according to a modern theory. [2]

Other love tips

There are a host of other tips that a person can know that someone loves him, and they are as follows: [3]
  • Observing the person’s actions while the partner is present, as the actions of the one he loves varies in front of the person he loves, for example the partner may be serious, or polite in front of others and in public places, but the fun and silly side may appear when he is with the one he loves.
  • The person shares deep emotions with the one he loves.
  • A person's happiness when he is with whom he loves despite all the circumstances and obstacles.