How to gain weight quickly


  • 1 How do I gain weight quickly
    • 1.1 Protein powder system for weight gain
    • 1.2 Recipes for weight gain
    • 1.3 tips for gaining weight

How to gain weight quickly

Just as some people suffer from the problem of weight gain, others suffer from the problem of its decrease and try in various ways and means to increase it. For example, you can drink a mixture of dissolved anise in the water, or you can eat a banana and orange cocktail in the morning, increase the intake of potatoes of all kinds, and increase the percentage of starches in your system. Your diet, without increasing the percentage of harmful fats, and here we will give you, dear reader, some of the recipes and steps recommended for weight gain:

Protein powder system for weight gain

Meal breakfast :
  • Two tablespoons of honey.
  • Jam with cream .
  • Double cream cheese.
  • Two spoons of melted sostagine in a glass of water.

  • Rice .
  • Two hundred grams of meat, a quarter of a chicken, or two pieces of fried fish.
  • Mixed vegetables, preferably more tomatoes.
  • A small spoon of black honey.

Afternoon period :

  • Cocoa milk or soft Circuit.
  • Pieces of cake or biscuit.

  • A cup of yogurt with black honey.
  • Purée potatoes with minced meat.
  • Two tablespoons of bee honey with royal jelly.

Before bed: a cup of milk, three spoons of sostagen.

Recipes that help gain weight

  • The first recipe: paste balls of honey , dates, nuts and almonds - eaten three times daily.
  • The second recipe: Grease appropriate quantities of fenugreek and castor oil on the places to be fattened.
  • Third recipe: Mix two tablespoons of sweetness and tahini with a small carton of milk and eat it on an empty stomach.
  • Fourth recipe: put a tablespoon of coconut leaves in a cup of hot water, filtered and drunk them every two hours.

Tips to gain weight

  • Resorting to drugs that contribute to opening the appetite.
  • Eating too much with the group.
  • Add herbs and spices to food that will improve the flavor and increase the desire to eat.
  • Ensuring that there is no mental or organic disease that prevents the person from eating and suppressing his appetite and treatment, if any.
  • Avoid drinking water before meals.
  • Eat more honey.
  • Excessive eating of powers that help open appetite.
These were some of the tips and recipes that can contribute to weight gain, which are useful ways to help you organize your day and your meals to benefit the body from what you eat during your day.