How to know your personality from your favorite color


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Philosophy of color in personality analysis

Colors can be described as the silent language in which human beings, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects communicate, as they are one of the most important elements of non-spoken or non-verbal communication that fills nature and surrounds all beings, and psychologists describe colors as being one of the most important determinants of human behavior from being questioned. It is mostly adopted by one or one of its groups to familiarize with it, and this indicates a relationship between a person's personality and his impressions or reflections with what he is familiar with, desires or chooses of colors, so this also affects his communication with others Moody and behavioral eruptions, and the colors differ in their impact among individuals very differently, as a group of factors overlap in distinguishing the effect of colors and their consistency in individuals such as gender, age and other factors. [1]

Color functions

Colors affect a person in many ways, according to the meanings that people and cultures make towards color on the one hand, and the physiological effect that colors constitute on the other hand, as well as the psychological and emotional response and cultural, geographic, environmental and other variables, and the colors benefitThe colors witnessed different placements to represent different saints, including religious, environmental, and ideological, and some colors are still indicating individually or collectively to symbols that were associated with them in previous historical periods, but they retained their meanings until it became the symbol of the symbol and that of the symbol In particular, it carries certain meanings that are used only for expressing a specific color, holiness is represented by yellow, and purity is represented by blue, while red denotes affection and acceptance of this world Green symbolizes motherhood and fertility, and promotes the employment of its image colors cultural expression of the cultural heritage of the peoples and civilizations and immortalized in the legendary pillars of civilization woven connotations and markings.[2]

How to know your person from your favorite color

Colors were used in human life in various fields, and they received great attention in trade, decorations, construction, clothing, and other fields that relate directly or indirectly to the pattern of life, civilization, and the environment in which a person lives. exceeded the use of colors in human decorate offices, homes , and pots of material life and property to enter the areas of medication and psychological stimulus and control, due to the force which Owned by the colors in influencing the reflections and the natures of the people and their personalities through their diversity and their extensions that provide warmth, energy, security and comfort for aficionados and patrons and Mrdia. [3]

Colors can define a person’s personality by choosing a specific color or a color group that he is permanently familiar with and select , so that colors have the ability to classify the characteristics of human beings and their directions. Colors carry references to specific characteristics of those who choose them in particular. Brown, for example, indicates solidity and strength, while violet indicates the sophistication and holds red color semantics thrill and excitement, [4] color psychologists have contributed to studies and their impact on the features of human figures in determining the individual 's personality and aspects of his personality depending on the color you desire or Live coupled with his preference, and in the following breakdown of the features of the characters depending on the colors: [5]
  • White color: White color indicates the purity of the individual and the purity of himself and his bed, and people who love white color are characterized by their ability to mood swings and move between psychological states without stability, and adheres to it well owners of closed personalities who reject criticism and lack observation and intuition, and white color carries the indications and attention It out.
  • Black color: The black color reflects the character of sadness and mourning, but it does not indicate the same characteristic of the elderly women who consider him a symbol of decency and dignity, and the character of the black color appears in the form of pessimism, isolation and depression usually, and inferred from the personality of his bearer as a non-social.
  • Blue color: a vibrant blue personality who loves movement and ventures to obtain and defend freedom, a calm, balanced social personality who holds values ​​and respects progress and loves life, the blue color character lives all romantic details and makes love and loves art and music, her life and death are equal if they are dispossessed or deprived or deprived Her freedom.
  • The green color: The green color personality is considered a delicate artistic and emotional personality, whose owners tend to be stereotyped, calm and routine, and they take up their normal lives with demand for movement and activity, and set themselves logical goals and then strive to achieve them, and the owners of this color are characterized by accuracy, achievement and youthfulness and youth.
  • Dark Green: A leadership figure who loves control and the display of power. The owners of this character tend to enjoy an influential and enjoyable life, and strive to leave their tracks and walk after them.
  • Red color: a solid emotional personality with contradictory dimensions whose owners live in love and jealousy and show violence and arrogance, enjoy reading romantic stories, and are attracted by news of conflicts and fighting, showing solidity and strength in them, characterized by daring and passionate passion.
  • Yellow color: a cheerful, social personality, characterized by optimism and stubbornness, who loves renewal and change, appears in the characteristics of this jealous and vital personality, and its owners possess a unique energy and will that loves change. .
  • Violet: The personality of this color is delicate, delicate and delicate, living in both states of joy and sadness, but it is a delicate emotion, very friendly, very sincere.
  • Brown color: a religious person characterized by contentment, patience and honesty, the owners live with a constant activity and a rush towards achievement, no matter how they fail and fail, and the owners of this color show great ability to bear and start again.
  • Orange: a revolutionary anti-personality who loves freedom of renewal and freedom. People of this color tend to be independent in all their details, and they do not care about customs and traditions.
  • Pink color: a childish personality, dreamy, many-imagined, weak-willed, whose owners are characterized by kindness, inner peace, and excessive confidence, and wastefulness is their dominant feature. The owners of this color cannot be relied upon for their attachment to imagination more than reality.
  • Gray color: a very hidden conservative character, the owners do not show their real features and they are kept secret.
  • Pistachio color: a realistic, balanced character who lives between hustle and bustle.
  • Beige: This color gives its owners a calm, calm personality with a strong self-confidence.