Is love forbidden or permissible?


  • 1 Love in Islam
  • 2 Love - its definition and its types
    • 2.1 Meaning of love
    • 2.2 Kinds of love
  • 3 Love in Islam - Halal or Forbidden ?!
    • 3.1 Signs of Love
    • 3.2 The legal ruling of love
    • 3.3 Evidence that the second kind of love is forbidden
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Love in Islam

Love is a mountainous matter that people broke up with and grew up with them, and Islam called for love and love in all its forms, and made controls, rules and foundations for it, and made it permissible and obligatory and forbidden, and that is based on the means used in the exploitation of love; if these means were legitimate Other than that he was forbidden and forbidden, and it was true of a Messenger - peace and blessings be upon him - his saying in the hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas: (He was not seen to those who are loving like marriage ) , [1] so the only way to love in Islam is marriage , but the other love between Men and women, his statement will be detailed in In this article.

Love - its definition and its types

the meaning of love

Love is a language: Wydad, and so is love. It was narrated from Khalid bin Nidalah: What is this pure love, and love is like love, and it is loved. Sepoye recounted: I loved it and liked it in a sense, and Lehiani narrated from Bani Selim what I liked that: what I liked. And love: the beloved, and Zaid bin Harith was called the love of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and the gathering of love was love, love, grain, grain, and love, and love and love. [2] Love is a convention: a tendency of the soul to the mind, and if it transcends the mind it is love. [3]

Kinds of love

There are many types of love according to the lover and the beloved and the cause of love, in the following detail: [4]
  • The love of God and His Messenger : The love of God and His Messenger is imposed on every Muslim and Muslim, and that love is a condition of faith. He said -alih prayers and Salam: (does not believe in you so I love him from his father and his son and all the people) , [5] and this love requires obedience to the beloved, it loves anyone Ataah while asking him, if someone claimed that he loved one was Atah has established the argument On himself by his lack of honesty in his claim.
  • The love of believers, scholars and the righteous : This is one of the best proximity and the most expedient of the acts of worship that draws closer to God Almighty . He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Three who were in it found the sweetness of faith: that God and His Messenger be more loved to him than others, and that one loves only love God, and that he hates to return to disbelief after God saved him from him as he hates to be thrown in the fire) . [6] And about him, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The bonds of faith are the most beloved of love in God and hatred in God Almighty .” [7] Just as the righteous believer loves the servants of God, he must hate everyone who is hostile to God and hostile to his religion and his guardians, for that is Among the supplies and necessities of faith.
  • Loving a wife and children : Loving a wife is an acquired mountainous issue, as one tends to his wife by instinct and dwells in it, as well as loving the child is an innate matter. One can not be punished if you like one of his children more than the other, and one of his wives that he had Zojtan- more than the other wife, but denied that the beloved prefers the other Battaya or otherwise , which has not justification, Fnh peace be upon him said: (from had two women , one tends to come on the day of Resurrection , and a naughty italic) . [8] On the authority of al-Nu`man bin Bashir, he said:(My father gave alms to me with some of his money. My mother, Amra, the daughter of Rawaha, said: I am not satisfied until you witness the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. He said: No, he said: Fear God and do justice to your children, so my father returned and returned this charity . [9]
  • The love of parents and other relatives : Every person is broken with the love of his parents since they were the reason for his presence, not to mention their fatigue and watch over his comfort, and taking into account his interest. It is worth noting that all the aforementioned types of love are transferred between permissibility, obligatory, and desirable, and this is not a matter for detailing its ruling in detail.
  • Love between boys and girls : this will be examined specifically for his ruling.

Love in Islam - Halal or Forbidden ?!

Several types of love were mentioned previously, but what comes to mind immediately when love is mentioned is love that occurs between young men and women, in schools, universities, institutes , social networking sites and workplaces, and other conditions in which stories of love abound among young men and women, and this is summarized in the following:

Signs of love

Ibn Hazm al-Dhahiri counted in his letters a few signs of love known to the lover, including: [10] [10]
  • Addiction to look at the beloved and the eye for it: the eye is the door of the heart, and it reveals its inner things and its secrets, so the eye of the love reveals what is going on in his heart, as he moves by his eyes the one who loves to move and to where he is directed.
  • A disturbance that appears to the loved one when seeing a loved one or when his name is suddenly heard.
  • Turning to the hadith of the beloved and giving him all his hearts to his speech will be emptied by his hearts and hearts. .
  • The devotee must do what is best for the loved one.
  • The love of loneliness, the human being, being alone and being alone with people. Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya denounced this kind of love that bore these signs, and considered it animal love.

The legal ruling of love

It can be said in the doctrinal rooting of love that it is totally okay for a man's heart to tend to a woman who hears about her qualities, morals and qualifications, as well as for a woman to love a man who has seen and learned from his qualities and merits what invites her to marry him, but there is never a relationship or communication between A man and a woman; [11] whether by contact, look, whisper, word, meeting or otherwise, and everything that takes place otherwise is forbidden. Forbidden is not in the same love, but in what comes from those who love the actions, or sayings Or look, flirt, or something else.

Accordingly, love can be divided into two parts: [12]
  • What the heart cannot return and this is presented to the heart : There is no man’s income in it - which was mentioned above - and this type of love is not sinned by a Muslim because he is beyond his control, and the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - was asking his Lord to forgive him for the tendency of the heart Who does not possess a person, it was narrated on the authority of Mrs. Aisha, may God be pleased with her, that she said: The Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - was divided and fair, and he said: “Oh God ! [13]
  • What the heart had in it was a willing choice to do love : that is where the prey begins with what you want from words, spin and forbidden correspondence, and sometimes mixing and being alone, which destroys homes and spoils societies, and causes enmity and hatred among people. Perhaps this is what most young people mean in their questions, and the ruling on this love is a forbidden sinful actor, whether by meeting directly, or by calling via the phone, or by contemporary means of communication such as Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites.

Evidence for prohibiting the second kind of love

  • The Almighty said: (Tell the believers to turn a blind eye to their eyes and keep their eyes. That is the most effective for them, for God is expert with what he does) . [14]
  • The words of the Prophet peace be upon him: (God wrote the son of Adam his adultery, I realized that inevitably won the eye look, weight tongue logic, self wished and crave, and vulva believe it or deny it ) . [15]
  • He said - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him -: (They do not abandon a man with a woman except the third of them is Satan) . [16]
  • The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Sin is what is wrong in your chest and hates people to see it .” [17] Sin is not consistent with the soul, but the believing soul denies and dislikes it. People are conscientious.