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    • 1.1 Cry your sin
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    • 1.3 You must love God
    • 1.4 Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq sermon
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    • 1.6 The Sermons of Solomon
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Religious preaching and preaching

Judgment and religious preaching is an important thing, which we must learn and teach to our children, to walk on it, and benefit from it, and learn from it the correct way to start their lives. Life, which is a lot of judgment if we work on it, lived a decent life, based on true religion and decent morals, which makes society a pure and righteous society, and if we walk on it and take it right, it is a great blessing from God, where generations have preserved it generation after generation after generation. Until you reached us Mentioned in this article, the most important of this judgment and sermons.

Cry your sin

If the souls thought between her hands, and she remembered her account with her and her, then she would send her grief into her blood mail, but is it right to cry for those who have long been disobedient! His day in sins, his loss has prolonged, and his night in sins, his balance has eased, and between his hands a severe death, in which his colors are tormented. Ibn Omar, may God be pleased with them, narrated that he said: “ The Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - received the stone and received it, then put his lips on him to weep for a long time .

Yazid Al-Raqashi said: "God has angels around the throne, their eyes run like rivers until the Day of Resurrection: they stretch as if the wind blows them out of the fear of God. Then the Lord Almighty and He says to them: O my angels, what scares you while you are my servants: then they say: O our Lord, if the people of the earth Be acquainted with your glory and greatness for what we have been informed of, whether they have eaten food or drink, nor have they drank their drinking, and they went out in the deserts, as they feared the cows.
I cried over the sins of my criminal bone
And the right of those who disobeyed bitter crying
If crying restores my concern
I was happy with tears with blood
Wahib bin Al-Ward said: “When God blamed Noah, he revealed it to him.” I preach to you that you are from the ignorant .
I mourn for myself and cry for sin
Leading sins that burden me noon
Savory was a little survival
O sorrow, as long as you are left with no excuse
Al-Saddi said: David cried until the grass grew out of his tears, and when he threw the arrow of fate, he made it frustrate in the blood of his negligence, and his tongue of apology called out: Forgive me, and he answered: For the two mistakes, so he said: Forgive the sins. ”Thabet Al-Bennani said: Then he cried until he carried out his tears. "
My chest mounting my eyeballs mounting
My longing overwhelmed me with floods of tears
In the darkness of the night, then, lunar
I cried I cried in Doha the length of tear.
Mujahid said: "David asked his Lord to make his sin in his palm, so he did not eat food or drink except he saw his sin and he cried, and perhaps he brought a cup of two-thirds of it. Some of the companions of Fatah said: “I saw him and his tears mixed with yellow, so I said: What did the blood cry?” He said: The tears cried for my failure to fulfill the duty of God’s right, and the blood was for fear that I would not accept. He forgave me, I said: Then your tears! He said: You approached me, and he said: O Fatah, what tears cried? I said: Lord, I have failed my duty of your right, he said: then the blood? I said: I cried on my tears for fear that you will not become me, he said: O Fatah, What I wanted with all this, and my honor and majesty, I have ascended to your keeper forty years in your newspaper. There is no sin. "
Our rent treachery and the knee are accused
Do you know how to become a non-orphan?
You went and the age of the night in us and in you
Whether but awakened and sleep
You are left behind and fallen behind
Hearts refuse to know patience about them
When the farewell became clear from what she had warned
And still a glimpse look
I cried in the valley and deprived its water
And how does water dissolve most of it blood
O disobedient than to be counted, O who is pleased to be expelled and excluded, oh perpetual slippery, and how much is finished and recommended, O ignorance of our fate and our likeness are not disobedient, if you have been infected with the disease of David, then Noah Noah, live the life of Yahya.
And Hassan bin Adqa says: “I saw Yazid bin Harun by means of the best of two eyes, then I saw him blindly, so I said to him: What beautiful eyes did you do?” He said: He went with them crying witchcraft, oh if you knew what you could miss in magic, you would not sleep, Caravans of the night watched over the hearts of the remembrances, and the passages of forgiveness lean on the quarters of those who sought forgiveness. Those who did not taste the sweetness of the magic drink did not know his gratitude, who did not think about his age, how he became extinct did not reach from sadness the purpose.
Ataa Al-Sulaimi was told: "What do you desire? He said: I desire to cry so that I cannot cry, and he was crying day and night, and his tears forever were liquid on the face." Malik bin Dinar wept until his tears were blackened by his cheeks, and he used to say: "If you had the cry, the days of this world would cry."
Do not you see the fever, you do not reduce fever
And the Mountain of Religion is only started
For Gogh if love cried if she cried
She led fancy and referred
If hearts were to be feared and uplifted
She raised her tears to Al Ain at some time
She was freed from the punishment of sins.
He who did not have the likes of their piety, did not know what made them cry, who did not see the beauty of Joseph, did not know what caused the pain of Jacob's heart, who did not decide, and love filled his heart, he did not know how the livers crumbled. O hard-hearted, you cried for your cruelty, and you are astonished in the passion, do you regret your negligence? Crying, and the Day of Resurrection is our date to unveil the wall and cover. (1)

Stand the night and laze

To God bring forth people who abandoned the tasty dream, and they gave up when they set the feet for him, and erected for the monument in the darkness, asking for a share of the sleep, if the night came, they watched, and if the day came, they were considered, and if they looked at their faults, ask forgiveness, and if they think of their sins they cried and broke.
Prayers and peace be upon him, said: " You must do the night, for it is the righteous before you, and it is close to your Lord, forgiveness for bad deeds, and forbidding iniquity ." In Al-Musnad on the authority of Ibn Masoud, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “ Wonder of our Lord from two men: a man who revolted from his sin and his neighbor, from among his love and his family to his prayers, and a man who invaded in the cause of God, and they were defeated. So he returned to shed his blood . "
Abu Dharr, may God be pleased with him, said: “ I asked the Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - which night prayer is better? He said: Half of the night and a little doer .” David, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "Lord, which hour do I stand for you? God revealed to him: O David, do not start the first night or the end of it, but stand in the middle of the night until you are alone with me and leave you alone, and raise your needs to me."
Umar ibn Absa narrated, on the authority of the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - that he said: “The closest thing the Lord is to a servant is in the depths of the other night, so if you can be someone who remembers God at that hour, be .” Hammam bin Al-Hareth was calling: “Oh God, grant me a watch in your obedience, so he would sleep only for a while while he was sitting.” And Tawas flipped over his bed, then inserted him, and he said: “Fly the hell of hell for worshipers.”
Al-Qasim bin Rashid Al-Shaibani said: “Rabiaa was coming among us, and he was praying for a long night, and if the magic called for the loudest voice: O groomed riders: Is this night you sleep, do you not rise and leave? He said: Then he hears who is here and there is no reason, so if dawn comes up he calls. At the top of his voice: In the morning, the secret people praise. ”Al-Dahhak said:“ I realized people who are ashamed of God in the darkness of this night of the length of the bed. ”
O house of loved ones, where do you live? Where are you? Oh, the righteous citizen, where did you live? Where are the pilgrims? I swear by God, the people descended, the people stayed up late, and the people stayed asleep, and replaced the time eating desires, O people of fasting.
Enough sorrow of the boy, the boy, to see
The homes of those who like to hang down are desolate
To God bring forth people who worked hard in obedience, and traded to their Lord, then the goods were won, and praise remained on them until the Hour was risen, if you saw them in the dark and their light had flashed, and in the solemnity of the King, the Knowledgeable, and they were delighted. , And sent the message of remorse and tears.
And when we stood up and the messages between us
Tears forbidden by those who stopped
Nights reminded us of agate and its shade
Sorry, so we heartedly
The boy’s breeze if I visited the land of my dear ones
He singled them out of me with all peace
And he informed them that I had proven youth
And that my gram is above every gram
I am satisfied with the ways of their imagination
If my eyelids enjoy a dream.
The thought toured in their hearts the righteousness of their righteousness, and they remembered that they remembered as a remembrance of their admiration, and they held themselves accountable, they achieved their account, and they regretted the fear, so their tears became their drink, and they chanted the Qur’an, so he gave them peace with their peers, and they were assigned to obey God, so they stood up with their bayonets, and served him in the service of their youth. I held their snorkel stories, and then I answered. (1)

You must love God

Death in the way of request is better than being damaged in the way of unemployment, perpetuating the vigil and fasting, and disturbing his lovers the length of sleep, and the rolling up of the people. If you arrive at your medication, you will be enjoined with “the good tidings of those who believe that they have a foot of truth with their Lord .” In a seat believed by Malik Moqtadir . "
Oh this: You have to addiction to remembrance. Perhaps your little remembrance develops a great remembrance "and remembrance of God is greatest ." Do not fail to dig a waterwoman, and if you are raised, for when you attach it to the coast of the sea, it will flow from the sea water to it and it will become a rush, and I will sincerely remember you so that it may remember you.
Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated in Al-Sahihin, on the authority of the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - that he was walking on the road to Mecca, so he passed on a mountain called Hamdan, and he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “They will go ahead of the singular, they said: What are the singular, O Messenger of God?” He said: Those who remember God a lot and the memories , ”and Abu Al-Darda narrated, on the authority of the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - that God Almighty says:“ I am with my servant what he mentioned to me, and his lips moved me. ”And Abu Al-Dardaa said:“ Those whose tongues are wet by the remembrance of God Almighty will enter one of them with a laugh. ".
Oh this: One of the signs of a loved one is his annoyance when mentioning his beloved, if you loved someone from the people of this world, then I heard his name to disturb your interior, but did you hear that a madman loved a creature, then when he was mentioned he annoyed, and he said:
Farewell called as we are afraid of Mona
He agitated the heartache of sadness and did not know
He called Basem Laila, as if it were others
My heart flew with a bird in my chest.
This remembrance of God is recited to you and what is changing, and how much you hear from his commands and intentions and not contemplated, and the Holy One has facilitated it for those who worked hard, and the hardship, and how many have considered the reality of looking and seeing, and doing what he commanded and leaving what he forbade in work and saying and liberating, and whenever he looked at His work saw that he neglected thinking about him, he did not enjoy food, drink or sleep, except to mention and remember, but did you hear his saying in the Holy Book, underlining news about them in their remembrance of him, an eloquent, interpreted saying: “It is the believers who, when God remembers and whose hearts are glorified ”, " the patient on what they have suffered ," Vhkurhm on it and cover, as satisfied with their day chapped heaven and Taataftr: " man informs that day b A foot and another . "
And the sinner remains regretful for his negligent negligence, burdened with carrying his sins and in the tail of his sins is stumbling. It is hard for those who are hard-working, overwhelmed, forceful, and advise you, so repentance is repentance, so perhaps after the break it is forced, because it is appointed for those who resorted to it. (1)

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq sermon

On the authority of Amr bin Dinar, he said: Abu Bakr’s speeches, and he said: “I command you to God for your poverty and poverty that you fear him, praise him for what he is his family, and seek forgiveness for him. Make rafts in your hands until you meet your predecessors and your taxes when they impoverished you and your need.
Then think about the servants of God who was before you, where they were yesterday and where they are today! Where are the kings who raised and built the earth? They have been forgotten and their remembrance forgotten. Today they are everything. These homes are empty of what they did wrong, while they are in the darkness of the graves. Do you feel from them or hear a focus for them? Where are you from your friends and brothers? They have responded to what they have presented, so they have found happiness and happiness, for God the Exalted, the Majestic, has no lineage between him and anyone who created his lineage and gives him good, and he does not distract him from it except by his obedience and following his command, and that there is no good for good after fire, and no evil for evil after heaven. I say this and ask Allah for forgiveness for me and you. ”Narrated by Abu Naim in the ornament. (2)

Omar ibn al-Khattab sermon

On the authority of Al-Sa’ib bin Mahjan, who is from the people of the Levant. Fear God, link the womb, and fix the same. He said: You must congregate - and in the pronunciation: by hearing and obedience - for God's hand is over the congregation, and Satan is with one, and he is one of the two farthest.
They do not abandon a man with a woman, for Satan is the third of them. It is bad for him bad, and his secret is good, for it is the emirate of the believer Muslim, and the emirate of the hypocrite who does not get bad, and his goodness does not please him, if he did good, he did not seek reward from God in that good, and if he did evil, he did not fear God in that evil as punishment.
Be beautiful in the worldly request, for God has sponsored your livelihood, and every work will be done for him that was a factor, seek the help of God for your deeds, for he will erase what he wills and prove, and he has the mother of the book. (2)

Sermons of our master Solomon

Abu Ubaid told us, he said: Ali bin Thabit told us, on the authority of Jaafar bin Burgan, on the authority of Saleh bin Masmar, who said: “When the Prophet of God died, God inspired Solomon to give me your need, so he said: I ask you to make my heart fear you as my father’s heart was, and to make my heart loves you as it was the heart of my father, God said , was sent to my servant , ask him his need was his need to make his heart Akhcana, and make my heart loves me, to Ohbn him a king should not be the one after him, God said: " Vskharena has the wind to his command prosperity where he hit the demons every building A diver and others tied in the handcuffs, this is our bid, so he secured or held without an account , "he said, so God gave him what he gave, and in the hereafter there is no reckoning for him." (3)