Nizar Qabbani felt in spinning


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  • 2 Nizar Qabbani felt spinning
    • 2.1 My love is the law
    • 2.2 I bear witness only of a woman
    • 2.3 In the cafe
    • 2.4 With a newspaper
    • 2.5 Jasmine collar
    • 2.6 The first kiss
    • 2.7 The River of Sorrows
    • 2.8 I love you so much
    • 2.9 Do not love me
    • 2.10 Choose
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Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Qabbani, the Arab poet who was dubbed the "Woman Poet", was born in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in 1923, and he is from the Kabbani family, which is considered one of the ancient Damascene families. He studied law at the Syrian University and graduated in 1945.

Nizar Qabbani started writing traditional poetry and then moved to vertical poetry. He developed modern Arabic poetry to a large extent, and he is the founder of a poetic and intellectual school, famous for his romantic poems that appeared in his first four collections (romantic poems), then Nizar in 1956 AD turned from romantic poems to an office With the title (Poems from Nizar Qabbani), in which he criticized the inactivity of Arab societies with a poem entitled (bread, hashish and a moon).

Kabbani wrote many political poems, the most famous of which (margins on the setback book in 1967) that dealt with the defeat of the Arabs in the June setback at the hands of Israel. Other important works include (Habibi 1961), (Drawing with Words in 1966) and (Arabic Love Poems in 1993). (1)

Nizar Qabbani felt in spinning

Nizar's poems were numerous in love and he became famous for them, and here we mention some of them.

Sweetie is the law

O female in her voice
Silver is mixed with wine and rain
From the mirrors of her knees, the day rises
Life is getting ready to sail
O female that
The sea mixes with its eyes with olives
my flower
And my star
And the crown of my head
may be I am
Naughty..or messy thought
Or crazy
If you are crazy ... this is possible
You are my lady
Responsible for that madness
Or you are cursed and this is possible
Everyone who practices love without leave
In the third world
Cursed madam
Forgive me once
If I deviate from the literal law
What do I do, my basil?
If every woman loved her
She became the law

I only witness a woman

I only witness a woman
Master the game except you
I endured my foolishness
Ten years as you could
And she persevered with my insanity just as she was patient
And I trimmed my nails
I arranged my books
And she introduced me to kindergarten
except you..

I only witness a woman
She looks like me as an oil painting
In thought and behavior, only you
Mind and madness are only you
And fast boredom
And fast attachment
except you..
I only witness a woman
It may have taken my interest
Half of what I took
And she colonized me as I did
And set me free as I did

I only witness a woman
She treated me as a two-month-old
except you..
She gave me the milk of the bird
Flowers and games
except you..
I only witness a woman
I was as generous as the sea
Upscale hair
She pampered me like I did
And it spoiled me like I did
I only witness a woman
It would have made my childhood
It extends to fifty .. Except you

I only witness a woman
You can say she is the woman ... except you
And its secret
The center of this universe
I only witness a woman
Follow the trees as they walk
except you..
Pigeons drink from their icy water
except you..
Sheep eat from her summer weed
except you
I only witness a woman
Shorten the story of femininity
My manhood instigated me
except you..

I only witness a woman
Time stops at her right lap
except you..
The revolutions took place from the foothills of their left lap
except you..
I only witness a woman
Laws of the world have changed only you
And it changed
Halal and Haram map
except you..

I only witness a woman
Sweeping in moments of love like an earthquake
Burn me .. sink me
Flame me .. quench me
It breaks me in half like a crescent
I only witness a woman
I occupy myself with the longest occupation
The happiest occupation
Cultivate me
Damascene response
And mint
And orange
Oh woman
I leave under her hair my questions
She never answered a question
O woman are all languages
but she
Touch with the mind and not say

O marine eyes
And waxing hands
The masterpieces of attendance
O white as silver
Smooth as crystal
I only witness a woman
The circumference of her waist .. ages meet
A thousand planets orbiting
I bear witness that there is no woman ... other than you, my love
On her arms the first male was raised
The last male

O clear, transparent
Fair, beautiful
Appetite, gorgeous
The childhood is permanent
I only witness a woman
Free from the rule of the people of the cave except you
Their idols were broken
You dispelled their illusions
And the authority of the people of the cave was dropped except you
I only witness a woman
She received her tribal daggers
She considered my love for her
Summary of virtue
I only witness a woman
It came exactly as I waited
Her hair length was longer than she wanted or dreamed of
The form of her lap came
It matches everything you planned or painted
I only witness a woman
Exit smoke, if you smoke
It flies like a white dove in my mind ... if you think
O woman .. I wrote books about her alone
But despite all my hair
I have stayed .. more beautiful than all I wrote

I only witness a woman
She made love with me with the utmost civilization
And it took me out of the dust of the third world
except you
I only witness a woman
Before you dissolved my contract
It taught me my body
And I interviewed him just like the harp
I only witness a woman
except you..
except you..
except you..

In the cafe

My neighborhood took her seat
Like a bowl of roses in her contentment

And a book in the hand
He reaps the waste from her faith

The cup proves his eagerness
In my hands, longing for her cup

Oh from that sun hat
Summer panting on its threads

A light tour on her knee
My soul is shaken from its corner

She is drinking her cup
I drink from her eyelids

The story of the eyes .. enslaves me
Who saw the star in its flood?

Whenever I stared at her, she laughed
He exposed the snow in her teeth

Share my morning coffee ... and no
Bury yourself in her cheeks

I am your neighbor, madam
And usury asks about its neighbors

Who I am .. Leave the questions I am
A painting looking for its colors

An appointment ... madam! And she smiled
She pointed to me at her address ..

And I looked, but alluded to
Blush print in her cup

With a newspaper

He took out his coat from the newspaper.
Without noticing my disorder ..
And without interest
Eat sugar in front of me.
Melt in the cup two pieces
Melt me ​​... melt two pieces
And after two moments
And without seeing me
And he knows what longing that has happened to me ..
He took the coat in front of me
He missed in the crowd
Leaving behind him ... the newspaper
Like me, I'm alone

Jasmine collar

Thanks .. for the jasmine ring
You laughed at me ... I thought you knew
The meaning of jasmine bracelet
A man brings it to you
I thought you were aware

I sat in a corner
You lay off
And you drop the perfume from a bottle and rumble
A French ringing melody
Melody as my days are sad
Your feet are in the slippers
Two tables of nostalgia
I went to the wardrobe
You take off .. and wear
I asked to choose what to wear
So, right?
Can I be beautiful?
And stood .. in the whirlpool of time flamed forehead
Exposed black from his shoulders
Do you hesitate?
But it is a sad color
A color like my sad days
And put it on
Tied jasmine collar
And I thought you knew
The meaning of jasmine bracelet
A man brings it to you
I thought you were aware ..
In a small pub, I saw you dance
You break up the fan logs
You break
And you grow up
Valuate your faithful knight's ear
French melody
Melody as my days are sad

And I began to discover certainty
I knew that only you are beautiful
And he spray perfumes
And you take off
And you wear
And hinted jasmine collar
On earth .. whining muffled
Like a white corpse
It is paid by the dancers
Your beautiful knight is interested in taking it
You mind
And you giggle
Nothing calls for you to bow
That jasmine collar ..)

The first kiss

Two years ... passed by, my kisses
And her perfume still runs on my lips
As if now .. her sweetness did not go
It still scents filling my cell
As your hair was in the palm of a whirlwind
It is as though your holes are mine and my stove
Say it. Emptied into the hells of hell
It would be nice if you were my burner?
When a coarse cross becomes warm
She glimpsed in her lips the grace of my grave
Tales tell that the gap is disobedience
Red .. You liked my disobedience
People claim the gap is its playground
So what has devoured my bone and my veins?
Oh good, your first kiss..a good night
Shaza Jabali .. my forests .. and my valleys
And boy, the boy’s thorn .. so ..
I reminded him that my throat sank with water ..
What on my lower lip you left ... and do you
I printed it in my burning mouth .. Or my lungs?
I have nothing left of you ... except a thread of smell
He invites you to return to Walker ... madam
You went to someone else, and she's left
A spring of glow ... did not dry ... and did not die
You left me hungry, nervous ... alone
I am on the voracious date ... turn.

The River of Sorrows

Your eyes are like a river of sorrows
Two rivers of music ... my lamb
Behind, behind the times
Two rivers of music have been lost
Madam .. then lost me
Black tears over them
Statement rhythms are falling
Your eyes, and want alcohol
And the tenth cup is blind
And I'm in the burning seat
Fire yoke erosion
Say i love you my moon
Oh if I could
I do not own this world
Except your eyes and my sorrows
My ships at the harbor cry
Rip up the bays
My yellow fate destroyed me
My faith was broken in my chest
Do I travel without you?
Oh God shade my eyelids
My green summer, my sun
O beautiful ... beautiful my colors
Should I leave you and our story?
Better than April's comeback?
Sweeter than the flower of Gardenia
In the darkness of Spanish hair
My only love .. don't cry
Your tears are digging my grandfather
I do not have this world
Except your eyes ... and my sorrows
Are I saying I love you lunar?
Oh if I could
I am a missing person
I don't know where on earth I am
Lost me my path ... waste me
My name .. you lost my address
My history! I have no history
I forget about forgetting
I am an anchor that is not anchored
A wound with human features
What do I give you? Answer me
My concern? atheistic? Nausea
What do I give you only a destiny
Dancing in the palm of Satan
I love you .. Get away
About me ... about my gunshot and smoke
I do not have this world
Except your eyes ... and my sorrows

I love you so much

I love you so much
And I know the path to the impossible is long
And I know you are six women
I have no alternative
I know that the time of nostalgia is over
And the beautiful talk died

Women are not what we say
I love you so much ...

I love you so much and know I live in exile
And you are in exile
And between you and me
And a cloud
And lightning
Snow and fire
I know that reaching your eyes is an illusion
I know that it will reach you
I am glad
I tear myself up for you, my dear
If only they gave me the choice
You repeated your love for the second time

You spilled your t-shirt
None of your patience protected you from raindrops
I love you so much

And I know that I travel in the sea of ​​your eyes
Without certainty
I leave my mind behind and run
I run
I run after my madness

No woman holds the heart in her hands
I asked you, God, do not leave me
do not leave me
What would I be if you weren't
I love you so much
Very hard and hard
And I refuse the fire of your love to resign
And can the orphan in love adore independence ...
I am not interested
If I go out of love alive
I don't care
If you came out dead.

Do not love me

This fancy no longer tempts me!
Let me rest and rest me

If your love is fluctuating
I have not seen you do not love me

My love is the whole world
As for your passion, it does not concern me

My little sorrows embrace me
And you visited me if you did not visit me

What I care about is how you feel
My thinking about you is enough for me

Love. They are in our thoughts
Like perfume in the gardens

Your eyes created my sorrow
What are you? What are your eyes? without me

My little mouth turned it in my hand
And planted by lemon flowers

Even your beauty, it does not surprise me
If he missed from time to time

Longing opens a thousand windows
Green on your eyes sings me

It makes no difference to me, my torture
Love me or not love me

You rest from my hobby
But I asked you not to rest me


I chose you so choose
Between death on my chest ..
Or above my notebooks ..
Choose love ... or sweeter
So we shouldn't choose ...
There is no central area
Between Heaven and Hell ..
Throw your cards completely.
I will be satisfied with any decision ..
Say it. Get up. Explode
Don't stand like a nail.
I can never stay
As the straw is in the rain
Choose a pot between two
My fiercest fate ..
You are exhausted ... and scared
And very long .. My career
Dive into the sea ... or get away
There is no sea without dizziness ..
Love is a major confrontation
Sailing against the stream
Crucifixion, torment, and tears
And the departure between the moons ..
Your cheese kills me, woman
You entertain behind a curtain ..
I do not believe in love ..
He does not bear the snip of the revolutionaries.
It does not break all fences
It does not strike like a hurricane ..
Oh .. if your love swallows me
Take off .. like a hurricane ..
I am your good ... so choose
Between death on my chest
Or above my notebooks
There is no central area
Between Heaven and Hell ..