Parting hair

Poetry is defined as a balanced speech that indicates a meaning in itself, and contains more than one house, and talks about several topics, including love, spinning, separation and spelling, and we will mention in this article some of the poetic verses that express separation .

Saturday is my test

God willing , on Saturday test
Miss you, dear excuse me
I swear by God that I did not choose me

These are my circumstances that you must bear 
I torment your teams and you are my home
The minute without you forever
Sure, you feel my torment and fire
And feel your torment that tormented me
I fell abandoned medicine
And my friends limited them to remind me
Medicine wasted all my thoughts on me

Always tests and God patience
I'm all free from testing
Before my eyes he gave a second test
Tired of studying day and night
I forgot love and love forgotten me
And my friends say about me treacherous
They say I sold them and I am selfish
What they know about what happened to me
I am from medicine and tricks I suffer
Thank God I am satisfied with fate
Forced to be patient
Oh God, about your permission and opinion
I have a second Saturday test

Sorrow kills me

Sadness kills me
They are killing me
Injustice to my beloved torments me
Oh what is this life
Which are all endless pains
Injured wounds
And tears from the eyes are running
My cheek was injured
She spilled my berth
And I took my sleep
Oh my heart
What a patient
The beloved does not take turns
Despite his injustice a lot
His great wound
Who does not heal or disappear
You still love him
Despite all evil
I still adore him
Despite injustice and immorality
You still crave it
Despite its arrogance
My heart is rubbing my heart
For how long?
Tell me God for you for how long?
This is patience
And this skin and endurance
How long is this evening and meditation ?
Until when with all this suffering and humiliation?
Stop this. Stop it
I hate it as I hated it
And forsaken what is deserted
And torture as you torture
And as dark as wrong
And I hurt, as I did
I suffered a lot
I have been patient a lot
A lover does not know
Love has meaning
As for you, my heart, to stop all this
Oh God, your heart, stop