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the brothers

Brotherhood is a greater word than we think. It expresses an unconscious voice that we make when we feel pain !! I wonder what is the secret of saying the word (brother) when feeling pain or feeling tired or even sick? This word is engraved in the subconscious mind, which considers that the brother is the bond in the difficult times. How many children have his parents died and raised in the hands of his older brother, and the person does not know the value of the brother except in the case of separation, for in separation a person feels the value of what he lost by his sense of the great emotional void that is from He would distract him from others, and in this context specifically the abundance of words and poems, and how many of your brother did not give birth to your mother, so what about your brother who is from your mother's belly, think about the meanings of these poems so that you may take the sincere brotherhood into account, so brotherhood is the most precious of what the family owns.

Poetry about brotherhood

  • It was said in the good brotherhood that in its cohesion the strength of the individual increases and in the brotherhood group the strength of the group goes:

One is only his brothers
The palm grips the wrist
There is no good in the palm cut off

There is no good in the forearm

  • He felt about the brother’s excuse for his mistakes, his forgiveness, and the lack of disclosure:
Excuse your brother for his sins
And Esther is covering up its faults

Be patient and fooled
And for the time of his engagement

Farewell to the answer
All injustice and to his lover

And know that the dream
When anger is better than riding it

  • Poetry showing the meaning of brotherhood in good friendship:
Your good brother will not deceive you
And whoever harms himself to benefit you

And if your time is undoubtedly a rift
Distract himself to collect you

  • Poetry shows that the ideal brother is the one who rejoices with you and your closeness to him, and sorrow for your sorrow and distance from him:
Your brother, that if you were pleased with the secret
If one day absent from him, he remains sad

Close to Moody
It excludes the one who excluded and insulted him

  • My brother, descriptive of the eternal difference between us
Hate, but there is no blame forever

Be patient on the side of the sight
Patience needs next door and son-in-law

  • Apple guys if you want to hide them
Their brotherhood will be lost and lost

If you find a brother of trust and met
There are two hands in the hands of the eye

How a friend in prosperity is helpful
And if you really want it does not exist

Poems about brotherhood

Among the poems that spoke about brotherhood, we have chosen for you the following:

The full moon

Elia Abu Madi

The farthest known is the sad patience
Has his dialect blew his envy?

Throw you a hand of time, preach an arrow
When I spent the sinners cried

You are his heart and you love him whole heart
Sharif, hearts have a ring

There was no time for you to revolt
There was nothing in your possession

But I was content with creation
To create for others not to be

And you take note of the secrets
And prevent suspicions surround you

It is as if you've killed the age in search
You have his hidden secret shown

I told the full moon at the age of
Your intellect is not centuries old

It is strange that you wish us to live
And we wish we ask

Our souls are nothing but prisoners
Our bodies are only prisons

And what is the universe like the universe?
The circuit also perished as Qittin

The causes of the minya have suspended you
True to neither betray nor betray

Do you know the coffin?
Is this grave any boy preserved?

A boy collected the cruel good in it
And it was the best of arts

Some of his attributes are Laith and Badr
Some of which are smell and soft

The signs of the youth on him look like
And in his clothes as a sober elderly

The enemies do not smell us
Every boy in his death is hostage

Whatever the eyes are away from us
And when the eyes are full of you

Urgently the bathroom did not bid farewell
And a girl did not bid you farewell

I didn’t forgive the farewell but fried
I wanted and did not want a long time

Oh my God to your mother while he hears
We know you after long sleep

And away your brother away
If the news came with certainty

The planets will come out in the outer ring
Also crying in the pasture branch

Brothers crying were absent from them
A mother of Thackle and a sad father

We never got ribs
On you, and what dries up for us

You boys have been loved by a child
They also adorn the forehead crown

I went with all of this minimal decor
What is in the world after you what decorates

And you are to us please do not please
And you are appointed to us, then there is no one

Banish you, my brother, want condolence
If you paralyze my left and right?

Underestimation, except for me
Like you, he is insignificant

You should cut the heartbreak myself
And in you, obedient tears of freedom

Filling my wings solvent sadness
And filling the quarries of a tear of tears

What kept the patient on my heart
I claim it lasted as a tyrant

Tears fade my eyes from hatred
And refuse to be left eyelids

Sihad is long and long
I don’t know the rest when it is

As if the morning had worn Al-Dayaji
You are so sorry that it shows

Praise God from us all the best
Find your grave, Al-Ghaith Al-Hatoon


Perfection is better for you

Your volcano erupts in my heart
O brothers of misery
Windows speeding to light.
Your volcano doubts my chest
His lover crosses
And embers embers on my fists
And in my mouth thunderbolt
Your plow, my brothers
Floating around in the sky
The clouds are electrocuted by singing
And the rain speeded up toward us
Every heart has a bowl
But we are, rainy
After us on the beaches of the evening
Hungry, thirsty
Our hearts do not catch the rain
Our hearts sieve
And night is still
He lives waiting for the hour of destiny.

Unknown brotherhood

Saif Al Rahbi

Unknown brotherhood
She had a sky today
I was inside the car
In front of the petrol station
Look at the emptiness and silence
On the other side
There is someone inside his car, too
Greet me with loving affection and affection
I tried to salute the same
I didn't clearly see it
He was immersed in his black glasses
I did not seek to know this candidate
From the terrain of dimensions.
I was satisfied with the greeting
That swung in the wounded air
But she smoothed her way to my heart
Rolled back the Depression Corps.


Samih Al-Qasim

None of my questions are in defiance and strength
Looking for? Where are the songs of the brothers?

Your black poems are a hate volcano
And boiler, and indignation and cruelty

Where is peace .. and where is harmony?
I gain from rancor and fire rapture

And your voice is hoarse and hoarse
We dreamed of his dismal echo and his craving

So did you put up the grandfather's robe?
I sang for love, the sweetest of his sins

Whatever my question! Leave you blamed
Blame a wounded if harbored

Your brother I am! Did you break the restrictions?
Etched over the ulnar, it cracked

Your brother I am! Who do you see push me
With a dark heart ... without some distortion?

Your brother I? Whoever sees you took me
On the home, generosity, and field

Charge me from the kind of torment
What I can not stand and cover your flower

Curse me ... and teach your child
He insulted a prophet ... in the land of prophecy

She doubts my tears if I cry
And it is wasted in my mind that I took a step

Tired counts
Day (indicated) and day (miss)

And if he arises, from among your family, conscious
He exonerates me .. You repel him harshly

And shun him denouncing (indiscretion)
And declare that you headed (linguistically)

Either I complained .. then from you
To judge how lust craved you

How do I sing love poems
Peace, hate, and war

He sang free poems
For my deformed big prison bars

Whoever blame, you are to blame rather
If you want, you will be brother