Poetry about loneliness


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Unity is the harshest feeling that can bring sadness and gloom to man, so God Almighty created man to live in groups that help and support each other. Rarely does man maintain his positivity and effectiveness while suffering bitterness of unity or separation from those he loves.

When God created Adam, it was his wisdom to create Eve for him to be kind and loving for him, in order to make his life a meaning for him, for loneliness is a feeling of loneliness and alienation when losing loved ones, as life becomes dark and dark without them, so a person cannot live alone without the presence of people who fill his life Joy and pleasure

Loneliness also does not find a friend who loves you and helps you, and that you spend life without a lover who understands you, complain to him about your mother and your suffering and share these pain together, she is not to find happiness and contentment in your relationship with your loved one if he met you with repulsion and abandonment.

Poetry about loneliness

  • I am Mali Khalil, I am the only one in my physique
I'm the one in the carefree afflicted, I suffer from distance

O Lord, where do I go with my concern?
O Lord, who else supports me with my unity?
I am from life I got bored
No friend, no boyfriend, yes, what about my father?
My father is only Anis Younesni with my unit
It suffices a person to understand and understand me
O Lord of my money, others support me with my unity.

  • Kills the unit after the Beloved Division
Her tears bleed and the wound is good
My heart complains of soreness after missing it
His absence disturbed Diem.

  • Ah, ah, then ah, no blame
Oh and my heart complained and caused by the relatives
They opened my heart to open the book
They neglected my love and neglected my heme
They cut my loving heart cut into fangs
They made him homeless and lost in the world of strangers
Why, my world, everyone is a liar
Not in my world of honesty pocket
What changed his loyal heart with his love flowing
It narrates and heals the pain of what was erected
He is pure spirit, he is all loved
My heart loves him and what is kind
The light of hope loomed through the doors
The doors of my Lord, who is the Lord of lords
He gives and bestows, and God is not disappointed
Who intended my Lord, the answerer of the students

  • I sat on the stillness
Waiting for my misery to wait, wait for a happy tomorrow to come
On the high outskirts, I look around the exhausted headphones, staring at my fingerprint
Where is the hope? What is there What is the matter?
I may now spend time, but where do I spend my years? It passes in front of me as it runs
Where is the hope What happened to my patience? Oh black sea is almost lost in hope
Oh, a clumsy person who didn't know how to master the game, oh a broken winged bird
Oh a dream that was lost from me, erased from my heart, oh a mountain where the wind came and left it rich
On the banks of the fields and banks of the river I breathed myself
Oh longing for the past pushes me and goes on for me to leave me between heartbreak and longing
Where is the hope? I still don’t know

  • The unity that all God created
I bear witness that I am a Tunisian and Sally
Swim with it, amuse the heart and show it
Sadr, none of which narrowed my affairs
I leave the reality that my mind bored
I am physically amazed and imagined
Move away from the quadrilateral crowd and leave the shell
I was absent in my world and the atmosphere of my current

  • What is hard to cry without tears
And what is more difficult to go back
How hard it is to feel bad
As if the place around you is narrowing
How hard it is to speak without sound
To live to wait for death
What makes it harder to feel bored
So you see everyone around you not
You have a sense of remorse
On a sin you do not know, and a sin you did not commit
How hard it is to feel deep sadness
And as if lurk inside you ancient pain
You complete the path alone
Without a goal, without a partner, without a companion
You become sad and regret
You find your face in tears drowned
And the remaining hope turns into glamor
How hard is it to live inside yourself alone
Without a friend, without a companion, without a lover
You feel that joy is far
She suffers from an incurable wound
Deep wound stubborn wound
A physician's wound
How hard it is to see the light of darkness
It's hard to see happiness as delusions
You are alone

  • Let me be alone in the sky of loneliness
I enjoy my wounds and my sorrows
Let my tears be my drink
Let the darkness of the night be my color

  • No, I'm not alone
I am here amid my sorrows
How old i lost
I still do not know where to go
Will life end while I'm here?
Where is the road?
I am between start and finish
What is waiting and do not care
You are right, let love blame in us and live my sorrows.

  • I tend to isolate and move away from people
Why do people have eyes for me?
My heart is from sorrows wand
And my eyes are filled with tears, O Ezz Tali
I don't come home after sitting by him
My sadness, what has given me my field?
The atmosphere of happiness for me changed with sadness
A day away from me nights kept you away
I shout in your name all the talents of Nessnas
You blessed me with a northward blast
I shed tears of grief and say not bad
From oppression, clap my left right
I blame you for your difference, you are races!
No nee after your teams, Tayeh and Sally
Your love in my heart has limits and measurements
You love my life and see you as my capital

Poems in the unit

We offer some poems expressing the poet's unity.

A single grave

Amer Al-Dabek
And my soreness
Like I left I loved it
So he spread it among the walls
Who is orphan
Alone in the streets of his sorrow
Goes on
Without a lamp from his eyes
It enters the dream gap

I try to light up
Fingertip hair
So take me spaces
From darkness
My hands are sad
Stiffness in her fingers
And a wall to rest my face
When I break
Take me from my hand
Time is around me
Like the face of death awaits
Surround my flight
He swindles my soul and fuses
As if I kept my mark
In the orbit of death
A native
Behind the remains of the hymn
I do not see people in the sea for me
No desert
Pray in my vein
In the cold orbit
Take me from my blood
Pull me to see my death
Reply me to
A single grave in silence
Above my dreams is dust
Mute my voice
I do not see horses
In the range of my visions
May come


Ibrahim Nagy

I have been on Cassie for years
And I send out the distant past

And what works for fancy?
Hind, Hind, caught the stab wounds

How I plant joy in my mind
How does it grow in an attractive place?

Jam is crying kindly or me
Jamie is a stranger and a stranger

Never whispered to you
Otherwise, I would have been like your friend

I protect my sorrow for you until later
I hold joy until I see you

I locked this sound did not go off
Except for your sadness or joy

Rejoice today with my freedom
By any fateful night I fly

How many people had occupied and did not differ
Which one do we walk?

You do not want to start fancy
As a blood shed with blood

And shouting, I curbed it in my mouth
He overwhelmed me with blood

No, you do not know
Describing your goodness no matter how hard he is

Or realizing the depth of the meanings
At a glance, swarming

I denied her softly and did not confess
Except with goodness came from your paradise!

Rejoice today with my freedom
By any fateful night I fly

Restricted upon the captives of my heart
And that illuminating morning

How many people had occupied and did not differ
Which one do we walk?

After a year of lights, you left me
Hear the endeavors and hide the fate

Did you know my condition? Not right
I pity me to learn

You do not want to start fancy
As a bloodthirsty blood

You will know, if you mind it
Demonstrate fierce passion and lethality

And shouting, I curbed it in my mouth
He overwhelmed me with blood

No, you do not know
Describing your goodness no matter how hard he is

Or exaggerate the secret of intelligence that
In your luck, you almost barely

Or realizing the depth of the meanings
At a glance, swarming

Or, understand the art of the makers
Create the two: the Hajj and the Body

lonely man

Nizar Qabbani

If I knew what I wanted
I have not come to you as a terrified cat
If I knew what I wanted
If I knew where to spend my night
If I knew where to support my forehead
It was not tempted to climb
Don't ask: where did you come from? How did you come? What do I want?
Those ridiculous questions I have no answers
Do you have sulfur and some cigarettes?
Do you have any newspaper, no matter what its history
All newspapers have nothing new
Do you have - madam - another bed
At home, I am always a lonely man
You enter Nami
I will make my coffee alone
I am always a lonely man
The roads assassinate me, maps and borders reject me
As for the mail, for centuries it is not the mail
Get the cigarettes and disappear
It is all I need
It is all one man needs
Do not lock the doors behind you
My nerves are covered in ice
Don't stop me, the sex is the last thing I want

The heart of life

Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi

At the core of life, I am alone
Fair, lost, so where is your sunrise?

Lost, thirsty, where is your nectar?

O the core of life, the flame has been bridged
And overcast clouds, where are your lightning?

At the heart of life, I am Fouad
The stars opened listening to your passion

I was at your dawn, tinged with dreams
Perfume spoil your roses

As soon as the light flashes, he listens
To you in a trance, with the inspiration of your hymn

Then the Dji came, so I became papers
Instead of withered roses
Between the horror of Duja and the silence of existence

I was at the dawn of your magic wrapped in magic
A space of the guiding hymn

And clouds of visions wander
In the conscience of eternity and annihilation

The heart of life is how much I am in this world
A stranger is miserable by the estrangement of myself

Among people who do not understand hymns
Foadi and misery meanings

Embrace me, and embrace you like the past
This presence is a cause of despair

And my wish, the tears are drowning
The end of time resonates

And chants eat the bloody flame
Her paths, and keeps her heart

Flowers, you die in a fist
Thorns What is this boring life?

The poison of this life is hostile
Morning, repeating after a night

I wish I had not removed - as I was - a light
Common in existence, not a prisoner!

The poison of this life is hostile
Morning, repeating after a night

I wish I had not removed - as I was - a light
Common in existence, not a prisoner!