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Religions in Islam

Islam came to the Arabs came mission of the Prophet peace be upon him in the period interrupted the revelation after the reign of Jesus peace be upon him, [1] The Arabs at that time far from religiosity and manifestations, worship the idols that moved them from previous nations such as hampers, and Se, d, And it is in the people of Noah, as it was reported from Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them: (The idols that were in the people of Noah in the Arabs are still after, as for a friend: it was for a dog in the perpetual gondola, and as for Sa’a: it was for an appendix, and as for Aid, it was: Then the children of Ghutaf with Al-Jawf at Saba'a, and as for Haqq: they were Hamadan, and the eagle was: flesh He sees to the family of castles the names of good men from the people of Noah, and when they perished, Satan revealed to their people: that they set up their councils that were sitting in monuments and named them by their names, and they did, and they were not worshiped, even if those were worshiped. [2]The Arabs also worshiped the idols of the Quraysh, such as the condolences, the goddesses, the mena, and the idiot until the Prophet of mercy came and brought people out of darkness into the light, and from idolatry to the worship of God alone and faith in Him. [3]

When the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - moved to Medina to build the Islamic state in it; he found in it a mixture of religions such as Judaism and Christianity, so he gave them their rights, made their families duties, and better coexistence with them, [4] In this article the topic of coexistence between religions will be presented , And how Islam called for him and was keen on him, after explaining what is meant by coexistence, and clarifying some of his conditions and achievements.

What is meant by coexistence between religions

  • Coexistence language: the source of coexistence, co - existence, he Mtaih, comes to live in the language sense: live on intimacy and affection, and the coexistence of people: If they are in space and time themselves, and coexistence also: a society are numerous sects, and live among themselves in harmony and trust and harmony, though they They are different in terms of doctrines, religions or groups, and peaceful coexistence means: the existence of an environment in which understanding prevails among the groups of one society, away from wars or violence. [5]
  • Coexistence idiomatically: (A group of people meets in a specific place linked by the means of living from the restaurant and the drink and the basics of life regardless of religion and other affiliations, each of them is known to the right of the other without integration and assimilation). [6]

Coexistence between religions in Islam

The Holy Qur’an has established a set of clear rules for preserving human societies and keeping sectarian strife away from them, just as Islam has declared in the context of its verses that all people have been created from one soul, which means that they share in the unity of the human origin, where God Almighty said: (O people, fear God your Lord who created you from creating one of them her husband and transmit them many men and women , and fear God , who asks by God and the womb you were an observer) , [7] All human beings on the face of this earth are involved in Of humanity, and thus guaranteed them Islam right to lifeAnd to live in dignity without discrimination between them, and that is based on the principle that a person is honored for his own sake, without paying attention to his religion, race, color, or origin, for all members of society are one family , and they have certain rights , and they have duties, (8) The Almighty said: (And He has honored the people of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them with good things and Vdilnahm many of those who created a preference) , [9] the apparent difference in the forms of people and their colors and ethnicities and languages is not only proof of the greatness of God , the Creator and his ability and creativity in his creation, the Almighty said: (among His signs is the creation of poison Failures and lands, and the disagreement of your tongues and your colors . [10]

If the difference is found in human societies, this should be one of the natural phenomena, and the category of incursion should not be on another category because that creates hostility and hatred in society and raises sectarian strife among its members, but that difference should be a way of acquaintance, support and compassion among the spectrums of one community, and the pursuit to find common interests between them, the Almighty said: (O people , we created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God that God knows expert) , [11] has indicated God Almighty in the previous verse that there is no room for differentiation among the people only on the basis of piety and closeness to God Glorified and Exalted and the extent of the application of his laws and abide by the Apostles came from God, the Almighty said:(God honors you, he will protect you) . [11] [12]

As for those who did not belong to Islam from other religions that came from God before the advent of Islam and did not believe in God, the Holy Qur’an did not view them as diminishing, or as they are not human, and that they do not have the right to what Muslims are entitled to; rather they look at them with a view of tolerance and softness, A Muslim towards a person who violates the sound belief of non-Muslims should not except call them to God as a matter of advice, so if they obey and obey it, and if they refuse to remain on their beliefs, then there is no compulsion in religion as long as they do not restore the religion of God and fight it. [12]
The Almighty said: (God does not forbid you from those who did not fight you in religion and did not take you out of your homes to excuse them and to divide them to God) . [13]
Also took into account Islam is not compromised in institutions or edematous, if it was between him and the Muslims held edema , Mustafa peace be upon him he said , and am back in that: (killing confederate did not smell the fragrance of Paradise, though its fragrance there from a distance of forty years) , [14] shall be Their safety is guaranteed by the explicit command of the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - and assaulting them is a crime that has a legal sanction. [15]