Short sad hair


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Short sad hair

  • In this article, we will show a group of sad poems :
No sadness, keep away from me and let my wound clear my concern

I am with you, my sorrow, not torment, not reap
What sadness is your money from me? Do you not see me enough for me?
I am tired of hoping too much, and you are not far from me
No sorrow, do not misunderstand me, you do not need me

There is no pain in crying, and wounds in my blood
Don't you feel sad that I am satisfied with you
Isn't it too time yet, your sadness, my sorrow?
  • I accidentally went through Al-Sadan Street
I found a dream lost in step and gloss
He was looking at the pieces of time
About the pulse stole in front of the eyes
Remembers the world of Al Ashjan

Turn pages forgotten
Moments sprang from the well of deprivation
To sink the heart with despair and shame
The human pulse salutes him, for the feelings of sorrows
Greetings, night grief. For tears sink eyes.
  • Considered me the words of you wrote to me
All that narrowed the universe his village
Take me as sad for your silence
Or tears in a moment of sadness I cried
He considered me dear to him
Or the past to forget
Or I tell you, take it to me
Ultimately, the most important thing is his love!
  • I launched my first Ahti when I found your cruelty
Tucked between the sweet tooth
Another goddess aborted her when honey finished, and the words did not stop
And third when you leave, without a word of farewell, worthy of a woman
A fourth shouted when you came back looking for me thousands of times
One after another, one after another, never ending
She even held the title of "Queen of Gods" without a competitor
One last goddess was released today, while I am full of happiness, the height of my hope, and the height of my longing
I conclude with the series of sighs at your illusion of love
There is new love waving at the horizon!
  • I wish to enrich what I paint
Is my time punished or my time
I told him to go, so why did he come to me?
Did he come in torment or regret that he could not forget me?
Or its women became extinct, so they followed me to find me
I will hide from him, I am not a felon
But he was always the culprit!

Sad poem

-Nizar Qabbani.
Your love taught me to be sad
I have been in need for ages
For a woman that makes me sad
For a woman crying over her arms like a sparrow
A woman collecting my parts
As the broken crystal fragments
Teach me your love, madam
My worst habits
Teach me to open my cup
Tonight thousands of times
And try aromatherapy medicine
I knock on the door of clairvoyants
Teach me get out of my house
Comb the road pavers
I chase your face
In the rain, and in the car lights
And chase your spectrum
Even ... even
In the flyers
Teach me your love
How do I wander over my face hours
In search of gypsy poetry
He is envious of all Roma
In search of a face ... for a voice ...
It is all aspects and sounds
Bring me your love, madam
The cities of sorrows
And I before you did not enter
The cities of sorrows
I never knew
That tears are human
Man is without sorrow
Memory of a human being
Teach me your love ..
To behave like boys
To draw your face
With chalk on the walls
And the sails of the fishermen
On the bells
On the crosses
Teach me your love
How love changes the map of time
He taught me that when I love
The earth stops rotating
Your love taught me things ...
It was never taken into account
I read the children's stories ..
Entered the palaces of the kings of the elves
And I dreamed of marrying me
The girl of Sultan ...
Those eyes are clearer than bay water
Those lips are better than pomegranate blossom
And I dreamed that I kidnapped her
Like the knights ..
And I dreamed that I would dedicate it
Pearl and coral hoops ..
Teach me your love, madam. What delirium
He taught me how old is going ..
And the daughter of Sultan does not come
Teach me your love ..
How do I love you in all things
In the naked tree
In the yellow dry ground
In rainy weather .. In the seas
In the smallest cafe ..
In the evening we drink our black coffee.
Your love taught me to house
For hotels without names
And churches have no names
And cafes have no names
Teach me your love ..
How the night amplifies the sorrows of strangers
He taught to see Beirut
A woman ... a tempting tyrant
A woman..wears every evening
The best of fashion
And spray the perfume ... on its breasts
For sailors .. and princes ..
Teach me your love
To cry without crying
He taught me how to sleep sadness
Like a boy with no feet ..
On the roads of (Raouche) and (Al-Hamra) ..
Your love taught me to be sad
And I have been in need for ages
For a woman .. make me sad
For a woman .. I cry in her arms
Like a sparrow
A woman collecting my parts
As the broken crystal fragments ..

No one waited

-Mahmoud Darwish.
No one waited
He did not feel a lack of existence
In front of him is a gray river as its coat
And the sun's light fills his heart with awakening
The trees are high
He did not feel a lack of space
Wooden bench, coffee, and glass of water
Outsiders, and things in the cafe
as it is
The newspapers themselves: yesterday's news, and the world
Floats to the dead as usual
He did not feel the need for hope to socialize
As if the unknown greenish in the desert
Or a wolf misses a guitar
He will not be able to repeat ... I know
The last walk since the first step
He says to himself, I am not far from a world,
I did not approach a scientist
He did not wait for anyone .. and did not feel a deficiency
In his feelings.
Autumn is still its royal host,
He tempts him with music that brings him back to the Renaissance
Golden ... and rhyming hair with planets and ranges
No one waited in front of the river
In the meantime, I am joining the league
Waiting to be a river, he said
I do not harsh myself, nor
Harder than anyone
I survived a fatal question:
what do you want
what do you want?

When you meditate longer

-Mahmoud Darwish.
When you meditate long on a rose
You wounded a wall, and you say to yourself:
I hope to recover from sand
Green your heart
When you escort a female to the circus
With a beautiful day as an icon
Be a guest on the horse dance
Your heart blushes
When you count the stars, and sin after
Thirteen, and drowsy as a child
In the night blue
Whitens your heart
When you walk and do not find a dream
He walks in front of you like a shadow
Yell your heart!

do not leave me

-Mahmoud Darwish.
Patriot your forehead, listen to me
do not leave me
Behind the fence
As a wild herb,
As an abandoned muzzle
do not leave me
Unhappy moon
A beggar planet among the branches
do not leave me
Free with sorrow
Love me with the hand of the sun
Above the ironing press
Get used to burning me
If you are mine
Passionate with stones, olive
Young, ventricular
Patriot your forehead, listen to me
do not leave me!