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Sweet words for the beloved

This most beautiful words provided to Habib , remind them of the following:
  • My soul may be unable to meet you, and my eyes may see you, but my heart will not be able to love and love you.
  • I am ready to lose my life and lose the world for you. The important thing is that I see you with all your affection.
  • If love wanders, you are the guide, and if the heart dies you are the substitute, and the word love in your right is little.
  • You upset your lands, love me I die in you, keep my soul calling you, but forget me with the slippers of the bathroom.
  • I asked the soul, whom do you love most, she said, write a message, and see the heart
  • Tonight I am the guest of your eyes, Jeet is lying to your suspicions, Jeet saying that I miss, and that I am lost without you.
  • The paradise of my dreams (your heart)
My happiest days (near you)

My sweetest words (love you)
I have a world (your love).
  • I drank the whim of your cup, and it smelled of the breath of your breath, envied all of your healers, and killed all of you.
  • My life is in danger, I miss messages from the moon, I wonder, I send and do not drink from the sea.
  • O message, travel to the dear's heart, and dwell in it, then come back and my heart reassured me.
  • Your name in my heart, write, in letters of light and gold, and take from me this promise, that I love you forever.
  • I drew this world with your eyes, and I got lost without you, I swore that I am not your brother, I love you and protect you.
  • Everything I can do except after you are away from my life, it is my life that is equal to you, after you my life.
  • Roses tell you if you love me you don't pick me up, and I say you if you love me you don't forget me.
  • It is nice to have a heart that you are its owner, but it is more beautiful to have a friend whose heart you are.
  • Hours pass and wait for your voice, and days pass and I hope to see you, and life passes while I love you.
  • You and I are a blueberry tree, you are a gold branch and I am a branch of ruby, and whoever separates us, O Lord, will die.
  • Many who wished me, and others loved me a thousand, and no one else dwelt, my heart and others filled my eyes.
  • How can I repent, and the heart is your possession, with repentance for all sins, and the guilt of your love has saved me what I leave.
  • They said the moon, I said loud. They said the gold, I said dear, they said my love , I said always in my mind.
  • Show me a heart that loves what you betray, and on one eye you see, Mo million.
  • Snow is the gift of winter, the sun is the gift of summer, flowers are the gift of spring, and you are the gift of a lifetime.
  • Oh God, I love your servant this sincere love in you, so gather me and him in Riyadh Al-Jinan.
  • I circulated a message that I sent to you, which was not the sweetest word: God does not deprive me of you.
  • My Bloodlines announces take off my love flight, please from your heart airport permission to land.
  • You are a wondrous wonder, you enter the heart without knocking on the door, and God Almighty loves you.
  • The first person in this world deserves the word every year and you are 1000 good, oh the sweetest heart in the world.
  • Feasts pass and you are love, may God not separate us, you see your laboratory, a bear, your mark does not bring us back!
  • If all people were like you ... loyalty would be the crown on top of every creature.
  • If your heart spreads you see the cache paid, we buy the hearts we slaughtered.
  • Whoever loves you, my friend, and my madness ... I forgot how to apply my eyelids, to my heart and not to my eyes?

Romantic messages for lover

  • I thought that I could give you my eyes, but I was afraid to miss you, so I don’t see you.
  • It is torture to write to someone who does not read to you, to wait for someone who does not come to you, to love someone who does not feel you, and to need someone who does not need you.
  • The difference between love and love when the one you love cries, you try to relieve it, but when the one you love cries, you cry with it.
  • Whoever sees you, I ask you .. My heart always feels with you .. By God, I don’t forget you .. but I beg you.
  • I wish my heart was transparent, and those who had air dried up, so that you would know how to love you and fear you.
  • If your eyes were equal to the world and what is in it, then I will see you all over you as equal to each other.
  • Whoever brings true love possesses the most beautiful moments of the world, and whoever possesses a beloved like you possesses the whole world.
  • O laughing heart of Hirana, her cry shook the universe, everyone who heard your voice lived a crazy life.
  • Love has merit over this life, as it gives it taste and color, and makes it appear colorful in our eyes. Love has merit over us, as it sends joy in our small hearts, so that the universe can expand with its love.
  • As soon as the door is knocked, hearts dance with joy by receiving it, decorating our quiet days before it, dwelling our dreams and nights, and filling them with stars and joy.
  • How beautiful it is to live these true and true feelings, and to share them with those we love, and on this day of love is an opportunity for every lover to reveal his beloved, how grateful he is for his life, and to thank him for every moment of sorrow and happiness that they spent together with pure hearts, lovers, and love.

Beautiful words for the beloved

  • When my soul stops loving your soul, my pen will stop loving the letters and kissing the paper. In one hand, I have five fingers that I see are all equal in reverence when I touch your hands.
  • I lost my life twice, once before meeting you, and the second when I no longer meet you.
  • If Newton had looked at your eyes, he would have known that gravity has no law to rule it.
  • When time stops and the world is separated from existence, know then that I have kissed your forehead.
  • The eyes have a language that only the lovers understand, and silence abounds in them when you start talking.
  • The most wonderful thing would be to feel love, but it would be more beautiful for someone to love you.
  • Perhaps my soul was unable to meet you, and my eyes were unable to see you, but my heart could not forget you, if the eye did not see you, the heart will not forget you.
  • I love you dying, do not ask me what evidence, I saw a bullet asking the dead man.
  • Maybe a person sells something he has bought, but he does not sell a heart that they like.
  • Do not ask me about the dew, it will not be thinner than your voice, and do not ask me about my homeland, as you have kept it in your hands, and do not ask me about my name, because I forgot it when I loved you.
  • I had intended to engrave your name on my heart, but I was afraid that the beats of my heart would bother you.
  • If I despair a day of your love and think about suicide, I will not hang myself, or shoot myself, and I will not throw myself from a skyscraper, because I know, in short, that your eyes are the fastest way to commit suicide.
  • I have no confidence except with your eyes, for your eyes are a land of no betrayal, so let me look at them, let me know who I am.

Quotes of Ahlam Mostaghanemi

Some of Ahlam Mostaghanemi's quotes on love include:
  • Valentine's Day has come, so my holiday, my heartbreak, my love, my hatred, my forgottenness, my memory, every Eid and you are all this.
  • Love has a feast then ... in which fans and lovers celebrate, and they exchange cards and longings, so where is the feast of forgetfulness, madam?
  • They are the ones who prepared for us a calendar for the feasts of the year, in a country that celebrates every day a new saint throughout the year. Is not among their saints three hundred and sixty-five saints one suitable to be forgotten?
  • As long as the separation is the other side of love, and disappointment is the other side of love, why is there no feast of forgetfulness that strikes postmen from work, and telephone lines stop, and radio stations prevent them from broadcasting emotional songs, and we stop writing poetry of love!
  • Let me surprise you on Valentine's Day. And try a thousand ways with you to say the same word in love. Let me walk you a thousand ramified ways, adore you with a thousand contradictory emotions, forget you and remind you of the extremes of forgetfulness and memory, and submit to you and disavow you with the extremism of freedom and slavery, with the contradiction of love and hatred. Let me on Valentine's Day hate you with a bit of love.
  • The most beautiful love we find when we search for something else.
  • Love always sits on the chair that we fully expect, along with what we expect with love.
  • Love is not able to think, and the most dangerous thing is that it does not have a memory, it does not benefit from its previous follies, nor from those small disappointments that once made its great wound.
  • Love was better when the pigeon was a postman carrying messages from lovers, how many longings he had assassinated by the mobile as he approached the distances, people forgot that eagerness that the lovers were waiting for, a postman, and any event that a person plans to love you with in his hand, any happiness and any risk that one keeps With a message of love to the end of life.
  • Today I love you who can be erased with the push of a button. She only lives for a minute, and it only costs you a penny.
  • The day lovers were dying out of love for what love had been from Eid, today the merchants created a holiday for marketing emotional delusions, not concerned that by creating a feast of love they reminded the non-lovers of their losses, and they cut them with the joy of others, it is in fact the most festive holidays.
  • Love is two laughing for the same things, grieving at the same moment, burning and extinguishing with a single match of sulfur without coordination or agreement.
  • Love is the intelligence of distance, not approaching too much, you cancel the eagerness, and do not go too far to forget, do not put your log at once in the stove of the one you love, that you keep it burning with your movement of firewood no more, without the other hinting at your hand of the engine of his feelings and the path of his destiny.
  • The most beautiful moment in love is before admitting it. How do you make that first confusion last, that state of rotation in which your pulse and age change more than once in one moment, and you are on the verge of one word.
  • The feasts are revolving, a feast for you and a feast for you, for those who celebrate today with love, the next feast may come and they are separated. Those who are crying today for the loneliness of their unity, may be the children of love spoiled in the coming holidays. In both cases, we must prepare for another possibility.
  • What knowledge is this, which has not yet been able to put the voices of those we love in tablets or a bottle of medicine that we covertly consume, when we are afflicted with emotional distress, without the owner realizing how much we need!
  • Enter the love big and get a princess out of it, because as you enter it you will stay, so rise so that it does not reach another love you.
  • In love, do not be excessive in anything, but be excessive in everything, in every case, go as far as possible, in extremism your strength lies and perpetuates your impact, if she moderates she becomes an ordinary woman who can be forgotten and replaced!

Poems about ancient love

-Mahmoud Darwish.
On the ruins we rose
Face us on the sand
If summer winds pass
We set out the handkerchiefs
Leisurely .. leisurely
And we wanted to fold two songs, such as the prisoners
We dodge drop drops
Come to mind once
It is late night
You expose me of colors and shade
And protect me from humiliation!
And in your eyes, my old moon
Attracts me original
Into blue naps
Under the sun ... and palms
Away from the exile.
Close to my family's fever

Childhood craved in you
Spring birds have flown
And your voice was, oh what was,
From wells sometimes
Sometimes it rains me
Pure like fire
Like trees .. Like poems pouring down
As if in your eyes something I desire
And I was waiting
Attract me to your ulnar
Hold me captive
Forgive you
Childhood craved in you
Since it flew
Spring birds
Strip the trees!

We cross the road
Handcuffed ..
As if we are prisoners
My hand, I did not know, or your hand
She needed pain
Who else?
It was not released, as usual,
In my chest or in your chest ..
As if we were passing a trail,
Like all people,
The given
There is no longing
No regrets
Not bad
We dive into crowds
Let's buy our little things
We did not leave for our night
Ash .. Reminds Jamra
And something in my arteries
Call me
To drink from your hand, keep the memory

Get off, once a planet
He walked on our fingers
He did not tire
And when I saw your lips
Raspberry water
Then I accept, drink
And when I wrote about your eyes
I pick up everything I write
And we shared our pillow ..
And our coffee
And when I went ..
Did not go
Perhaps I became forgotten
You have
Like a cloud in the wind
Going down to Morocco ..
But if I try
I forget you ..
Land on the hands of a planet

You glory
Wander in my imagination
From your friend ..
Imprisonment and registration
See you, lean
To the pillow
Skilled .. running
I feel cold nights
In my blood she chews
I name you childhood
Drinks the forehead
I call you the spring
Herbs and rose rose
I call you the sky
The rain and thunder fell
You glory
It is not my joy to reveal me
I have no promise
You .. glory

And we realized the evening ..
And the sun was
She lay off her hair at sea
And the last kiss dock
On my eyes like embers
Get me the wind
And kiss me
For the last time in life
And the morning realized it
And the sun was
She combed her hair in the east
Her henna and wedding
And a ticket to the Palace of Slavery
Take the songs from me
And remind me ..
A lightning bolt
And he realized me the evening
The bells were
Knock the procession of the beautiful camel
And my heart is cold like diamonds
My dreams are boxes on the harbor
Take me spring
Say goodbye