Symptoms of touch


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  • 2 Symptoms of Touch
  • 3 Satan means in the temptation of man
  • 4 dhikr and supplications for human preservation
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Definition of touch

Touch the language of madness, it is said: the young man touched any him mad, and said: a person possessed any injured possessed by magic or mad at him, and touched any injury, it is said: touch arrogance, or touching the torment, or touching mischief and madness, [1] and the jinn creatures independent God Glorified created by the Almighty to worship Him, the Almighty said: (I created the jinn and mankind except to worship) , [2] understanding of the creation are charged and commanded things and Mnhion other, whom the believer and the infidel, including good and bad, said the Almighty them: (I am of us righteous and without us so we Qdedda methods) , [3] and obeyed God Almighty whom he is in a Hereafter in ParadiseAnd from the stick of God Almighty, its shelter is hell, and as far as their lives are concerned, they are like the rest of the creatures who have their independent lives, and they marry and reproduce by means of reproduction. As for their dwelling places in the world, they gather in places of impurity and eliminate the need and others, so the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (These beasts He is dying. If one of you wants to enter, let him say: I seek refuge in Allah from all kinds of malice and evil . ) [4] [5] [6]

Just as God created the jinn and resurrected them, he kills them. They die like others. It is worth noting that the world of the jinn is from the world of the unseen . It is what benefits us, and what we conceal from us, so we do not need to know it. The bottom line is that we do not speak about them except with what the fixed legal texts came about from them. [6]

Symptoms of touch

A Muslim should have confidence in the ability of God - the Almighty - and his strength that is not equal to strength, so he thinks good about God and trusts him with the right to trust , and knows that if the whole world meets to harm and harm him with something that God Almighty has not appreciated, they will not be able to do so. Magic or any harm that is only with the judgment of God - the Almighty - and its destiny, and a person should not attribute all his distress, relapse or disease to envy, jinn and the like. Confusion between this and that has become very special in our time, which led to harm to people due to delusions It is very satisfactory, it may be that what really affected him is a disease, and he needs the intervention and treatment of doctors. He has a mother Our God -sobhanh- introduction always reasons, and these reasons medicine and medication, God did not come down Almighty disease but make him medicine, and this does not deny that keeps the Muslim on Ozkarh and Spell even before the types of treatment, wherein the good and benefit anyway. [7]

Satan means in the temptation of man

The devil does not come to the human being and forbids him from goodness, or directs him to prohibit it directly, otherwise no one obeys him, but he does this for man in many ways and methods, and from these methods: [8]
  • Gradual disorientation: Satan does not get bored and does not rest, and orders a person gradually forbidden and step by step, even if a person submits to him his degree of another sin, and the situation is slowly slowly until he signs it with major sins and great sins , and the person descends and leads astray.
  • Forget about God’s command: where Jesus whispered to Adam - peace be upon him - until he forgot what God had commanded him, and God Almighty commanded the Muslim to avoid the councils in which the miracles of God were mocked, and Satan might forget that in their saints, Almighty said: (And if you see those who fight in Our verses offer them so that they may engage in a conversation other than that, and Satan forgets you, so do not fall asleep after the remembrance with the unjust people) , [9] So the Muslim must mention God, and the remembrance of God.
  • Entering the soul through the door that you love: Satan comes to the person and whispers to him with what he loves and loves, and shows that he is advising him, so the human person for that and responds to his command.
  • Throw suspicions: He casts doubts and suspicions on the same believer, and tries to destabilize their belief in God, so that the Companions were not spared from this, and they came and complained to the Messenger of God - may God bless him and grant him peace - from his whispers.
  • Promote four: where people command four things that lead them to astray inevitably, and these things are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an , namely: wine, facilitator, monuments and Alzalam, wine goes to the mind, then the person does not know what he is doing, he may do great taboos, and kill a person without right Without feeling, and the facilitator leads to hatred among people, and wastes their money and time in the forbidden, and the facilitator means gambling. As for the gamers, they shake the Muslim’s belief, they were asking the lighter to know what was divided for them, as well as the birds. Right, travel is good, and if it flies to the north, travel is doomed, not fate T in it.
The truth is that this is a great misguidance. The lighter and the bird do not know the unseen or the good. All future matters are in the knowledge of God Almighty, and the Muslim invokes and invokes God in his affairs. Where people go to those monuments and glorify them, throw roses and gifts to glorify them, offer sacrifices to them, dance with them, invite them with carpets, mean them in need, establish festivals for them, celebrate and conquer them with wars, and all of these four things that God Almighty forbids for His servants.

Dhikr and supplications for human preservation

Should the Muslim always holed up Balozkar and prayers and draw closer to God Almighty and to resort to in each order, all of that Ihsnh all kinds of mischief , God willing, and these means and supplications: [10] [11]
  • Read Surat Al-Fatihah.
  • Keep reading the verse of the Holy .
  • Read Surah al-Kafirun.
  • Keep reading Surat Al-Ikhlas and the two sins with their repetition.
  • Trust in God is the right to trust, and to resort to it with honesty and supplication.
  • Legitimate ruqyah .
  • A lot of supplication.
  • Read prayers aphorisms such as: ( I go basses, the Lord of the people, and heal you Shafi, no cure except Your healing, healing that leaves no trace of sickness) , [12] and says: (We said do not be afraid You are top * and Take what the right hand , grabbed what they made but made Kid is a magician, and the magician does not succeed where he comes) . [13]