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Talk about friendship

Friendship is a small word in its size, but it is big in its meaning and content, and it is the most beautiful thing in existence, and it is the essence of man and charity. When we talk about friendship, we are talking about love, loyalty, trust and loyalty. Friendship is one of the most important human values ​​that uplift life. It is the other side of the shining love, but it is the stainless steel side.

Words in friendship

  • Friendship is a sea of ​​life, we board our boat and numb its waves.
  • Friendship is a city whose key is loyalty and a loyal population.
  • Friendship is a tree whose seeds are loyalty, its branches are hope, and its leaves are happiness.
  • A real friendship is the cohesion of two people in one personality with one mind.
  • True friendship is like good health, its value is known only when it is lost.
  • Friendship is a word that has many meanings, the most beautiful of which is the sacrifice for the sake of the other, freedom from introvertedness, and integration with the other.
  • Friendship is an energy that a person cannot live without, it is an outlet where one finds us all comfortable in expressing his opinion in all fluency and without feeling constrained.
  • Friendship is a white flower that grows in the heart, opens in the heart, but does not wither.
  • Friendship is a land planted with love, and watered with affection water.
  • Friendship is a garden of brotherhood, and a nectar of cooperation.
  • The fruits of the earth are reaped every season, but the fruits of friendship reap every moment.
  • Friendship is the only roses that are thorns in them.
  • Friendship doubles your happiness, detracts from your sadness.
  • Reading your sorrows from your face is the way to start an ideal and lasting friendship.
  • A good friend, a helpful book, and a quiet conscience. It's the perfect life.
  • A friend is part of a family.
  • Do not walk behind me, I am not a leader, nor do you walk in front of me, because I do not follow anyone, just be by my side, be my friend.
  • If you have friends, then you are rich.

The true friend

  • A true friend: He who expands you in the assembly, precedes you in peace if he meets you, and seeks your need if you need it.
  • A true friend: He who wishes for you what he wishes for himself.
  • A true friend: He who influences you, and always wishes you well.
  • A true friend: He who loves you in God without material or moral interest.
  • A true friend: He who is with you, in good and bad, in joy and sorrow, in capacity and distress, and in wealth and poverty.
  • A true friend: He is the one who advises you if he sees your defect, encourages you if he sees goodness from you, and helps you to do good deeds.
  • The true friend: He who thinks you think well, and if you make a mistake against him, he seeks an excuse and says to himself, perhaps he did not intend.
  • A true friend: is the friend that you are with him as you are alone, that is, the person you consider to be your self.
  • A true friend: He is the one who rejoices if you need it, and rushes to serve you free of charge.
  • A true friend: He who accepts your excuse, forgives you if you made a mistake, and blocks your block in your absence.
  • A true friend: is the person who laughs at you with sadness and sympathizes with your problems.
  • The true friend: He is the one next to you when the whole world goes away.
  • The true friend: It is you who tell him about your mistakes before you admit it to yourself.
  • Words are as easy as wind, but a loyal friend is hard to find.
  • The true friend: He who knows all your mistakes and everything about you and still loves you.
  • The true friend: It is he who knows how you feel in the first minute when he meets you, in contrast to some of the people you have known for many years.

Arabic proverbs on friendship

  • Beware of your enemy once and your friend a thousand times, if the friend turns over, he is aware of the harm.
  • I give to your friend your blood and money.
  • Your friend is your friend, not your friend.
  • Every stranger of the stranger is a relative.
  • The company of good guys inherits goodness, and the company of bad guys inherits remorse.
  • Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
  • Gibn Al-Siddiq is a villain.
  • Brother enough people and enemies.
  • The best of the older brothers.
  • Warn your enemy once and your friend a thousand times, so if the friend turns up, he is aware of the harm.
  • A friend can either help or intercede.
  • A friend is humble with his friend and does not arrogant to him
  • Friends on the Stock Exchange of Life are gold criticism, while the poor person has no friend.
  • Friendship is the other unseen side of love.
  • A man without a friend as a man with one arm.
  • True friendship is a slow growing plant.
  • Friendship is like an infection transmitted from hand to hand.
  • Friendship begins when you feel that you are honest with the other and without masks.
  • Companion before the road.

What poets said in friendship

  • Said Abdullah Alsaboura :
He who missed the affection of a good brother
Its life is not pure

Owner If you accompany all Majid Sahel Al-Mahya is a helpful divorce

  • Said Adi ibn Yazid al - Abadi :
If you are a folk then accompany their choice
And do not accompany the Urdu with the robe

  • Al-Nabigha Al-Dhbiani said :
Stay ahead of your friend and don't be
A biting grouse steeply pressing

Companionship is righteous and happy
Because she is in the company of a successful company

And to the Lord inlaid return the sacrifice.

  • Ibn al-Muharraq said :
The marriage is legal
Dull ignorance does not accompany you

  • Mansour Al -Karizi said :
I close my eyes to my friend as if I were
He has ignorant ugliness

I have no ignorance other than my creation
I tolerate the possibility of hate as I try

  • Maari said :
If you are accompanied in misery days
Do not forget about affection in prosperity

And who executes his brother for his wealth
What led to the truth in fraternity?

And who has made generosity for his relatives
The methods of generosity are not known

  • Al- Shafi’i said :
Peace be upon the world if it was not with it
A sincere friend is honest and fair promise

  • Omarbin Al Wardi said :
Keep your old owner in place
Don't leave old friendliness to my tire

And if he is abused and has a pregnancy, bear it
Your greatest potential is your supporters

  • He said many bin Abdul Rahman al - Khuzai :
And whoever does not turn a blind eye to his friend
And some of what is in it dies while blaming

Whoever strives to catch every stumbling block
He finds it and his age is not given to him

  • Said Abdullah bin Sid al - Jaafari :
And if you accompany Companion Magda
Of chastity, modesty and generosity

Saying it for something is not that you said no
And if you say yes he said yes

  • Al- Buhtari said :
If my friend raped me, he did it
Ammarabni was not awake

I was patient with things from him that tempted me
Afraid to stay without a friend

How many friends I knew a friend
He got more of an old friend

A companion accompanied him on a path
After the road became the best friend.


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