The most beautiful short stories


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short story

The short story is a narration of real or fictional events, and it may be poetry or prose, and it is narrated with the aim of arousing the interest , enjoyment and education of listeners and readers. We will mention in this article a group of short stories, which bear a lot of sermon, lesson and wisdom .

The most beautiful short stories

A man complained to a doctor about his stomach ache, so the doctor asked him: "What did you eat?" The patient replied: “I ate spoiled food.” The doctor called an eyeliner to darken the patient’s eyes. The patient was surprised and said: “I complain of pain in my stomach and not in my eyes!” The doctor replied: “I know that, but I am kohl to see the spoiled food well, so don't eat it! ".

Gandhi and shoe shine

It is rumored that Mahatma Gandhi was running quickly to catch the train, which had begun to move, but one of his two shoe men fell on his climbing on the train, so he took off his second shoe, and threw it close to the first one, so his friends surprised and asked him: "Why did you throw your other shoe?" Gandhi said: "I wanted the poor person who finds shoes to find the two individuals to be able to use them, as he will not benefit if he finds one individual, and I will not benefit from them either!

Envy and miser

Stingy and envious stood before a king, and he said to them: "Ask anything you want, and I will give the second twice the request of the first." Neither of them wanted the other to take more than him, so they took a long fight and asked each other to ask first, so the king said: “If you do not do what I command you, cut off your heads.” Envious to the king said: "My Lord, take one of my eyes off!"

The king's insole

It is said that a king was ruling a large and very large country, and this king wanted one day to go out on a long journey, but his feet were swollen and agonized during the journey, he walked a lot in the rough roads, and so he issued a decision stating that all the streets of his country are covered with skin, but one of his advisers He was smart, and he pointed to him with a good opinion, and he put a small piece of leather just below the king's feet, and this was the beginning of the sole of the shoes.

Asshole and boy

It is reported that an idiot who left his home carrying a boy with a red shirt on his shoulders, then walked with him, then forgot him, so he said to everyone who sees him: "Have you seen a boy with a red shirt?" One of them said: "Perhaps this is the boy you carried on your shoulders." He raised his head, looked at the boy, and angrily said to him: "Didn't I tell you not to leave me?"

A dirham in the desert

One man went through another digging in the desert, and he said to him: "What is wrong with you, man, and why do you dig in the desert?" He said: “I buried some of this money in this desert, and I am not guiding him to his place.” He told him: “You should have made a mark on him.” He said: "I have done." He said: "And what is the sign?" He said: "A cloud in the sky was shadowing it, and I do not see the mark now."

Advertising and blind

A blind man sat on a sidewalk in a street, put his cap in front of him, and next to him is a placard written on it: “I am a blind man, please help me.” Then a man passed advertisements in the street where the blind sat, and he found that his hat contains only a little money, so he put some cash In the hat, then - without asking the permission of the blind man - he took the plate next to it and wrote another phrase on it, then put it back to its place and left.

The blind man began noticing that his hat was filled with cash, so he knew that the reason was what that man had done with his painting. A passerby asked what was written on the plate, and it was as follows: “We are in the spring , but I cannot see his beauty!”

The tale of the eagle

There was a female eagle living on the tops of a mountain, and laying its nest on one of the trees scattered on that mountain. One day, the female eagle shed four eggs, but a violent earthquake shook the mountain, and one of the eggs fell from the nest, then rolled down until it settled In a chicken coop, one of the hens took her and hugged her until she hatched, and a small eagle came out of it.

The chickens raised the eagle with their chicks, so he started to grow with the chicken and learn with it, and throughout this time he thought he was a chicken, and one day the small eagle was playing with the chicken in the yard, and he saw a group of eagles flying high, so he wished that he could fly like her, But the chickens started laughing and mocking him, and one of the chickens told him: “You are a chicken, and you will not be able to fly like an eagle.” The little eagle grieved so much, but he surrendered and forgot his dream of flying in the sky, and he soon died after living a long life like a chicken.

Contentment is an inescapable treasure

It was in the old stories that a king wanted to reward one of his citizens, and he said to him: “I own from the land all the areas that you can walk on your feet.” So the man rejoiced and began walking on the ground quickly and madly, and walked a long distance and got tired, so consider returning to the king In order to give him the area of ​​the land he traveled, but he changed his mind, he felt that he could travel a greater distance, and was determined to continue walking, so he walked long distances, and he thought about returning to the king, he was satisfied with the distance he traveled, but he repeated again, and decided to continue walking until it happened More on.

The man kept walking for days and nights, and never returned, as it is said that he lost his way and was lost in life, and he is said to have died from the severity of his exhaustion and fatigue, and he did not possess anything, and he never felt satisfied or happy , for he lost a valuable treasure, which is contentment; conviction is a treasure not Perish.

Trap of ambition

One day, two fishermen went fishing, one of them caught a large fish, and he put it in his basket and decided to go home, so the other fisherman asked him: "Where are you going ?!" He replied: "I will go home, because I caught a very large fish." The man replied, "It is better to catch more fish." So his friend asked him: "Why should I do that?" The man replied: Because then you can sell the fish at the market. ”Then his friend asked him:“ Why do I sell the fish? ”He said:“ In order to get more money. ”Then his friend asked him:“ And why do I do that? ”The man replied:“ Because then you can save it and increase your balance. ” At the bank, ”so he asked him:“ And I did not do that? ”The man replied,“ In order to become rich. ”Then the friend asked him :“ What do I do when I get rich? ”Then the man replied:“ Then one day you can enjoy your time with your wife and children.

Teacher and students

One day, the teacher entered the classroom, greeted the students, then asked each one of them to produce a paper and write the names of all the students of the class with a space between each name and another, then I asked them to write the most beautiful thing that can be said about each colleague in this distance Empty, and the teacher told them she would collect the papers after the holiday.

Each student began preparing his paper, and each of them wrote what the teacher requested, and after the day of the holiday the teacher collected all the papers, put the name of each student in a paper, and under him a list of everything that his colleagues wrote about him, then gave each male and female student the paper that carried what his friends wrote in the classroom .

After a short period of time, a wide smile began to appear on the faces of all the students as they read what their classmates wrote about them, and happy phrases such as: Really ?! I never knew that I was so loved by my colleagues, and I never realized that I meant anything to anyone. Students knew that it was nice to tell their loved ones that they were important and exceptional, and that they meant a lot to them, and they had not forgotten this experience throughout their lives.

The truth of happiness

A merchant is said to have sent his son to the wisest man in the world to teach him the secret of happiness. The boy walked a very long distance, and after forty days he arrived at a gorgeous palace built on top of a high mountain. People told him that the sage who was searching for him lived in this palace, and he entered into it, But he found him filled with many people who came to seek advice from the wise man, so he waited several hours for his turn to come.

When the boy came and stood in the hands of the sage asking him about the secret of true happiness, the sage listened attentively to him, then he said to him: “My time is not enough now to answer your question, and therefore I ask you to wander in the palace until I finish my work, and he came back to me after two hours.” After giving the boy a little spoonful of oil, Al-Hakim added: "Hold this spoon in your hand as you wander the palace, but be careful not to pour oil around the palace!" The boy started wandering in the palace, and throughout this time he remained focused on the spoon in his hands for fear of oil falling from it until he came back to meet the sage. The sage asked him, who started asking him: “Have you seen the ancient and precious artifacts that I keep in my sitting room? Did you see the flowers that adorn The beautiful garden , and have the precious books kept in my library stopped you?

The boy felt confused and shocked, and told al-Hakim that he paid any attention to these matters, as he was focused not to spill the oil from the spoon that he had in his hand. Al-Hakim said: “Go back and walk around the palace again.” The boy returned to roam the palace, and began looking at the beautiful suspended paintings On the walls, and he enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful garden and fragrant flowers, and when he returned to the sage he narrated to him in detail what he saw in the palace, so the sage asked him: "But where is the oil that was in the spoon?" The boy looked at the spoon, and found that he had spilled without noticing, and the sage said to him: “This advice I can give you! The secret of happiness is to be able to enjoy life and its beauty without spilling oil from your spoon.” Understanding the boy is the goal of the wise, the secret of happiness is that a person can balance matters, enjoy his life with attention to his health and work, and maintain his good reputation.