The most beautiful thing said Nizar Qabbani


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Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Qabbani is one of the prominent poets in Syria and the Arab world. His poetic style was characterized by romance and nostalgia, and he dominates the topics of his poetry singing in love and women, and his poems sparked controversy among critics and connoisseurs of poetry, and he is a gentle and gentle poet who spent half his life writing for women and love Then this method changed in the end of his life after his wife was killed in Beirut by an explosion at the embassy where you work, and this affected the quality of his poetry, so he became more of the political poems in which his curse appeared on the conditions of the Arabs and their rulers.

Many Arab singers sang Nizar Qabbani's poems, such as Kazem Al-Saher, Majda Al-Roumi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Umm Kulthum, and many others. Nizar Qabbani died in London, was buried in Damascus, and one of the most wonderful things that Nizar left for us is his wonderful collections, which are a school and a poetry encyclopedia, including: the book of love, a hundred letters of love, drawing with words, and you are mine,

And he has literature on prose, including: my story with poetry, and what is it ?, birds do not require an entry visa, and Beirut freedom is not aging. Here we mention the most beautiful verses that Nizar Qabbani said.

Sweetie and rain

I am afraid that it will rain the world and not with me
Since I went to rain, I have a knot
Winter covered me with his coat
I do not think of cold or boredom
The wind was howling behind my window
You whisper, hold here my hair
And now I sit and rain lashes me
On my arms on my face on my back
Who will defend me, O traveler
Like a dove between the eye and the sight
How to erase you From my memory papers
And you are in the heart like engraving in the stone
I love you who live in my blood
If you are in China
Or if you are in the moon


Hear me when they dance to me words that are not the same words
He takes me from under my arm and sows me in a cloud
And black rain in my eyes showers showers
He carries me with him, he carries me for a pink evening Balconies
And I'm like a child in his hands like a feather carried by the breezes
He guides me the sun, guides me the summer and the herd of years
He tells me that I am a masterpiece and worth thousands of stars
And that I am a treasure, and that I am the most beautiful of the paintings
He tells me things that forget me discotheque and steps
Words of historical volatility make me a woman in moments
He builds a palace of illusion in which I live only moments
I go back to my table, nothing but words
Words are not like words I have nothing but words


I challenge who to your eyes, madam, before me
They carry the sun in their comfort and jasmine contracts
I challenge all of their crazy madmen
Children and missing in the sea of ​​nostalgia
To love you in my style, rashness, and madness
I dare you to find a home like my mouth
A warm bed like my eyes
I live in love, so there is no kiss I took
Or given I have no solutions or acceptance
Read the oldest fancy papers
Always find me between the lines
I challenge all of your lovers, madam
I challenge them all to make a mistake
As amorous writers, or many of you
In letters and letters as words
I challenge them all to be
Minor drop by sea
Or they turn their lives off
Just as I put out my eyes in my life
I dare you to find a lover like me
And a golden age like modern
So go where you want to laugh and cry
I know that you will not find a home
It has a pupil like my chest

To a man

When will you know how much I love you, man
I sell for this world and what is in it
You who have defied my love for Him in cities
She will remain in defiance
If the sea demands, in your eyes I will pour it
Or ask the sun, in your hands, throw it
I love you above the clouds, write it down
And for birds, trees, tell them
I love you above water engrave it
And for clusters, mugs are watered
I love you, sword, I ask my blood
Oh story I don't know what to call it
I love you, try to help me
The one who started the tragedy will end it
And the one who opens the doors closes it
And whoever ignites the fire extinguishes it
You who smoke in silence, and leave me
At sea, I lift my flags and throw them
Do you not see me in the sea of ​​love sunken?
The wave chews my hopes and throws them
Go down a little cilia, man
Still killing and reviving my dreams
Stop playing the role of lovers with me
You pick words you don't care about
How many inventions you will send
I was delighted by roses that you will give
How many have gone for a promise that does not exist
How many dreams of clothes I will show
How I wished for the dance you ask me
My arms puzzled me where to dump it?
Come back to me, because the earth is standing
As if the earth fled from its seconds
Go back, and after you no contract, I hang it
Nor touched my perfume in its pots
Who is my beauty? Whose silk shawl? Whose ?
My braids from years I raise it?
Return as you were awakened or rain
What I am my life that were not in it?

Your eyes

Your eyes are like a river of sorrows
We bring back Hamani music behind the times
My river of music has lost my lady and then lost me
Black tears overhead falling tones of statement
Your eyes, and you want alcohol, and the tenth cup is my blind
And I am in the seat burning, my fire eats my fire
Say i love you moon Oh if I could
For I have only my eyes and sorrows in this world
My ships at the harbor cry in tears above the bays
My yellow fate destroyed me
My faith was broken in my chest
Do I travel without you?
Oh God's shadow with my eyelids
My green summer, my sun
Oh the most beautiful, the most beautiful colors
Should I leave you and tell our story better than April's return?
Sweeter than the flower of Gardenia in the darkness of Spanish hair
My only love, do not cry, your tears are digging and sentimental
I have only my eyes and my sorrows in this world
I say I love you my moon
Oh if I could
I am a lost person, I do not know where I am on earth
My path lost me, you lost me
My name is !! My address lost me
Come on !! I have no history of forgetting forgetfulness
I am an anchor that does not wound with human features
what do you want me to give you ?? answer me
Worried? atheistic? queasy?
What I give you is a pot that dances in the palm of Satan
I love you so get away from me
From my gunshot and smoke
For I have only my eyes and sorrows in this world

Stupid woman

Dear sir
This is an idiot woman's speech
Did a stupid woman write before me?
My name? Let's get from the names
Rania or Zeinab
Umm Hind or Haifa
The most ridiculous thing we hold, sir
I am afraid to say my things
I fear if I did, the sky would burn
So, East, dear sir
Confiscate blue messages
Dreams are confiscated from women's lockers
Uses a knife
To address women
Spring and longings are slaughtered
And black braids
And your east, my dear sir
Make the crown of honor
From the skulls of women
Don't criticize me, sir
If I had bad luck
I write the swordfish behind my door
Outside the room is the sound of wind and dogs
Antara Al-Absi is behind my door
Slay me
If he sees my speech
Cut off my head
If he saw the transparent from my clothes
Cut off my head
If I expressed Imnapl
So, East, dear sir
Women are surrounded by bayonets
Men swear allegiance to prophets
Women are buried in the dirt
Stay tuned!
Dear sir. From my lines
Stay tuned!
If the broken bottle was broken by ages
If I remove the lead ring from my conscience
If I ran away
From the basements of the harem in the palaces
If you rebel, for my death
On my grave
On my roots
The great slaughterhouse
Stay tuned, sir!
If I revealed my feelings
An oriental man
He does not care about hair or feeling
Eastern man
He only understands the woman inside the bed
Excuse me, sir
If I overlook the kingdom of men
Great literature, of course, men's literature
And love has always been 
Of the men share
Sex has always been
An anesthetic that is sold to men
The myth of women's freedom in our country
It is not freedom
Others, only men's freedom
Say what you want about me, I will not care
Superficial, stupid, crazy, idiot, I don't mind anymore
Because whoever writes about her concerns
In the logic of men a foolish woman
Did I not say at the beginning of the speech that I am?
Stupid woman?