The most beautiful words of love and spinning


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Love and spinning

Love people express their love through words, and the selected phrases that contain yarn that attracts the attention of the beloved, and makes him a lover of love, and therefore we mention to you some of the words that the owners said in love and spinning.

The most beautiful words of love and spinning

  • My day and night are beautiful because you are near me.
  • I feel thrilled since I met you and loved you, you are the lover of age and the dream of years.
  • You are the pain of my heart and you are the only medicine for him.
  • You are my desire and I am your lover, you are my poem and I am your melody.
  • You are a joy that came to me after a lifetime of fatigue.
  • Your eyes are something that cannot be safely crossed.
  • Roses do not sprout from the soil, only some roses sprout from your eyes.
  • There is no moon on earth like the one in it. You are the only one who I love with conviction.
  • Love varies, but you agree.
  • And forgive those you love so that he repents of his sin or you repent of his love.
  • How difficult are those nights that I try to reach you, I reach your arteries, your heart, how difficult are those nights, how difficult are those moments when I search your chest to hold my head.
  • My love, longing for you kills me, always in my thoughts, day and night.
  • Your picture is engraved between my eyelids, which is the light of my eyes, your eyes are calling to my eyes, your hands are holding my hands, your whispers are blowing my ears.
  • Days pass, I wait for your voice, the days pass and I hope you see you, and Omar passes by and I love you.
  • The more we love, the greater our fear of offending the ones we love.
  • I wait for the moment when I search your chest to hold my head.
  • Everything they said about me is true, everything they said about me in love is true, but they do not know that I am bleeding with your love like a wounded person.
  • Love is the sweetest, the most bitter.
  • My dear, I have lived my years, enduring my longing and longing, hurting in silence, manually, many times inside my sandals.
  • I had been a princess in love, I had the ecstasy of your eyes, made me in love a prisoner, to my tears and my miseries to you.
  • You make me write thousands of poems today , make me take my days, and grieve the sadness of trees, make me cry, and my tears may fill all rivers.
  • I yearn for my whole being, for a day you remember my forbiddenness, you bring me longing, and your eyes play all my tunes.
  • With my eyes you are the light, and in my heart I will remain your passion, and for my wounds you are the medicine, and all my life I have not forgotten you.
  • A person may sell something that he has bought, but he does not sell a heart that they like.
  • A tear is flowing, a candle is extinguished, and life without you disappears, and without you my heart ends.
  • It suffices for one heart to love you so that you can live. If a million love you, I am one of them, and if one loves you, it is me.
  • My love, when I sleep, I dream that I see you, in fact, and when I wake up, I hope to see you again in my dreams.
  • The most wonderful hearts your heart, the most beautiful words whisper, and the sweetest in my life your love.

Poetry about love and love

Poems of love and adoration are many, and written by leading poets talking about the stages and effect of love, here are some of them.

The king of love has his meanings

The poem of the king of love is his selfishness by the poet Bahaa Al - Din Zuhair Zuhair bin Muhammad bin Ali Al-Muhalbi Al-Ataki Bahauddin, a poet from the book, born in Mecca and raised with cuts, and contacted the good king Ayoub in Egypt, so he approached him and made him one of the properties of his writers and remained fortunate with him until the righteous died and Zuhair cut off in his house to He died in Egypt, and this is his poem:

The king of love has his meanings
Today it is too long
From me with a heart I buy
Hard hearts
To you, O King of Mullah
I stood complaining now
My lord, my dear heart
Oh, my precious life
I am asking for something
You don't have to hide it
Bless me with a kiss
A gift or naked
I give it back to you, no nothing
She looked exactly as she was
And if you want to increase it
Take it and my soul satisfied
Perhaps there is a need for us
A lackluster corner
Or if only I would find you a revelation
Your father's uncle's path

Unfinished poem in defining love

The poem is an unfinished poem in defining love for the poet Nizar Tawfiq Qabbani. Nizar began writing poetry at the age of 16, and issued his first collections. “The brunette told me” in 1944 AD and he was a student at the Faculty of Law, printed it at his own expense, and established a publishing house for his works in Beirut bearing the name Publications of Nizar Qabbani, "and this is his poem:

When I decided to write about my experience in love,

I thought a lot..

What do my confessions find?

Before me people wrote about love a lot ..

Filmed above the walls of the grottoes,

And in the pottery and clay vessels, in the past

Inscription above the elephant ivory in India ..

And on top of the papyrus in Egypt,

And over rice in China ..

Gift him the offerings, and gift him the vow ..

When I decided to publish my thoughts about love .

I hesitated a lot ..

I am not a chaplain,

I didn’t teach pupils,

I do not believe that roses ..

Forced to explain to the people the arrogant ..

What am I writing, madam?

It is my experience alone ..

I am alone.

It is the sword that punches me alone ..

He increased with death present.

When I traveled on your sea, madam ..

I was not looking at the sea map,

I did not bring a rubber boat with me.

No lifejacket ..

I went to Narc as a Buddhist.

And I chose destiny ..

It was my pleasure to write with chalk ..

My address on the sun ..

And build my daring cupcakes above you ..

When I loved you ..

I noticed that the red cherry is in our garden

It has become round cinder ..

And that the fearful fish from the hook of the children ..

He comes with millions to cast in our seed strains ..

And that the cypress has increased.

And that the age has expanded.

And that God ..

He has finally returned to Earth ..

When I loved you ..

I noticed that summer is coming ..

Ten times to us every year ..

And that the wheat grows ..

Ten times we have every day

And that the fleeing moon from our town ..

He came to rent a house and a bed ..

And that sweat mixed with sugar and anise ..

I have been in love so much ..

When I loved you ..

Children’s laughter in the world is sweeter ..

And the taste of bread is sweeter ..

And the sweetest snow

And meowing black cats on the street is sweeter ..

And meeting with the palm on the sidewalks of "Al Hamra" is sweeter.

And the little graphics we leave in the restaurant towel are sweeter.

And sip black coffee ..

And smoking ..

And evening in the survey on Saturday night ..

And the sand that keeps our bodies from the weekend,

And the copper color on your back, after the summer trekking,

The sweetest ..

And the magazines that we sleep on ..

And we stretched .. and blabbered for hours on it ..

Birds on the horizon became birds ...

If only the people of love would not love

A poem that if the people of love did not adore the poet Mustafa Sadiq bin Abdul Razzaq bin Saeed bin Ahmed bin Abdul Qadir Al - Rafei , I know of the literature as a poet, one of the great writers originating from Tripoli Al-Sham, and his birth in Bahtim at the home of his mother’s father and his death in Tanta Egypt, he was deaf and was writing to him what He wants to address him with him, his pure preamble poetry is mostly and prose of the first order, and he has letters in literature and politics, and others, and this is his poem:

If only the people of love would not love
But to accuse before that they were created
I found life up for grabs
Like water but has a fancy east
And whoever finds a lover will live
The dead man with breath survives
And how does the stick remain stuck
Its origin is fire and it is burning
O moon in the beginning of the heart
And from his endurance it is dusk
If received in my ritual only you, so what
Show you other than planets horizon
And it was a bleak time that passed
I want you to be a splinter
You are pink, what is wrong with you?
The flower grows before you paper
God has brought you a fruitful passion
And this is my rib plate
Lord, hearts have weakened
About the temptation to blush and stare

Love and love letters

The first message:
My love, you have accomplished everything I aspired to, and I passed through the difficulties and reached the impossible, out of your love, after the success of God. To be the beautiful thing that brings smile and joy to your face, my most beautiful gift, destiny sent to me.

The second message:
Knowing that you are the most expensive people, and that you are the owner of the heart is sensitive, what like you among the people when I say I love you know you're the first and last, forget the world whole and I'm among Ohoudank, and I since I met you , and you changed my life and Mlitha happiness and joy.

The third message:
Where is the beating of my heart, in your heart your voice echoed only you, I did not love you until my happiest heart, but I love you because I saw your features happiness when you look at me, and I need you as my need to inhale the air because your presence is equivalent to what I lost in my entire life, because only you feel like I have all Thing.

The fourth message:
There is a voice that summarizes the distance, and there is a view that summarizes life, and a person summarizes everyone, for love is a prayer and my heart with supplication takes care of you
And God creates a person you love, and you only see the beauty of the days and the world, with his presence, my sweetest spells,
Oh my heart beats, I entered my life, loved me with my little details, and in my madness,
My mood fluctuated, and I did not expect that I would be so attached to you that my happiness and my day are only complete by your presence.

The fifth message:
My darling, is it possible that the distances separate us, and the groans gather us, whoever possesses my heart and joy, my love and my world, my darling when I sleep, I dream that I see you in reality, and when I wake up I hope to see you again in my dreams, my beloved , that I carry in my heart every person’s conception If a poet summoned his story, and wrote his inspiration to describe my love, they would be impotent.

The sixth message:
I am tormented in love, sadness in my heart and valleys, my tears are thinning, any human being suffocates him, what about you with eyes crying in all hours of days, rain like tears of rain poured out, volcanoes of sorrows, no worries prevent all colors smiles, strut inside my emotional, prevent me from all tenderness Make me a princess of my sorrows, make me a human remains
I love you, how many lovers have said the word I love you, I love you, how many papers have written the word I love you, because when I loved you, I only heard my heart in your love, I wanted nothing from you except for me, because when I loved you, I felt that I had owned the whole world in my hands

The seventh message:
To the person I loved indescribably with love to the one who sided in my heart and made his love a medal on my chest I love you, I love you more than that love that I confess to you, you are nothing but a pulse that refreshes me every day, O the paradise of my eyes, my heartbeat, who near him I live I love you so much And in my eyes you are the most beautiful thing I have ever met, and I only want you to stay by my side forever, the cavities are full of you, many details tell you and tell me, your features become miserable, and a time that steals age from me, goes on with us, and inevitably my soul stops loving your soul when the pen stops kissing paper , the love of others is haram, and a smile to someone else wrote crime verses Gram love in my heart and Sam.