The most beautiful words of spinning


  • 1 The most beautiful of both yarn
  • 2 The most beautiful yarn hair
  • 3 flirty poems
    • 3.1 What a whim and spinning
    • 3.2 Halali gazelle with spinning
    • 3.3 Farewell to a kitten

The most beautiful of both yarn

  • To you who love you the heart, to you who have your eyes contained you, to you who live for him, to you whoever is following you are chasing me, to you who see your image everywhere: in my books, in my dreams, in my awakening, to you who tremble my being from the severity of my love , Darling! I miss your vision only when mentioning your name.
  • From the many days I went, and from many times I left my years, and the year came and the year left, it is always lost in my eyes.
  • O letters of poetry are spiritual embraces, and spread roses and aromatic above it, and in his words, I cherish him with his language.
  • O first heart I love, and the last heart I love him, O cleanest face in this world, and the best of what I saw in my eyes, goat nostalgia, nostalgia love, love life, life is heart, heart is you.
  • If you know how much I love you and how much I am jealous of you, I am jealous of you from my dreams, from my eagerness and my longing, and from the beats of my heart, you are jealous of you from the moment of silence between us that may take you away from your thoughts from me. If I am not her letters and their alphabet, she is jealous of you from the fingers of people If you meet your fingers in a passing peace , you are jealous of an idea that comes to your mind, from a dream that I am not in, jealous of you because I love you and love you and love you.

The most beautiful yarn hair

  • My love, my life fell asleep on my chest and shouted to me

Let your feelings be silent, and let me love be
And he refused me, after my life, blamed me, and understood me
I compliment you more often than you do
Come close to my arms and see your cheek dating me
Yepe touches my spiritual passion and picks out my hair
Come strew here your night and let your wawk fond me
I love you and my dad is near you, you see me spent my patience
I am your pulse, the blossom of your land, and you own me
Bee your waist, embarrass your stoma, and provide your burgundy color
You get lost, you drown me, and from your cold you make me laugh
She cries for me, complains to me, and has your heart and magic
Dad tears with your breath Sincerely, Burn me
And Abi your perfume with your charm and I wear the tampon applies
My father whisks you, scatters me, and touches you to blame me
And the eyes of your eyes are melting away from my passion
My father, your covenant, with your promise, and my father, all of you, delivered me
Dad, your hands travel to me, and the blossom of your feet wraps me
I wander madly in your world, you, and you know me
You see embers with my eyes, see longing crazy

  • I was not the one who entered love with his heart
But whoever sees your eyelids adores
  • Entice me to love you kill me
And you do whatever Camry heart
  • Jehovah did not live the heart, but the nation
My friend echoed in the closest
  • You are bliss to my heart and the torment to him
What is your command in my heart and darkness?
  • It is not surprising the death of loved ones in love
But the survival of lovers is amazing
I fell in love with you in my mind
The blood of life spewed to my veins
Hebron as you lived, did you see them?
A dead man cried with the love of his killer before me
  • If my heart was with me, I would not have chosen others
I did not accept others except in passion
  • I wish this love adore once
He knows what the lover receives from abandonment
  • Your eyes are full of hearts, all of them
Either a wounded person or a victim was killed

  • I like to sleep at the right time
Maybe in a dream it will be

Spinning poems

What fancy and spinning

What fancy and spin of the son's eyes

From the antelope, not like the antelope, it is merry and lazy
It is not like fun in lazy stare
From the dolls not like the dolls in their complete goodness
They came to be embarrassed, and they were nothing but roses
Then we looked at a contract for the future
Then they left from here and from here in ways
Solo and glorious, O good man, this man
Shy, shy, good at shyness
Then they met like purity, hope and hope
Compositions attracted and they are some kind
Controversy and goodness are the root of controversy
This is a change of these in her jewelry and outfits
And those who decorated it decorated it on holidays
Matching goodness and goodness are like states
Then she luscious sloped leaning drunk
She rises from the buttocks of her buttocks in boredom
Shaking in the palm of fancy shook the hero Hussam
List unfolded unfamiliar rule
Like the sun in its stability and its portable shade
Circle in the orbit of her waist and bail
Its chest as a palace was built over that view
Waist it as an ascetic cut off in the mountain
It is shaken by all moaning of a reasoned struggle
It is for Noah the lute still and still
As if it were my ribs, so he cried laughing at me
As if it were a bird and rose from wetness
Shake like a bird tomorrow in the palm of the wet man
Vibrating, not from idle, we are all idle
It is fun and no work, and we are all busy
Looking at a man close to a man
From eyebrows to eyebrows and eyeballs to eyeballs
The sun is for the lover and the hair is for Saturn
A blunt smile, like the victim and the child
Fixed hopper tilted and tired
Between us she says moderate, she says she didn't
And you might think it was made in us, and it wasn't made
The actress who turned her lips before me
Hurry in time and time in a hurry

Ghazal Halali is spinning

Ghazal Halali is spinning
Forbidden near my heart and in the heart a solution

Rana and Bendy Fermi shares
From now on, the hero's resolve is null

Ram simulates Reem Al-Fala
So I said, Is kohl like kohl?

And how much lam in his love
Ejudication of the right unfairly

When he hoped for his goodness
He caught fire with fancy and caught fire

What a wonderful eyelid disease
A sword of her sight was killed

Withered magic
Babel Harut reported her transfer

And oh, good day when you argue
Dagi worries erase and decay

And I said to him, Badi Liqa
And Mazraa branch of pure and rotten

And oh we missed the beauty of brains
And O negative antelope magic eyeballs

I shamed the deer and destroyed the crescent
Shams Al-Duha was ashamed in pregnancy

And how long my eyelids and eyelids exist
With tears that increase affliction and causes

I don't mind anything other than its inferiority
I gave him hope

Saad Suai looked horoscope
Saadi saw tomorrow in Saturn

So do you tend to reach the sick
And cut this dryness and boredom

Before fancy I was safe
And it made me fall in love and glory

And I still organize the role of speech
And spread tears, careless and neglected

Until you reach the dearest goal
In spite of the humiliation of the nose of humiliation

Paper so the eye recognized it
Honor the most delicious kisses

Take a chance, he said
And your Lord will forgive what happened

So she advised me to accept
And I accepted a loophole for honey

And I embraced that graceful body
I was found with thin spinning systems

He showered my eyelids until it was narrated
Kindly cheek and rose shy

And my mind has been hot in its goodness
My grandfather with his kindness has completed

Farewell kitten

Say goodbye to the kitten
Can you tolerate goodbye, man?

The glue of its branches is polished
Hawaiya walks like muddy faces

As if walking her from the house of her neighbor
The cloud passed by, no heir and no calf

She listens to jewelry and obsessions if she goes out
He also used the help of a long wind

It's not like the neighbors hate it
And do not see her secretly neighbor

She would almost wrestle her, if not for her toughening
If you lazy neighbor to her

If you are treated for a century, you are gone
And the sins of the tribe and the guarantor were shaken

Fill the scarf and yellow the armor slowly.
If the waist comes close, it gets lower

Kitten repelled what we spoke
Ignorant of a mother, who is the rope to reach?

If she sees a man I dare harm him
For one's pleasure, it is neither dry nor fleeing

Hercule, Hotel, and Drama escort
As if the thighs are thorny

If you hold musk he makes pictures
The lily of the rose of its woods included

It is a kindergarten of sadness grassy
Greeks are serious about it

The sun laughs, including an eastern planet
Supported by the flora of the plant

One day, it is better to spread the smell
Neither is the best of them, since we are the original

She hung a bid, and suspended a man
Other than me, another man was hung

And a girl hung up on her
From her family, she will be guided by death

And I finally commented what suits me best
Love gathered love all

So we are all a fine delirizing its owner
A far-flung conviction, a roped and a deceitful

Kitten said when I came to visit her
Woe to you, woe to you man

Whoever sees a model has passed its watch
As if lightning in the edges of the flame

It has a buttock, a working nut
Logical to water log attached

I was not distracted by the horror when I watched him
Neither the stroke is from a cup nor laziness

So I said to drink in Darni, and they drunk:
Shimoa, and how drunk drinker smells

A light shining on the shoots of his fall
And by the humankind he made a rainy show

They said a thunder, and the uncle's stomach was serious
Igdism, calamity, and man

The snake runs a pig and sheds it
Until asthma defended him, the mountain

Until you bear the water from it
Raising cats, as the dune of easy guinea

Watering her house has become a estate
Falses and apostles are falsely dispersed by them

A town like the back of a gear is lonely
For the night is in the edges of the night

He does not wish her to be overheated
Except those who have time to pay

I overthrew her with a bold breach
In her elbows, if you show them, wean

Either you see us as sandals, not for us
Likewise, we do not thin and wear

The lord of the house lost his sleep
He may warn me then what is to be asked

I could lead the boy one day and follow me
Spinning may accompany me

I have come to the store following me
Paralysis paralysis paralysis paralysis

In the young men of the Swords of India have known
Not to pay tricks

The sticks of the basil ripped them out
And coffee is a flavor that has sweetness

They do not wake up from it, and it is present
Except for bhat! And if they arise, and if they do

He seeks bottles of sperm
Clamp bottom bottom cord

And the cymbal of the cymbal is heard
If the grace returns the grace

From all of that day I have fallen asleep with it
In experiments, there is a lot of distraction and spinning

The pullers blew the tails
And buses are on its calf

Report more than Bani Shebaan queen
Oppa! Do you wear away?

Are you not finely exasperated?
You are not at all shrouded in camels

Rahat Masoud and his brothers are seduced by us.
When you meet up, you deteriorate and then you retire

To know you, the grandfather of the horns is with us
The war was marred by rafts and endured

As a rock cutter, one day to break it
It did not harm her caribou

To know you if you find our enmity
And seek victory from you, you can bear

Spears of two grandfathers are bound by Surat
When you meet up, you turn them back and retire.

Do not sit back, and you eat it wood
May she seek refuge from her evil days and pray

It was in the people of a cave that they were seated
Jashmurah is one who seeks and struggles

Bani Asad asked about us, because they knew
That our news will come to you form

Ask a peel and God will serve them all
And ask Rabiaa about us how we do

We fight them, then we kill them when we meet.
And they ran, and they were ignorant

No, you claimed we were not fighting you
For your ideals, O our people, have been killed

Until the Dean of the people remains reclining
A woman's calf is paid for by a wind

An Indian hit him, and I mean it
Or withered from the line spears a moderate

We have been stabbing the defect in his fate
May our hero spears the hero

Are you not finished? And no one ends in dashes
As stabbing oil and twist go in

I am Omar whose seasons have passed
To him, the reverend cattle was brought to him

If you killed a dean, it was not
Let us kill like you, and we will obey

While you have suffered from us in the midst of the battle of
You did not spare us the blood of the people.

We are the knights on a suburban day
Aside from "acumen", there is neither tendency nor isolation

They said riders! So we said that our habit
Or you go down, we are going down