The rule of love

The rule of love is the definition of love in philosophical dictionaries: love: it is a feeling of attraction and admiration towards a person, or something. 1- A special meaning: Love is a strong emotion that attracts a person towards a person of the opposite sex, and its primary source is sexual orientation.
2- General meaning: Love is an emotion that leads to a kind of pleasure, whether material or moral. And love has many names, including: longing, wandering, friendliness, goodness, love, worship
  "Judgment in love"

  • It's hard to end true love because of a trifle, and
The most difficult thing is for the separation to continue, because each side is waiting for the signal to return from the other.
  • It is very difficult for love to return after separation.

More difficult than that, we are still waiting for his return
  • We cannot say that love is forbidden or permissible. It is an innate matter and falls on a person without his will. Rather, it is forbidden to act based on feeling.
  • And whoever sincerely loves a woman, the women around him become meaningless
* Love appears when a man speaks, and love appears in a woman in tears.
  • Do not wait for a loved one who has sold you, but wait for a new one that can creep into your sad heart and restore your joyful days and give your heart its beautiful pulse.
  • A lover who mourns and cries, bored the woman and turns her away from love. If you wish to come close to a woman who loves her, try what she can make her laugh because the woman's heart is like a child who is fond of fun and distraction.
* If you love sincerely, trust in God and do not lose hope. If you are a liar, leave and talk about judgment and destiny  

It is the most beautiful of what was said about love
William Shakespeare. Speak whispering when you speak of love, Byron.
  • Love is king, and therefore it is above the law
  • Love is like war easy to trigger. . It's hard to put it down
* Love is the only game in which two participate and win together or lose together 
  • Love is part of a man's existence, but it is the entire presence of a woman ..
  • The tragedy of love boils down to the fact that a man wants to be the first to enter a woman’s heart and a woman wants to be the last to enter a man’s heart.