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About the story of Romeo and Juliet

It is a tragic (tragic) theatrical work by English writer and poet William Shakespeare, first published in 1597, followed by the printing and publication of three other copies of it in the years 1599, 1609 and 1623 respectively, with multiple differences in the text. It is worth noting that most of the modern editions and editions are taken from the second edition printed in 1599. [1] Shakespeare's works, including Romeo and Juliet's play, were translated into a number of languages ​​exceeding one hundred, and the Arabic language was one of the languages that published the play and performed it, along with German, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, Japanese and many other languages. It is reported that Shakespeare's works were relied upon to produce seven artworks in the Arabic language between 2004 and 2015. [2]The famous English actor Richard Burbag played the role of Romeo in the premiere of the play alongside the actor Robert Jovi, who played Juliet at the time, since the involvement of women in theatrical works was not allowed at the time. [3] It is worth noting that when writing Romeo and Juliet's play, Shakespeare was domesticated by an epic poem by English poet Arthur Brook, entitled "The Tragic History of Romeo and Juliet", which Brooke wrote in turn, influenced by the tale of the Italian writer Matteo Bandello. [4]


The story of Romeo and Juliet contained many characters, namely: [5]
  • Romeo: The Story's Hero. He is the son of the Montegio family.
  • Juliet: The heroine of the story, and one of the main characters in the play, is the thirteen-year-old daughter of Capulet.
  • Frier Lawrence (Friar Lawrence): a good man who helps Romeo and Juliet in their ordeal.
  • Nurse: Juliet's close friend, nanny, and teacher.
  • Monteggio: The chief of the Monteggio family; one of the main families in Verona, where the story takes place.
  • Capulet: the head of the Capulet family; one of the main families in Verona. On an old feud with the Montegio family.
  • Escalos: the prince and ruler of Verona.
  • Paris: a noble young man and a relative of Prince Escalus.
  • Rosalyn: close to Mr. Capulet, whom Romeo was in love with at the start of the play.
  • Benvolio: Romeo's friend and cousin, Monteggio's nephew.
  • Marchichio: The prince's relative, and Romeo's friend.
  • Tebalt: relative of Juliet and Mrs. Capulet.
  • Monk John: A monk in the same church where Monk Lawrence works.
  • Mrs. Capulet: The wife of Capulet.
  • Mrs. Montague: The wife of Montagio.
  • Balthazar and Abram: The two servants of Montague's house.
  • Samson and Gregoy: The servers of the Capulet house.

the plot

The story takes place in the Italian city ​​of Verona , where the old feud between the Montegio and Cobault families is about to renew. Prince Escalos, who is the Prince of Verona and her ruler, warns both sides of the consequences of their breaches of the city's peace, which could amount to a death sentence. Romeo is in love with Rosalyn, and his friend Penvolio relieves him. Romeo and his friend go to a party set up by the Capulet family wearing masks so that they are not known, but Tebbalt knows Romeo exists and is interested in his killing, but Mr. Capulet prevents him from that. After being kicked out of the party, Romeo returns to meet Juliet, so they exchange their promise to love each other forever. Then Romeo informs Friar Lawrence of what happened, so the monk agrees to marry them. [6]
Benvolio informs Marchisio that Tibbalt wants to fight Romeo who comes next, and the nurse is informed of the marriage plan, which in turn informs Juliet who goes to Friar Lawrence, and Romeo and Juliet get married. Then Romeo returns and refuses to ask a tablet to fight, but Marchecchio disputes the tablet instead of Romeo, so that he ends him. Then Romeo returns and takes revenge for his friend, killing Tibalt and then escaping, and Benevolio tells the prince what happened, and the prince decides to exile Romeo from Verona. She tells nurse Juliet about Romeo's exile, and promises her to arrange a meeting for them. The monk informs Romeo of his exile and advises him to visit Juliet in secret and then leave Veron to Mantua. [6]
Capulet tells Paris that he can marry Juliet within three days, and Mrs. Capulet conveys the news to Juliet who had just bid farewell to Romeo, and Juliet refuses to marry Paris and insists on refusing her despite the wave of anger that her father has been subjected to, then goes to monk Lawrence asks Help him, to find Paris with him arranging the marriage, and after the departure of Paris the monk devises a plan to help Juliet give her a drink that makes her seem dead to avoid marriage to Paris, and he informs Romeo of the plan that ends with Romeo and Juliet escaping to Mantua and living there. [6]
Juliet informs her father that she accepts marriage to Paris immediately, so he presents his appointment to the next day, at which time Juliet drinks the liquid that the monk gave her, and when everyone thought that she had died, they announced the mourning and moved her body to prepare for the burial. But Balthazar told Romeo that Juliet had died, so Romeo vowed to meet his dead body next to her that night, and he bought a poison from a drug and toxin seller . Meanwhile, monk John tells monk Lawrence that he could not get his message across to Romeo, then monk Lawrence realizes the danger, and he goes to tell Juliet what happened. [6]
Paris goes to the Juliet shrine to mourn her body, so that Romeo faces there and fight, and Romeo kills Paris, then drinks the poison to die alongside Juliet. Then monk Lawrence arrives and finds Romeo dead and Juliet wake up from her coma, and when Juliet finds Romeo dead she refuses to leave, instead she kills herself with Romeo dagger. Then the bailiffs arrive, and monk Lawrence explains to him what happened, and ends up with the agreement of Capulet and Montegio to end the conflict between the two families and bring peace to each other. [6]

William Shakespeare is the author of the story of Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare's impact and importance

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in the English languageIf not the greatest of them at all, the effect of his writings is almost absent from the literary works produced by the English writers from the time of his appearance to the present day. Shakespeare accomplished his literary works in a period of time that is considered a major transformation stage in which the English language went through, which made the many words and phrases he devised, and his own methods of manipulating the linguistic and grammatical structures, playing a major role in the formation and development of the English language after him. Moreover, Shakespeare's works not only cast a shadow over writers in England, but their influence appeared in the giants of Western literature such as Goethe, Voltaire, Keats, Charles Dickens, Falkner, and others. The classic character dominated the works of William Shakespeare, especially the tragic (tragic) character who was the master of the situation in his writings, and the play of Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of that tragic characteristic of Shakespeare texts. [7]

The life of William Shakespeare

Not everything related to Shakespeare’s life has come to us, because much of that information was lost because of the aging of time on it, but the most reliable account is that he was born on the twenty-third of April of the year 1564, depending on the date of his baptism in Stratford known in the twenty-sixth Whoever forgot and the baptism is supposed to be 3 days after his birth, Shakespeare grew up in Stratford and established his family in it, then moved to work in the capital, London, which was the center of the English theater at the time.
William Shakespeare was the eldest son of John Shakespeare, who worked in the leather and glove industry, and his wife, Mary Arden. The older brother of three male brothers was Gilbert, Richard, Edmund, and two sisters, Annie - who died at the age of seven - and Joan. The boy William would not have been the eldest son of John and Mary had it not been for the death of his two sisters who died as infants.
William Shakespeare was educated at Stratford School of Grammar (English: King's New School in Stratford), and he remained there until he reached the age of fifteen. After nearly three years, he married a girl who was about eight years older than her, Anne Hathaway, and they had Susanna, and then moved Shakespeare to work in London, leaving his wife and child in Stratford. Then William Shakespeare gave birth to his wife Anne twins, Judith and Hamnet (Shakespeare's son is the only male who died in the year 1596 and he is eleven). Since moving to London Shakespeare began work in acting and writing plays, and even in the investment business , which managed to earn money , including through its partnership in the company , Lord Chamberlain Min (English: Lord Chamberlain's Men), where he began at that stage Neil fame and reputation gradually in the middle The theatrical in London.
Shakespeare departed on the twenty-third of April 1616 at the age of fifty-two for unknown reasons, and the strange irony was that the date of his death coincided with his (likely) date of birth. [8]