The story of Sinbad the sea

The origin of the Sinbad story

The story of Sindbad was originally taken from the well-known ancient stories called “One Thousand and One Nights,” in which Sindbad is an Arab sailor who loves sailing and adventures and engages in many of them. This story comes as a series of tales that Sindbad cuts to Hindbad (porter) to show him the hardship and burden you endure He passed them on during his adventures to collect the enormous wealth that Hindbad thought he had brought without effort or trouble.

The story of Sinbad the sea

The story of Sinbad began when he decided to sail with his uncle Ali, who brought him a talking bird named (Yasmina), and the adventures witnessed by Sinbad took place, the first of which was the landing of sailors, including Sinbad and his uncle, on the back of a huge whale they thought was an island, and they set fire to his back, which led to He moved him and fell from him in the sea and drowned them, except that Sindbad managed to escape by a piece of wood that led him to a remote island with his talking bird, Yasmina, which was originally a princess whom the sorcerers turned into a bird, and turned her parents into white eagles.

Sinbad began wandering on the back of the island on which he settled trying to find a way out. In which he met two men who shared with him the love of adventure, Ali Baba and the old man Aladdin, then the three of them went on trips during which they faced many dangers that they were able to overcome by the intelligence of Sinbad, the wisdom of Aladdin, and the feet of Ali Baba.

Some of the adventures of Sinbad and his two companions

Sinbad and his companions witnessed many adventures in the Diamond Valley and the Elephant Cemetery and other places, and the result was in the end the victory of good over evil, and the three companions were able to confront the giant green bird eating humans and victory over it at the end of the adventure, as they were able to break the magic of Yasmina and her parents who were from Kings and return them to where they were, in addition to saving them to the people who were turned by the blue leader into stones, and who included Sinbad’s parents and uncle as well.