What are the major sins?


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The impact of sins and sins

Human distinguished from other objects by the grace of the mind , which is to interpret the analysis and selection of God grant, was the commissioning of a man linked to his consciousness and indistinguishable and the presence of his mind, what was the business in the absence of reason there is no balance to him, but the business is measured by verification of majority and discrimination, imposes assumptions and cover the genitalia and employs capacity and accept contracts . The man was created in his creation to love the world and the desire for it and to its desires, and this human nature is an innate matter that is not acceptable to the human being by its restraint or purification from it and the medication is from its root, except that it distracts you from God’s choice, Its malignant, and what is forbidden by it, but it is replaced by purity, so the one who chooses what he wants will be permissible and he will be rewarded, and he will choose what is forbidden as he wills and it will be rewarded, so there is no human being withoutSins and sins , no matter how they defend themselves from being away from them, and in the biography of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him: (Every son of Adam is sin, and the best of sinners are the Tabuans) . [1]

And in the distance from the sins is inclusive without exception, but that was for his knowledge, peace and blessings be upon him by the innate nature of this matter and the distinction of human beings in it, and without him they would have been angels desperate for desire, and peace and blessings be upon him. And people who sin, seek forgiveness from God, and forgive them) , [2] which is a confirmation of human weakness and its harmony of sins and sins, to do in his faith what is confused by his insight, and then he repents and evokes what he relates to in that dust To fall into imbalance or turn to sin , it is intended to multiply repentance and its commitment, and to replace the ugly with good. [3]

Major sins

Sins differ in their impact in the self and in the outcome and the damage resulting from it, and whatever, they are involved in being wrong slave to his Lord, scientists agree on the classification of sins in two categories; the sins of trivial things, and sins, and in their names semantics leads to meaning, Vkabair collection of large , meaning great sins, and in maximizing its order to alert to the danger and the consequent or derived slave of them, has been mentioned by God in the Koran , he said: ) if you avoid the major forbidding him to disbelieve about M and sins , Ndechlkm generous input ( , [4]Her remembrance indicated the validity of the classification of sins into major and minor sins, all of which are in the place of God are great, but some of them are characterized by their smallness due to what is greater than it is. I represent the utterances in the definition of major sins, as it entails a limit in this world, or a holiday in the Hereafter, anger, threat, or cursing. , And its popularity with the predecessor. [5]

What are the major sins?

It was said in a major sin that it is concluded after mentioning the fire or a curse or anger or punishment, and was told where many statements, of which they are agreed laws on criminalization, or are what sticks by God, or are the sins of the mayors, and was told is what shed slave intent, and said to shirk It is large and what is not small, and the most prominent of what the predecessors unanimously agreed upon in understanding the major sins and defining them is that what is required is the limit in this world and the discontent in the Hereafter, and what God followed with promises, anger, threat and cursing. As for its enumeration, many sayings were also said about it. It was said that it was restricted to known numbers. In that, four were said, seven were said, nine were said, and eleven were said, and others increased by saying that it was closer to the seven hundred of the seven, and that was the saying of Ibn Abbas, who said: They are not limited to a number, and they relied on this for the absence of evidence from the Qur’anThe Sunnis are reported to be limited to a number. [6]

Conversations have come by showing some of the major sins and referred to, and that nine told them master mankind, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him in the Farewell Pilgrimage (The guardians of God worshipers and evaluate the five daily prayers that Ketbhn Allah be upon him, and the fast of Ramadan, and is calculated by fasting, and pays Zakat calculated He delighted himself, and avoids the major sins that God forbade. And one of his companions said: O Messenger of God, and how many sins are? An orphan, usury, the disobedience of the Muslim parents, and the liberation of the Sacred House. I kissed you alive and dead.. [7]  : [6]

It was true that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, mentioned polytheism with God as the greatest sin for God, because it is the sin that is not forgiven without repentance and innocence, then he followed that he killed the child for fear of poverty or disbelief : God, which sin is greater with God? He said: You call God a match and He created you. He said: Then which? He said: Then you killed your son for fear of being fed with you. He said: Then which? He said: Then you will be committed to you with the robe of your neighbor. And almighty believing it: Those who do not call with God another god and do not kill the soul that God only forbids the truth and does not commit fornication, and whoever does that (verse) . [8] Ibn al-Abbas, may God be pleased with him, increased the desertion day, and Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with him, increased parental disobedience. [9]It is in Sahih Abi Dawood that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Avoid the seven things that happen. It was said: O Messenger of God, and what they are? He said: Polytheism is polytheism, magic, and killing the soul that forbids God, and God is the God, On the day of the crawl, the fortified women tossed believers) . [10] The pollutants are the mortals , as they are the guarantor of accompanying their perpetrator until they are cast into hell.

In this seven-day mention, there is a participation in transgression from self-harm to harm to others, and in it the corruption and devastation of society, the spread of injustice and the humiliation of the truth, so it mixes the spoilers in it in order to disintegrate and weak. [11] Some of the imams have expanded the mention of major sins, based on the fact that they are not limited to a number, and that is what Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab classified in his book Major Sins. The major sins are evidenced by the hadith of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, the largest of which were limited to polytheism, disobedience to parents , and false testimony. [12] [13]