Words in romantic love

Words in romantic love

If you are looking for perfection, you are not looking for love. . The miracle of love lies in the love of faults .. !! One of the most wonderful human feelings is "love", the feeling that instills its roots inside a person and permeates him .. What is love ?? !! This is a question that has puzzled many, and we will talk about it now. After the definition, we will read some romantic poems.

Love and its definition

Love is an invisible feeling and that is why many differ and many are unable to describe it, it is the feeling that permeates us and spreads happiness inside us and makes us walk around the world. , love is own beloved selfishly and without the participation of one. 

Love accelerates the heartbeat and boils in the body and lightened with the eyes when watching the beloved , and some of them said that love is jealous and without jealousy there is no love, love is the highest and most sincere feelings because you give everything you have to your lover and give him everything you have to be happy and without waiting for the return.
The most beautiful thing about love is that it turns into a crutch to show mercy to their impotence and turn into a mirror to correct their faults and turn into rain in order to wet their dryness and cut them from your body when they are hungry and to ignite their hopes to enlighten them the way, which is to respond from them bad words in their absence and make sure that they remain A white page in the eyes of others.
They also say that love:
the love
H = bewilderment
B = scourge
Love has great meanings and many definitions that differ from one lover to another, for every lover has a vision and a special definition of the meaning of love.
Finally, love is an entity that lives and dies like a person. We must water it to live it, and we must heal it to live it.

The most beautiful love notice

Nizar Qabbani
Any coup will happen in my life ??
If I adore a woman, she will be on your level ..
Any coup d'etat will happen - if I love you -
In the system of beings ..
Any concussion in the conscience of the universe if I played with my hair your hands ..
If a woman like you is my love ..
I built a thousand cities for the lovers .. and extended my authority over all the kingdoms and languages ​​..
If a woman like you .. you love me ??
What will happen in nature from the wonders ?
What will happen to the sea and boats?
What will happen to the planets ??
What will happen to religions? If the city saw your eyes or heard your fault?
What will happen to the arts if to touch your lips?
What will happen to culture, but to the whole world?
I wish I could fall in love with a woman like you?

I am afraid that it rains, not with me
Since I went to rain, I have a knot
Winter covered me with his coat
I do not think of cold or boredom
The wind was howling behind my window
You whisper hold here my hair
And now I sit and rain rashes me
On my arms on my face on my back
Whoever defends me, O traveler
Like a dove between the eye and the sight
How to erase you From my memory papers
And you are in the heart like engraving in the stone
I love you, you live in my blood
If you are in China
Or if you were on the moon
Hamed Zaid
Your eyes are a haven and my gasket is a gasket to save me, drowning me in the waves of waves that throw me longing and longing

Your eyes are an illusion of my thoughts and the truth of my life as a day and the night is lingering with my eyelids and a stranger lost in my shrine

Your eyes are Maliki Iwani, the crown is for my heart, my pride, and the prison is for my heart, my prison, and the beloved of my beloved ones.

Your eyes, as a memory, disturb me during the night of sleep, so burn me and say that you know me and see you.

Your eyes, the knight, with my imagination, will fall, and my loads will be carried by me and my fans, and it will fulfill my dream and my hopes.

Your eyes are tearing my body parts, and you are groping my parts, and they are in my heart as blood.