Words of yarn for the beloved


  • 1 words of yarn for Habiba
  • 2 The Prayer of Love
  • 3 The Lover Moon
  • 4 song from us
  • 5 A Little Love Letter
  • 6 I give her a deer
  • 7 reading in the face of my love
  • 8 As if I love you

Words of yarn for the beloved

To contain the beloved’s heart, a man must hear beautiful phrases and spinners, making her in love with him and his words. Here are some spinning words for loved ones:

  • Paint your eyes on my papers
Paint your eyes on my papers
With a pencil
I drew them with all my passion

Your two eyes
They pierce my chest like lead
who are you? You who stole my feelings and feelings
who are you? O erupting volcano, longing for it
who are you? O those who shed my tears for her
who are you? O who the soul was unable to forget
who are you? You who made me feel pain
As old as you are without you
Your mercy, madam.
Your mercy is upon a heart that splits pain in your absence

Your womb is on a soul that narrates the sweetness of your whispers
Your mercy, Madam, I would not be able to live without you
  • Longing, my love
Longing, my love,
He repeats your name and meets,
And praying for my Lord,
Far away you or my side,
Your spectrum passed through my dream,
You want peace.
How if I see you before you think I can sleep?
  • Love morning
Morning love from the heart of your soul's love and wish
I love your whisper, I love your streak, and your messengers are checking it out
I keep living with your memories,
And your spectrum keeps amusing me,
Time passes and I forget you,
And still enough for me.
  • Who says I love you?
He who says I love you does not know the value of your money,
You are above love, you are in the eyes of an angel,
Do not blame those who love you,
He sold his age and subscription,
His first sin loves you,
And his second guilt is Ghalak!
  • I wish I was like a message
I wish I could message like in a matter of seconds.
And I tell you one word, my eyes,
I miss you..
We love you ... and love is answered by Lord Heaven Mawlak,
Without you, we license the worldly life, and do not count its losses.
  • I knew you from what I complained
If I knew you what I complained about,
I have not grieved nor cried,
Even from your goodness I forgot what the word ah means,
My love, whatever you block me and go,
My love remains the spirit of the soul.
  • I remembered you
I remembered you and won the heart
I don't know, dear?
My heart grieved for your distance, or joy because I remembered you
My lover, he grew tall,
Yashin parting, may God answer us,
And I see him sitting before me,
To you who have all hearts ...
And it is my pledge to you that I will remain the path companion ... so be patient.
My heart cannot fight wars ...
Be affectionate for me, so love you
The sun refuses sunset,
After the silence melted, Finney shouted a thousand votes ...
  • My excuse is that I love you
My excuse is that I love you ..
If excuses die ..
And your excuse that you feel and know that I am your father ..
The most important thing is your money, any consideration ..
All my heart was taken by you, and you have no partner.
You became someone who supplied your love with your love, agar ..
I saw a lot of love, may God bless you ..

The prayer of love

Ibrahim Nagy
Really I was near me
Maybe it is an illusion
Speak to the Lord of the Heart
And tell me: It was not a dream
You approached me to listen
I was conquered, and I went too far
After you and who did well
He deserted you and who I tasted
And my love! I love it
It sells you wherever you are
Speak to the Lord of the Heart
And tell God, what are you ?!
I see deep in your mind
Majesty is like a sea
And hint in your eyes
The serenity of great mercy
You are satisfied and kissed
You are lost and deprived
In your eyes you kill
And in the smiles, forgiveness
And you are cheering the dawn
And his smile is on the horizon
And sometimes it is the river
And the sorrows of the sun at dusk
And you are the sun's heat
And you blissful shadow
And you are yesterday's experiences
And you are the innocence of the child
And you are the good fun
He defied his star fortress
And you are the best society
And you have his supreme throne
And you have everything wrong
The heart turned back to Havana
And you have all my blood
The wound thickened
And you have everything that I live
He stressed his weak intention
Your tenderness is the best of this world
And the grace of God is near you!
And the concerns of the heart
And in my question long
I love you, the holiest of love
And your love dear treasure
There are my dream prayers
This corner is a mihrab
With him my pain was thrown
And in it I put my head on
A wind like magic made me happy
I see with a meteor shrine
Cleanse and see me
And tore off the blocking!
I died as if I was gone
To a lord calling me
My heart is not from the ground
Not my body of clay!
Smoke and sound my senses
I cut the human worlds
I forgot the petty people
Forgiven Destiny!

Lover moon

Ali Mahmoud Taha
If the terraced moonlight floated on the balcony
And shelter you like dreaming or shining meaning
And you're on the mattress, like the lily of the lawn
Cover your naked body, and preserve that goodness

Sabi attacked you, as if to light him a melody
Poplar hearts give him longings, if he sings
Gentle to touch, energetic, in every sense means
Bold, if longing, to storm the fortress

Agar, agar if kissed or bent
He wrapped the Nahd in a soft one, and attached the plastic body
His light is a heart, and his magic is an eyelid
The virgin wave hunts from its depths and here

Spread the red balcony without the toothed chamber
And Hassan al-Hassan from the revolution of this painful lover
Afraid that people will think of your room
How worried I was from night, and how many moons from Jenna

A song from us

Salah Abdel-Sabour
She was sleeping in my bed,
And the morning is pocketed like a scarf
From her head to her buttocks
And a drop of autumn rain
She lies in the shadows of her eyelid
Sweaty breath
Sniffles in her nipple
I stood near her, loved her, watched her, smelled it
The pulse is a pagan pulse
The soul is a mystical soul, the body is crossed
I say, oh my soul, God saw you thirsty when it wet your strangers
Hungry for your strength
Wandering, stretching a star's string shines for you
O white body, say: Are you a voice?
We had a lot of discussions in the evening
O white body, say: Are you green vegetables?
Oh how happy you wandered in your gardens
O white body, say: Are you a wine?
It fell from the edges of your Marmarim
My water is from madame, hay, and butter
O white body like minded angels
Blessed be God, who has created you
And thank God that one evening
On my eyelids your condition
When we saw the sun at the crossroads
She stretched her beautiful arms
Her frightening arms stretched out
Pointed toes clicked
On the glass we lived, as if pushing us
Go, where?
Our hands tangled, embraced
Fingers of the hands
Our lips embraced, and parted
In a night out, kissed
Our steps were separated, and I retreated
On the old stairs
Then we went down the road and Ajamin
When we entered the processions of humans
Accelerators stepping toward bread, and the munch
Accelerators step towards death
At the front of the road, her arm escaped
In half of it, she spaced, separated us, urgently pulling his girl
At the end of the road you crave - what you can - if you see
What color is her eyes
When we saw the pinnacles of the field, they mumbled without a sound
As if she is asking me .. who are you?

A small love letter

-Nizar Qabbani
Sweetie, I have a lot.
I say, I have a lot.
From where, my dear, I start
And everything in you .. Prince .. Prince
Hey you, make my letters
It has a cocoon for silk
These are songs and this is me
This little book includes us
Tomorrow ... if you turn his papers over
He missed a lamp and sang a bed ..
And her longing is green, letters
Breakers complained about flying
So do not say: O this boy
He told me curve and treachery
Almonds and tulips, even me
The world walks past me if I walk
And he said what he said no star
Except on her from Abeer Abeer
Tomorrow ... people see me in his hair
Or a wine, and a short hair
Tell the stories of people .. you will not become
So big ... except for my great love
What would the earth become if we were not
If your eyes were not ... what would you become?

I give her a deer

-Mahmoud Darwish
Morocco pink scarf over the sweet braids
And the pill was the sun.
Her white palm tries to hunt her forcibly
And she shouted at me, and all her screams whispered:
Brother! My High Peace!
I want the sun by force!
And in the gray night, we saw the silver planet
Its light is dotted over the windows of the house.
And she said, when she says, she pushes me to silence:
Come tomorrow to plant it .. the thorns in the ground!
Dad, for her sake, prayed and fasted ..
He roamed the land of India and the Greeks
God kneeling for the dust of her feet
He was hungry for her in the palm .. Generations tightened the camel
And I swear under her eyes
The right of the creator's conviction of the creature!
You sleep, and dream about waking in my eyes, by staying up late
My spring call, Abd Al-Na’as, is her eyes
Sufi gravel, sand, and stone
I will worship them, to play like an angel, and her feet shadow
In this world, earthly prayer for rain
Silk forks my days, on my way to tomorrow
Silk forks my days!
The most delicious of glory juice is what he gave .. To her happiest
And I forget in her childhood the bloody torment of my childhood
And drink, like birds, satisfaction and love from her hand
I will give her a soft deer as a song wing
He has a nose like our caramel ..
And feet like breaths of wind, as a freedom step
An open neck as the sunrise
From the valley to the heavenly peaks!
Peace, sunscreen, our paradise handkerchief
What a love in our songs!
Peace, spring go away in the eyelid! Oh honey with our gum
And let the optimism remain in our aspirations
The green eyes of children ..
We weave our light!

Read on my lover's face

-Mahmoud Darwish
And when I stared at you
I see lost cities
I see a scarlet time
I see the cause of death and pride
I see a language that is not registered
And gods get off
In front of the wonderful surprise.
And spread out in front of me
Rows of unnamed objects
What is my country other than these eyes that
The earth does not know a body ... and I keep a watchful eye on a dagger
Standing in the forehead of childhood
It is death inaugurated the next sweet night
And you're beautiful
As a remorseful bird ..
And when I stared at you
I see Karbala
And a utopia
And childhood
And read the list of prophets
And the travel of satisfaction and vice.
I see the earth playing
Over the sands of sky
I see a reason for kidnapping the evening
From the sea
And stingy balconies! ..

As if I love you

-Mahmoud Darwish
Why do we try this travel
Your eyes have stripped me of the sea
And the sand flared in us ..
Why are we trying?
And the words that were not conveyed
Homelessness ..
And all countries are mirrors
And all the mirrors are a stone
Why do we try this travel?
Here they killed you
Here they killed me.
Here I was witnessing the river and its epic
And the river does not get tired
does not speak
Does not hurt
Every day we have a dead body
Each day I name it
Here the river stood between us
A guard
Unaware of the two banks
Far away, as near us
Close, as far away, from us
A guard is required
Oh there must be a guard between us,
As if the water separating the two banks
The blood of the two bodies
And we were here two banks
We were here two bodies
And all countries are mirrors
And all the mirrors are a stone
Why do we try this travel?
As if the mountains are all gone
As if I love you
The French airport was crowded
By goods and people.
All merchandise is legal
Except my body
Ah .. oh behind your eyes .. oh my country
I was joined
Backward is progressing
My sword Damascene lost
By defending the clay
Sivi has no opinion on the origin of the caliphate
They accused me ..
They hung me on the tower and left
For the restoration of the guesthouse
I really love you
It shrouded a wind in my waist
You were the wind, and you were the wing
And I looked away from you
I used to rent a dream
A dream has a form that imitates it.
And I was singing in vain
A horse on a tree
At the end of the earth, the sea brought me back
All country mirrors
All mirrors are a stone
Why do we try this travel?
You are closer to my lips
And beyond the kiss do not reach
As if I love you
Leaving was chasing me in the streets of your body
The departure surrounded me in the alleys of your body
I leave my silence on your lips
And I leave my voice on the gallows staircase
As if I love you
The departure was hiding me in the isles of your body
_ Narrow this range
And leaving is hiding me in the mouth of the lily
Reformulate my time
To know where I die in vain
A day passed without martyrs
Recast my voice
The singer who paints girls has a picture
They confiscated his voice
A day without martyrs
And between the two spaces I walk to you and you
And I am born from a sperm that I do not see
I play on my corpse and the moon
Why do we try this travel
And all countries are mirrors
And all the mirrors are a stone
Why do we try this travel?