10 tricks in preparing food

The housewife prepares many types of food, but sometimes she discovers a catastrophe that she forgot one of the basic elements or components in the food such as: salt, melted butter, and other important elements. Therefore, we will mention to you in this article some easy reforms for several mistakes that you may make In it as you prepare food.


  • 1 tricks in preparing food
    • 1.1 Burning turkey
    • 1.2 Unavailability of baking soda
    • 1.3 Increase salt in food
    • 1.4 Forget about fetching milk
    • 1.5 The dough does not swell
    • 1.6 Use of dried herbs
    • 1.7 Forget about melting butter
    • 1.8 Chicken combustion
    • 1.9 Overcooking vegetables
    • 1.10 The meal is very hot

Tricks in preparing food

Turkey's burning

Do not worry, my lady, if the turkeys reached combustion or the color became dark, because the solution exists, then you only have to pour some of its broth on it (the water around it) then peel and cut it into slices, so if a family member or guests asked you where the turkey is skin. Remind him about the harms of turkeys that you read on the Internet, and that it is healthy to eat cock without skin.

Unavailability of baking soda

You can use the baking powder when needed instead of using baking soda or vice versa. The baking powder helps to inflate the dough as required, and it is also possible that the dough does not inflate, but the taste remains good.

Excess salt in food

Did you misjudge and get too much salty soup: If you have raw potatoes, throw them in soup by placing the potatoes in a clean, ventilating piece of cloth like a sweet fabric, and fasten them so that you can take them out; as they will absorb the salt completely, then let it boil With soup, and after you finish cooking, you can remove it.

Forget about bringing in yogurt

You can use milk instead of milk. Add a tablespoon or two tablespoons of lemon juice or distilled vinegar to the acid of the milk. Others, so be careful to understand the information well.

The dough does not swell

You should always pay attention to the baked goods for fear that they will burn, if you check the bread inside the oven, and you find that it did not inflate to the required extent, leave it inside the oven until it tends to golden color, then take it out of the oven, cut it, and add some oil, garlic to it and your herbs, You can eat it like this or put it with soup.

Using dried herbs

If the recipe that you will prepare needs fresh herbs and your existing ones are dried herbs, nationally add half the required amount. Dry herbs have a more concentrated flavor than fresh ones. For example, if you want to order three tablespoons of fresh herbs, put a tablespoon and a half of dried herbs.

Forget about melting butter

To quickly melt the butter, cut it into small cubes, and leave it at room temperature. If you finish it, return it to the refrigerator to return as it was.

Chicken combustion

If the chicken turns black, remove the skin from it, then pour some of the sauce in to add a good taste, and by removing the skin, if any, you have removed the harmful fatty substances in it with the carcinogens present in the burn.

Overcooked vegetables

If you've forgotten the vegetables for a long time and become tender, add an egg and crumbs and sprinkle the cheese, then put them in the oven for 15-20 minutes, mash the vegetables and add the broth, garlic and some of your favorite herbs, and put them in cubes for use with soup.

The meal is very hot

If your meal is hot, there are many ways to tame the heat, including: using milk and butter, and you can add to the hot meal a little sugar, honey, vinegar or lemon, and eat rice, mashed potatoes or pasta to its side.