4 ways to deal with a child's bad habits


  • 1 Bad children's habits
  • 2 4 ways to deal with a child's bad habits
    • 2.1 Punishment
    • 2.2 Rewards
    • 2.3 Education by example

Bad children's habits

The child acquires some bad and disturbing habits from home, school, relatives, or TV, which drives him to imitate and learn it, which causes inconvenience to the mother, especially if violent or harmful habits are followed, so many mothers resort to search for effective methods and solutions To push the child to get rid of these habits, and in this article we will introduce you to some bad habits and ways of dealing with them.

4 ways to deal with a child's bad habits

The punishment

  • Time to punish : The child is punished for several minutes when the bad habit is repeated or done, and the start of the punishment time in the event he cried or objected, while maintaining firmness with him.
  • Calculating points: A board is assigned to calculate his points. Whenever he does a good job, two points are counted, and whenever he does a bad job, the points are canceled, then collected, and rewarded based on the allocation of a gift for each number, for example if his total points are 10 points, he has a piece of chocolate, while If his total score is 20 points, he has a game, and so on.
  • Denial of favorites: His favorite game, or others, is taken whenever he does a bad habit.
  • Learning from error: He is left to take responsibility for his behavior. For example, if he deals in a selfish way with his friends, they will prevent him from playing with them, which will affect him and change his character.
  • Doing extra work at home: He is forced to do compulsory work at home as a form of punishment, such as punishing him by cleaning the wall he drew on.
  • Discussion of the error: be by sitting with him, talking quietly, and trying to explain his mistake to him.
  • Ignore: He ignores him when he requests something, so if the child does not stop crying for something, it is better to ignore him, which will prompt him to keep quiet, then tell him that he cannot be heard or understood while he is crying.


The child is encouraged to abandon bad habits by allowing him to play outside the house, go to his partner's house, buy a new game for him, or watch TV, and remind him of the punishment whenever he does a bad thing.

Education by example

Children are raised on good habits, instill good values ​​in it, and maintain that the mother and father are a good example for them, which will affect their behavior, educate them on caring for personal hygiene, develop a sense of observation for them, set limits and rules for everything, and make sure to know their friends And, keeping them away from bad friends, the boy tends to imitate his family and companions and to get rid of any bad habit that the parents must first quit, and get used to the disciplined moral behavior.