A story about honoring one's parents

Honoring one's parent

The parents and the benevolence towards them or the lack of charity towards them are all stories that we see from the inspiration of our reality that we live in, and we read them between the lines of the books. We know the stories of our children, perhaps they realize that their righteousness in us is what we want and what we wish to happen, and here are the most beautiful stories that encourage charity for the parents we read to our children and the pleasures of our lords ...

Good luck, Dad

One day ... an old Palestinian man wanted to renew the cultivation of the land of his house in the Palestinian villages, to plant radishes, so he remembered his only son who was arrested by the Israeli forces a short time ago. For his father in cultivating the land, he was an assistant, but nowadays he lives alone and in detention.

What was for the father but he wrote a letter to his only son, expressing his love and longing in his vision, and his wish to be by his side to help him in cultivating the land
A few days later, the father received a letter from his son, in order to warn him that he would dig the land of the house, because he had buried his arms in it.
Three days later, the Israeli soldiers attacked this old man's house, headed towards the earth and dug it to search for weapons, which were mentioned in the son's message to his father, but nothing on the ground was left and they left the house.

After several days ... the Sheikh received another message from his son and he was a writer for him in it. Now you can, Dad, grow the radish because I wrote in the letter like this so that they can come and flip the land and so I helped you to plow the land. This is the most thing I can help you with. May God help you plow the land next year. Good luck, Dad, the most beautiful room for me when I grow up
The mother was sitting with her children to help them review their lessons and do their homework, and she gave her five-year-old child a paper to draw on, so don't bother her when she helps his remaining brothers with their studies. But she suddenly remembered that she did not ask the servants to prepare lunch for the mother of her old husband who lives with them in one of the rooms outside the house in the yard of the house, and she was serving her as much as possible, and the husband is happy with the service she does for his mother, who was not leaving her room because Her severe illness.
I hurried to bring lunch to her ... and asked her if she needed any other services, then she left her, when she returned to teach her children..I noticed that her little child who gave him a paper to draw on her was drawing circles and squares, forms that the mother did not understand, so she asked him what he drew, her child answered With innocence: I, my mother, draw my house, which I will live with when I grow up, and he starts to see his mother every square and says this kitchen, and this is the guest room and this bedroom and I complete the enumeration of each of the rooms of the house and a square remained drawn outside the space in which he drew and the mother asked him About this square, so he said to her: This is the room I will put you in, as my grandmother lives.
The mother was shocked by what her son said to her, and she started asking herself: Will I remain alone outside the house in the yard without having a conversation with my son and children and enjoy their words, fun and play? And who will happen then? Will I spend the rest of my life alone between four walls? The mother rushed to call the servants and asked them to transfer the furniture for the guest room, which is the most beautiful room in the house, so they moved the furniture for the guest room to the room in the courtyard and brought the old bed to the guest room. When the husband returned from work, he was surprised by what he saw, and admired him. He asked his wife: What is the reason for this change ?! She said to him, With tears in her eyes, I choose for you and you have the best and most beautiful rooms if we grow old and we are unable to move.

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