Artificial intelligence areas


  • 1 robot (robot)
  • 2 Development of computer programs
  • 3 other areas of artificial intelligence
  • 4 Brain video is a problem solver
  • 5 References


The robot is one of the areas in which artificial intelligence has entered, since the robot is a mechanical device designed to perform the tasks that people do in general, and the invention of modern robots has led to the emergence of countless devices and machines, which replace the work of individuals. It is worth noting that most robots are based on software that works independently of direct human control, and the term is also used for vehicles and other machines that are controlled remotely by the human operator. [1]

Computer software development

Artificial intelligence led to the development of computer programs, an example of which is chess programs on computers. In 1948, the British mathematician Alan Turing developed a chess game algorithm, where computational software was used, and after ten years the American mathematician Claude Shannon drew up an algorithm to play Chess by two people on a computer , this software calculates all possible moves for each player, and the consequences as far as possible for the moves. [2]

Other areas of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has entered into boundless applications and fields, among which are: [3]
  • Development of computer applications in medical diagnostics in clinics and hospitals.
  • Development of the search mechanism on the computer via the Internet.
  • Development of stock trading systems.
  • Developing cognitive simulation, using computers to test theories about how the human mind works and the functions it performs, such as recognizing familiar faces and activating memory.
  • The invention of vehicles and aircraft that can operate alone without a leader. [4]
  • The development of video games is now more detailed and simulates reality than the old games. [4]
  • Developing applications to learn different languages, by answering some questions with pre-programmed answers. [4]