Benefits of eating almonds

Spoil your health by eating almonds

Almonds are rich in mineral elements that may lack the person's daily diet, so it is desirable to eat it between daily meals or while hungry.
It is worth noting that almonds have several types

Bitter almonds

And its benefits include: treatment of asthma, cough, chest and lung tumors, diseases of the spleen, liver and stomach, and if cooked, it removes freckles and costs, and also opens up the blockage of the liver and helps to exhale thick mixtures from the chest and lung. As for its properties, it is a balanced, very nutritious and stimulating food, especially the nerves

Sweet almond

And among its benefits: It purifies the chest, opens the blockage, purifies the lung, cuts out the chronic cough, eating syndrome, fattening, preserving powers, repairing the kidneys, eliminating heartburn, strengthening the organs, preserving the essence of the brain and fungal almonds, repairing heartburn.

And it is possible to use almonds for pregnant women and breastfeeding women as well, as it is recommended for patients with nerves and people with physical and mental debility and it is recommended that athletes also take it and those who suffer from infections, throat cramps and difficulty breathing and it is also recommended for patients of the urinary system, stomach, intestine, stones and tuberculosis, as for almond milk It is given to people with cramping, inflammation of the stomach, intestine, urinary tract, heart palpitations and coughing attacks. Eating almond fruit contributes to lowering cholesterol in the blood and to eating its sweet seeds has analgesic, sedative, laxative, anti-spasmolytic, anemia and restorative effects of mineral deficiency in the body Relaxed and rested