Chinese rule

The ancient Chinese thinking looked at man with a philosophical view, and contemplated his existence and life, and he was interested in the ethics and spiritual values ​​that he should enjoy, and he mentioned to us several rulings that covered all aspects of life and its fields, and we will mention in this article some of this ruling.

Ruling on manners

  • It was said in the etiquette of apology: Do not hesitate to regret those who erred against him and look at his eyes and make him read the word sorry.
  • It was said in the etiquette of treatment: Do not judge a person from among his relatives; the person did not choose his parents, let alone his relatives.
  • It was said in the etiquette of life: Do not make fun of others and their beautiful pink dreams, especially those who think that they are less than you from the good and simple people, perhaps the position of your servant with God is higher and higher than you and from many of the people of the people, and do not underestimate the dreams; Whatever the reality is beautiful.
  • It was said in the etiquette of dialogue: think a lot and conclude long, talk a little, and do not neglect what you hear but save it; it is certain that you will need it in the future.
  • It was said in friendship : Do not let small things destroy your precious friendship with others, for true friendship is a crown on human heads that only the inhabitants of empty walls and empty hearts realize.
  • It was said in the etiquette of the hadith: When you do not want to answer a question, smile at the questioner, saying: Do you think it really is important to know that?
  • It was said in the etiquette of love: If you love a person, go to him and tell him that you love him, and if you mean what you are really saying then he will know the truth just by looking at your eyes.
  • It was said in the etiquette of struggle in life: when you lose a tour of the journey of life, do not lose the experience, and immediately rise up, inspiring the first degree of success.

Varied judgment

  • Do not be ashamed of what you do not know, but be ashamed of what you have not studied.
  • The most valuable things in this world: science, food and friendship.
  • A drop over a sea drop, and wisdom above a wisdom of knowledge.
  • The beauty of the bird in its feathers, and the beauty of the man in his knowledge.
  • Whoever underestimates time rejects time.
  • A man who does not learn, as does a barren land that grows nothing.
  • The larger the spike, the more it bends, and the deeper the world deepens.
  • Arming your mind with science is better than adorning your body with jewels.
  • Confucius said: In life I must find between every two teachers.
  • The book is a window through which we look to the world.
  • Do not take a friendly crocodile if you tear.
  • Beware of notorious women, but all other women do not trust them.
  • Science is a prolific mine locked and key mind.
  • Get married and speak well, as you get older you will know the importance of that when talking to those you love becomes the top of your priorities and interests.
  • Women as rulers rarely find loyal friends.
  • The house where the chicken is engaged in the work of roosters becomes ruined.
  • Whoever goes to court earns a cat and loses a cow.
  • When the phone is ringing, smile while you are receiving the headphone, because your speaker on the other side will see your smile through the tones of your voice.
  • A coward may find thirty-six solutions to his problem, but he only likes one solution.
  • Whoever has a teacher tomorrow is always a friend of mine.