Desert recipes to grow legs


  • 1 desert recipes to grow legs
    • 1.1 yeast dough
    • 1.2 Fenugreek and yeast
    • 1.3 oil mixture
    • 1.4 Yeast with milk and honey
    • 1.5 beef

Desert recipes to grow legs

Self-care is an important matter for both men and women, as the external beauty integrates with the inner beauty, creating psychological comfort and self-confidence, and the beauty of the legs is a very important matter especially for girls; to make the body shape consistent and balanced, and we will explain effective ways to fatten the legs and we hope that They are effective and with immediate effect:

Dough yeast

An ounce of yeast dough, and add a tablespoon of table salt to it, three tablespoons of sugar, and a cup of ghee, and the ingredients are mixed to make a homogeneous, homogenous tissue. Faster.

Fenugreek and yeast

It is an easy and easy way, as its components are available at home, as the ring is boiled and the granule is grinded, added to the yeast and mixed together, the legs and buttocks are painted and the mixture remains on the body for five hours, and the method is repeated to show the result, and the recipe is preferred at night until it takes its time and in the morning the shower is taken With warm water.

Oil mixture

The recipe for a mixture of oils, the result of which is very effective compared to other methods, and very proven, and prepared by mixing the nigella oil, rosemary oil, and fenugreek oil, the ingredients are well mixed and put in a tight container and the legs and buttocks are applied and left for a period of six hours and the results Amazing, God willing.

Yeast with milk and honey

The mixture is prepared by mixing the yeast with milk, honey and baking powder. The dry materials are mixed first and honey is added to them to obtain uniform and homogenous tissue. The area of ​​the legs and buttocks is applied for three hours and the shower is taken in warm water.

Cow's milk

This mixture is prepared by mixing a cup of beef, with a cup of municipal ghee, with three tablespoons of sugar, with a teaspoon of salt, and the ingredients are mixed well to get a homogeneous dough, the area of ​​the legs and buttocks is painted and the paint remains for two hours and then the shower With warm water.

There are other ways far from the recipes by exercising that makes the muscles of the legs grow and harmonize, such as: walking and running with the use of recipes to reach the desired results quickly, and if the person is completely skinny, it is possible to make a mixture that he takes in the morning as a drink that helps in increasing weight, such as: a recipe for figs ( We put figs with anise and a little water and boil it and serve as a drink in the morning), or by following a special diet that will gain him some kilograms.