dose smoking Invalidate ablution


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  • 3 Does smoking nullify ablution?
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Smoking is a process of inhalation and ingestion of smoke resulting from burning the tobacco plant , or what is known as tanbak, and is called among people with cigarettes or shisha, and tobacco is a herbal plant that has a stem on its sides that grow broad leaves of a green color, and these leaves are collected and collected together and dried. [1] It is well known that smoking is one of the bad things that the soul disgusts, and recovering from it is common sense. If a Muslim wants to measure the slag that is in smoke with other slaves, he may reach suspicion or delusion that smoking is related to ablution and its invalidity, and that someone who smokes must If he performs ablution before praying, does smoking nullify ablution, and does it affect the purity of the Muslim?

The rule of smoking

Many trustworthy scholars went today to say that it is forbidden to smoke , as it was not present in the era of jurists and subordinates, not to mention its absence during the time of revelation and message, and those who say that smoking is inferred on a set of evidence from the book and the Sunnah, because of the harm it causes And the diseases and epidemics that cause it, smoking has been proven medically and scientifically, and the evidence of the owners of this statement is the following: [2]
  • The Almighty said: (They ask you what is lawful for them ۖ Say good things are referred to you) ; [3] The verse indicated that it is permissible only what was good, and as a result, all evil is forbidden, and no one disagrees with that of etc.
  • The Almighty said (O ye who believe ! Eat of the good things and give thanks to God We have provided that you worship him) ; [4] came in the concept of the offense contained in the verse is forbidden to eat or drink or use all that was malignant.
  • It is true of the Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - that he said: (There is neither harm nor harm) , [5]
  • Certainly, the testimony of the specialists from the doctors and scientists proved that smoking causes nine out of every ten patients who develop lung cancer in the world, and that smoking is a major cause of heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and bronchitis, and causes impotence or This is known as impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. Physicians have described nicotine as similar to drugs in terms of characteristics, and saw the necessity of treating the nicotine present in tobacco as a type of dangerous drugs, such as heroin and cocaine.
  • Further evidence talk narrated from Umm Salamah , may Allah be pleased where he said: (forbade the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him all intoxicants and) ; [6] According to the opinion of the trustworthy scholars who said that smoking containing material intoxicating shall be the rule of smoking privacy compared to the sanctity of alcohol all of them.

dose smoking Invalidate ablution

It was not stated in any of the doctrines of the Sunnis and the community, or by any trusted Muslim scholar that drinking smoke or smoking with all kinds of hookahs, cigarettes or other things is that this is a contradiction to ablution , or that the practice of these actions leads to the abolition of ablution, and that an actor That is to perform ablution if he wants to pray regardless of his sensual purity or not, whether he said that it is forbidden to smoke or who said otherwise, and the Egyptian Fatwa House stated that smoke should not be abolished for ablution unless the smoker was originally updated, and what was stated in the fatwa is that: (smoking Ablution does not invalidate, but it is desirable for a Muslim to cleanse his mouth of Ra Smoking list when praying so as not to harm his worshipers), the smoker should remove the bad smell that he suspended from his mouth if he wanted to go to the mosqueThis is in order to avoid the harm of that smell and harms it for the worshipers, compared to what came from the prohibition of touching his mouth with garlic or onions to go to the mosque; If a person touches his mouth the smell of forbidden smoke, he should avoid praying in the mosque until he removes the odor that will inevitably harm the worshipers, and likewise if the ruling relates to a public place in which Muslims meet, the first is not to harm people. [7]

When should ablution be performed?

The jurists mentioned some cases in which ablution is necessary, with caution that there was absolutely no mention of those cases regarding smokers or smoking, and the statement of these cases is as follows:
  • Prayer : it was generally agreed scholars that it wanted the prayer, he must ablution; to raise the output event for everything that comes out of the front and back passages of urine or feces , or sound , or the wind, and equal , so that the prayer of the statutes or Alnoavl , [8] which is why Roy The Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - said: (No prayer is accepted without purification) , [9] the obligated jurists required the prayer to perform ablution, and it was not mentioned in the case of obligatory or obligatory ablution on the smoker, or that smoking is an event that prevents prayer.
  • The circumambulation : The majority of Maliki jurists, [10] and the scholars of the Shafi’i school and their followers, [11] and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and his disciples, [12] see that whoever wants to circumambulate the Kaaba must perform ablution, and that this is an obligation imposed on everyone who wants the circumambulation, whether it is That circumambulation is an obligatory or superfluous circumambulation, and they inferred what they went to by the Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him -: (The circumambulation around the house is like praying, except that you speak in it, and whoever speaks in it does not speak except well) . [13] . While the Hanafi jurists see [14] That performing ablution in tawaaf is an obligation and not an obligation, and it is known that the duty at the Hanafi comes down to a status lower than the obligation. He is not permitted to do tawaf until ablution.
  • Touching the Mus-haf : The majority of jurists [15] held that ablution is an obligation for those who wanted to read from the Mus-haf , because he says: “Only the purified ones touch it” . [16]

Abolishing ablution

The jurists of the four schools of thought mentioned several things that invalidate ablution, including what they agreed upon, and some of which they disagreed on as follows: [8]
  • They agreed that everything that comes out of the two paths (kiss and dirt) invalidates ablution except semen, as it is necessary to do ghusl.
  • They agreed that the absence of a mind that performs ablution with madness or fainting, or wine, or anesthesia, or any of the absurdities is one of the things that invalidate ablution, and from that sleep, unless he sleeps, enabling his seat from the ground (he sleeps sitting with his back rested) and that is detailed in the books of jurisprudence.
  • The skin meets the woman and the foreign man, and this is a detail and difference between the four schools of thought.
  • Touch Faraj Al Adami, where the three schools of Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali agreed that they are invalidated by ablution, and he disagreed with that.
  • The exit of impurities, such as blood and vomiting, from the rest of the body, where the Shafi’is and Malikis said that they are not incompatible with ablution, and the Hanafis and Hanbalis said that it is one of the things that invalidate ablution, according to a difference between them in the details.
  • Apostasy from Islam, where the Hanafi and Shafi’i said that it does not invalidate, while the Hanbali and the Maliki say that it invalidates ablution.
  • He ate the rule of the camels and camels, and there is a difference between the jurists, as the majority of jurists said from the Shafi’is, the Maliki and the Hanafis, and a saying by the Hanbalis that it does not invalidate ablution, while the Hanbalis view in their most correct view that it invalidates ablution.