Eliminate cockroaches


  • 1 sugar and baking soda
  • 2 deprive cockroaches of food
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 4 traps and traps
  • 5 Close the doorways
  • 6 References

Sugar and baking soda

The mixture of sugar and baking soda forms a toxic killer for cockroaches, as sugar attracts it, and baking soda affects its digestive system and fills it with gases, which causes it to finally die, and therefore it is an effective way to kill cockroaches, by mixing two equal quantities of sugar and baking soda, then spray The mixture is in the areas where you are, and if there are no children or pets at home, borax can be used instead of sugar in the same way. [1]

Depriving cockroaches of food

Cockroaches need food in order to survive, and therefore food should not be left available to them, including food crumbs, and open food, so any exposed dish should not be left on the table or in the sink, and spilled food crumbs, or leftovers should be cleaned of utensils, as well Clean behind cupboards and fridges, as they are often hidden and warm places, and they constitute an excellent environment for cockroaches. In addition, garbage should be placed in sealed bags, disposed of regularly, and cleaning the bottom of the trash bin from any residue. [2]

Bay leaves

Cockroaches have been found to hate the smell of bay leaves, and to get rid of them, a handful of fresh or dried bay leaves must be crushed and sprayed all over the house. It is also advised to focus on the places where cockroaches enter, to escape and find another place to live in. [3]

Traps and traps

Homemade traps are a great way to attract and catch cockroaches, but this method will not get rid of a large amount of them, but it will at least keep the cockroaches away, and the glass jar trap can be used, which is an effective trap that is used by bringing a glass jar, and putting A taste in it attracts cockroaches, such as: peanut butter, or some leftovers, or coffee, and the filling of the jar with water until the middle, with some vaseline placed on its upper inner edges to become slippery, and prevents cockroaches from coming out after they enter. [3]

Close the entrances

Places that allow cockroaches to enter the house should be closed to prevent further entry, such as cracks, window edges, the bottom of the door, and any other gaps, as noted by insect expert Hartelle at the Orkin company that if you can see The final light is from the bottom of the door, because cockroaches can enter through it, and attention must be paid to the items that are brought into the house, such as, old furniture, and the like, it is possible to carry cockroaches inside or at its corners, and therefore must be examined carefully before bringing them. [2]