Eliminate the law


  • 1 Law
  • 2 ways to eliminate the law
    • 2.1 basil
    • 2.2 bay leaf
    • 2.3 Lavender
    • 2.4 Mint
    • 2.5 hashish
    • 2.6 The Leap
  • 3 tips for getting rid of the law

The Law

The mosquito, or as it is known in some areas as mosquitoes, shingula and hissing, is one of the types of flying insects that are widely spread around the world, which, apart from its severe discomfort during sleep, transmits many diseases at the sting, such as malaria, yellow fever, etc., in addition to causing allergic reactions to The skin, which is why we will introduce you in this article to a group of natural and preventive methods that will contribute to the elimination of the law.

Ways to eliminate the law


Basil is one of the aromatic herbs with a distinctive aroma, and it is usually used in preparing salads and drinks, but it has proven very effective in getting rid of the law, where its use is by placing some of its leaves at the doors and windows.

Bay leaf

It is also one of the plants used in cooking, specifically to get rid of the rancor of meat, and it is indicated that its aromatic and grainy smell is considered unpleasant to the law and other insects, and therefore it is advised to grow laurels in the garden of the house, or to place its leaves in places where the mosquito is frequently found.


It is also known as lavender, as it is characterized by its beautiful aroma that is usually used to make perfumes, and various body creams, in addition to using it as a repellent to the law, which is disturbed by the smell emitted from this plant, and it is possible to grow lavender in the garden of the house, or use Its leaves are dried in the rooms.


It is one of the widely available and inexpensive aromatic herbs available in various regions. It can be used either as fresh or dried form to eliminate the lawn or other insects.


It is one of the plants with the effective ability to get rid of insects and rodents that may exist inside or around the house, as it contains disinfectant and detergent, which causes discomfort to the law, but it is worth noting that caution should be taken when dealing with this plant, as it may cause allergies and rashes For some people.

The Leap

It is one of the woody plants distinguished by its blue color, and its ability to cleanse the house of all types of flying insects, especially those that affect trees and fruits, in addition to the lawn, and it is usually used dried for this purpose, and as the previous plant must be careful when using it to avoid allergic to it.

Tips for getting rid of the law

  • Use the vacuum cleaner to suction the mosquito, especially on the walls and roofs of homes.
  • Resort to the striking striker, which electrifies the person when flying in the air.
  • Mosquito netting around the bed, as it is one of the oldest methods used to get rid of this annoying insect.
  • Spray pesticides.
  • Make sure to place the grille on the windows.

Note: It is worth noting that it is the female of the law that bites a person to obtain his blood, in order to feed her eggs, unlike the male law that feeds on the nectar of flowers.