Facilitate marriage of spouses

Every girl who is late in marriage must resort to God Almighty and abide by his orders and intentions in all cases. May God bless her with a good husband who is destined for her to be happy, and offers her the requests and desires she needs, and to assist her in the methods of living, and we will mention in this article some Prayers that are said to facilitate marriage, and two rak'ah prayers must be prayed and the Almighty saying: “Lord, I did not despair of the poor good” (Al-Qasas 44) before praying for it.

A prayer facilitating marriage

  • O God, grant me from you a soft husband (wife), raised in the sky and on the earth, and blessed me with (from her) a good offspring, sooner rather than later, for you are hearing the supplication.
  • Oh God, by the truth of your saying (and God will bless those who will without calculation) (Al-Baqarah 212), and with the right of your saying (Allah is All-Powerful) (Al-Baqarah 20). And your saying of the truth (the one who praises the heavens and the earth, and if he decides something, then he says to him, be then) (Al-Baqara 117). Shura 11), give me a husband (a wife) who will be recognized by my eyes and approved by me.
  • Oh God, I seek refuge in You from illiteracy and delaying and slowing marriage.
  • Oh God, fortify my vagina, and make my affairs easy for me, and stop me from solving you from your forbidden things, and thanks to you who are the only ones.
  • Oh God, you are able and not able, and you know and I do not know, and you are the knowledge of the unseen and the Almighty.
  • Oh God, I am being blown away, so please enrich me with the right of your saying: (Let those who find no remedy seek help until God enriches them with His grace) (Al-Nur 33).
  • O God, grant me the righteous husband (the wife) if I commanded her to obey me, and if I looked at her she pleased me, and if she swore to her, she made me righteous, and if she was absent from her, she kept me in herself and my money.
  • O God, hasten to accept our prayers, O God, knowing all our cases, eliminate all our needs, and overcome all our misfortunes and sins, accept all our good deeds and forgive us, and we ask you, our Lord, the path of our deliverance in our lives and our hosts, O God, answerer of the supplication, the one who calls the helpers, the merciful of the weak, answer us. O Most Merciful.
  • Oh God, I ask you that I bear witness that you are the one who has no god but you, the one who endures, who did not give birth and was not born and did not have enough, one of my needs, forget my loneliness, and spread my distress, and make me a good companion to praise you a lot and remind you a lot. O Mujib, the obliged one, if he calls you, analyze my node, and secure my splendor, oh my God, from me, I resort to it if I do not resort to the severe corner that, if called, answered. Give me whoever you have a good husband, and make between us affection, mercy and serenity, for you are all capable, O you who said something, so that our Lord will bring us to this world well, and in the Hereafter is good and canna the torment of fire, and may God bless our master, his family and his companions.

This is a supplication for some of the righteous, as there was a good man in the hospitality of a man who has seven daughters, and not one of them married, so he said to him: I guide you to some of the words I heard from the righteous, and a party to some of the companions and followers, then this supplication taught him, then the father of the girls says The seven about himself: By God, this supplication is a blessing, as the year passed only for all my daughters in their husbands' homes.