Felt yarn and love

Felt yarn and love
Love and spinning both overwhelm us with their golden luster, so they love us in life in letters, words and lines of poetry that we give to the beloved and carry with her before love and the aspirations of staying with those we love.
The most beautiful poetry came in chaste poems:
A poem is this a sign
I haven't yet confirmed, ma'am, who are you ... are you the woman that I have been waiting for? Or a doll in which I killed the time I haven't yet confirmed, madam then you are in my mind if you think .. and you are in my blue notebooks .. if you wrote .. and you are in my bag .. if I traveled while you are in the entry visa, in the smile of the green host, in the cloud that wraps Like an arm .. Around the plane while you are in restaurants that offer wine, cheese in Paris, and in the cellars of the metro that smell of love, and (guloise) .. in (Verlene) poems sold on the left bank of the (Seine) and in the poems (Baudelaire) that enter Like a scattered dagger ... in the loin ... while you are in London, you dress me as a pullover, if you cool when you are in Madrid, in Stockholm, in Hong Kong, when you block China, they meet you either. J .. where he turned in the hotel's restaurant, in .. I see you drank a refill if I drank my sorrow if I see you in the sad I want to know madam Is this a sign that I liked?

Here is another poet who sings and sings with love and beloved, and puts the most beautiful phrases of spinning and affection that bring him closer to the beloved:
Love poem 1980
My blood becomes violet .. the love balls pellet the rest of the pellets and eat them .. the female word attacks the rest of the words and expels them ... and they discover from my heart planning .. that it is a bird's heart .. or the heart of its fish .. and that the warm water of your eyes .. is my natural environment and condition Necessary for the continuation of my life ..

When libraries become and the post office becomes a field of stars .. and flowers ... and the letters abbreviated are located in a large linguistic form .. I drop from the horse the words as a man who did not see the horse in his life..and he did not see women..I take zero in the literature I take zero in the speech I fail in the spinning material because I could not say with a useful sentence how wonderful you are and how much I fail to study your beautiful face and to read the tenth part after the thousand .. of your long hair ...
I worked a whole year on a poem that you wore in 1980 except for the gifts of the heart except the bracelets of Hanani ... Twelve months .. I worked as a silk worm I worked .. once with a pink thread .. and once with an orange thread .. sometimes with gold wires and sometimes with silver wires to surprise you with a song .. you put it On your shoulders like cashmere .. New Year's Eve .. and you raise the imagination of men .. and the jealousy of women ..
Twelve months .. I work as a jeweler from Asia .. in the composition of a poem .. worthy of the glory of your eyes .. and ruby ​​with ruby ​​.. and I make from it a long rope .. long words I put it around your neck .. and I cry ... twelve months and I work As the weavers of the Levant, Florence, China, and Persia, they weave a cloak of love ... The history of the gowns is not known, nor is the history of men.
Twelve months .. And I am in the Academy of Fine Arts. I paint horses in Chinese ink that look like the break of your hair and knead in ceramics. Spiral patterns resemble the rotation of your breasts. On the glass I drew .. I made voices that smell ... .. so that it does not occur to him to become a butterfly .. and fly twelve months .. and I break the language in two halves .. and the moon into two moons .. a moon that you receive now .. and a moon you receive in a mail in 1980 I made the sounds that smell .. and the smell that has Voice..and I drew a wind around the waist with a green pen ... so that it would not occur to him to become a butterfly ... and to fly twelve months ... and that I break the language into two halves ... and the moon into two moons ... a satellite that you receive now ... and a moon you receive in a 1980 post